Time Line

The river splits and emerges from the depths of Gangotri glacier at the height of 4255 m above sea level and is approx 24 km in length and 7-8 km in width. Here the river rising in the icy caves gushing, tossing and gurgling starts its long journey downwards where it is attacked by the enemy.
The female manifestation of power dwelt on earth atop the Trikuta Mountain in a hilly cave. Goddess was stationed at the altitude of 5300 feet from Katra .
The Skies and the Ocean split open, the Earth Ruptured and the Divine Ganges, rushed towards the earth with a fierce leap successively tripping the Himalayas at Gurumukhi flowing rapidly into the Bay of Bengal.
Ganga, The Glory of the Celestial, The Fortress Durga (not the consort of Shiva). In her heaven to earth journey “Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.
The Sky appeared dark as though it was hit by a hundred Suns. The fishes jumping in the region the filled with tears looked like stars and lightning.
The Devas, Yakshas, Gandharvas and other fallen Angels were witnessing the scene of Ganga flowing towards their abodes and assembled. The Greek Gods, perplexed at the happenings, were victorious in them finally finding the fountain of immortality and the Light of God. This could wash away their sins, symbolized in their mortal remains. Meanwhile, fearing a challenge the earth hid in the deep cavern, and reduced to ashes.

God-like – the handsomest of the human race. The Divine prized him from the foundation
The protector of the celestial, custodian of the Ark, gauging her thoughts, in his Demiurge self became worst than a serpent. He forgot his duties in his love for Sex and Materialism
The perfect strategy with a great sacrificial ritual, vampires, witches and demons , astrology, mathematics, physics and geography which herald him as the undisputed ruler over all earth.

A Story about the human species removing itself from the place it enjoyed in eternity, because he woke up to good and evil, and by default, greed and deception and murder.
The access of the invaders into the cavern to seize the fortune was the launch of the game.
All entry to the cavern sealed by the strangers to conquer the Light of God.
Ganges in it’s descending to earth the unwarranted and undeserved knots that were casted on her swept towards the mighty forceful current.
He covered the sky, collected the waves in his outspread. She could even sweep away to the nether world, her flow was repressed by the mighty swoop, and captured Ganga in the infinite swirls and whirls flowed with tremendous force, but could not escape, imprisoned and confined.

One (AL) is the beginning, the creation, the unity associated with the symbol of life and wholeness. The first sin committed as the fiery, phallic energy of creation.

Since Adam being the creation by the magnetic pull to grasp the light , the moment ONE foolishly does this act due to the complete power of the priestess . This was misuse of Power given by Goddess and lost the trust of the Light. The goddess swelling up along the way reached ’underworld’ – and dating back to the seven stained goal in achieving dedication and determination. The Ganga was further fused with seven streams and associated points on it. They immersed in its waters and diseased her, the murder can never be washed away by swimming in the recursive property.

Duality, separation, conflict of the opposites begins. The light (feminine aspect of god) abused, tortured, battered in an attempt to be suppressed and confined by THE creation who has emerged as the shadow of death. Since the conflict and the denial the divine goddess presented as the shadow of ignorance and arrogance within one’s self.

Adam begins to forcibly rape, the Gods too joined the in”the churning of the sea milk,”
However, unaware, the act continued and consequently
Travels thru TIME AND SPACE

At this the upper gods and lower demons fighting over the cosmic chord that is wound around the world axis to churns the primeval ocean. Each one wants to take bliss in the act of conception. To remediate this situation the gods and demons alternately balance the forces so that each one can pull the chord fit.
The Evil Demons knew that they could gain the Fountain of Life, if they churned up one of the seven oceans that, ring beyond ring, encircles the worlds. They came down to the Ocean of Milk. They tied the goddess to the –pole (N, S, E, W) with a chord.
The directions banded so the Gordian knot was bound, the mountains, the Ocean , wind were bound by knots. The Ocean of Milk frothed and bubbled as they stripped and disgraced.

Worlds without number, and on each one, it seemed, either strove to take hold. Each world, a fresh ground for the demons to discover how best to impede their foe

Every new strategy to be won.

In this disagreement and debate became an all-out War. The Father Adam protector of Light was arrested by the demon gods or the creator gods
Adam became a victim of the Gods conspiracy.
All gods fought the serpent Adam the venom of which bit into the rocks and broke them up; it flowed down, destroying the worlds of Gods.

For a thousand years the false Gods churned the Ocean of Milk. All that time the serpent, (referred to the Adam) from his hundred heads spat venom. (After the first act of sin of dishonor to the goddess, infecting her, with the enemies, captured her ………

Adam ate the forbidden fruit called Ganga and the Gods threw Adam out of the paradise to suffer on earth. He was no longer the lover of the Zeus or the Alexander.
He became the Vishnu seated on the Serpent, Castrated with the Brahma by his side.
He became the Vishnu meditating at the Hills of Tripura to be sunk in the depth of the Earth.
The mixed multitudes plagued the Ganga and its healing lost its many properties to rot and stink. It is believed that the Gods ejected their semen and claimed as Amrit (nectar) in it.

Ganga’s fall from heaven as incandescent pillar of fire
A fiery demons destroyed life on earth.

The foam on the broad expanse of the water looked like swans.
Adam wanted to destroy the demons but was too late to wake up. Imprisoned and poisoned…, used and unnerved. Serves him fittingly for what sin committed.

Adam was destroying the earth in that flood of venom if it had not been for the act of one of the God Shiva (Nimrod, Dionysus) took up the venom of Adam in a cup and drank it. (The semen extracted and swallowed since it had the strength of Adam. His throat became blue with that draught of bitterness. But by his act, the Gods won to more powers than what Adam had.
The moon was churned up, and Shiva took it and set it upon his forehead.
But now the tribes wearied in their toil, and more and more they sported with the Apsarases that is taking pleasures in immoral acts ( sex, meat, wine) . The Gods, their powers increased through Shiva’s deed, labored at the churning, and the whole Ocean of Milk foamed and bubbled. Now the Gods grew in strength while the tribes abandoned themselves more and more to pleasures, and they fought amongst themselves on account of the pleasures that all of them sought.
Thousands of Years the History enacted each time . Yet mankind never could identify with the conspiracy.
Seated on a lotus and holding a lotus in her hand, a lovely Goddess cast her breast; she delighted the Gods with the bestowed. All knew her Fortune had gone to the Greeks and Adam stood around, determined to seize by force the next good thing that came out of the churning.
And then, behold! High Priestess , Mystics strove to seize the Amrit where venom was dripping on the rocks.
The triumphant seated upon his throne, lived upon that mountain. OSIRIS , NIMROD Churning his thunderbolt winged with a thousand bones …with his spear and his conch ………………
Vishnu ( the first created being ) is near. But he broods upon the waters, resting upon a serpent and Shrī (Uranus) his bride, is beside him and over him the bird Garuda hovers.
the father castrated by his son the consciousness of creation .
After the first slaughter , Father … attacked with avenging brand, and shut her within the gate after a long war : the trees blazed, the hair of suffering Earth was scorched with heat . . . rivers of tears from her watery eyes
Then the ashes of ruin and the fiery wounds covered the whole Earth, Sky and the Ocean. the poles shifted …………. the sun rising in the east , in a hilly tumulus .
the fall of mankind began The celebration of the victory
The fiesta was celebrated by the GODS , the passing away of the His body laid on a 6 foot long table with wine and swine blood. His soul captured in the void of a container.
The Body , now a meat consumed by the GODS. . The Slaves of the Demons poured wine, the sinful women pranced naked, a fire was lit where pieces of AL was roasted as a Delicacy of immortal flesh to the self proclaimed Gods.
The Victory of an oracle, the power of the universe, The Moon in their reach, new found identity as Humans, the impossible made possible.
The point of killing Alexander the Great ( Ba’al ) was to bring him back to life using the secret powers of AL. In truth Socrates designed the act of revival of the soul to life that could be satisfied.
The loss of the Baa’l prior to the restoration , the death of ILA” imprisoned, abused and in this the emotions of darkness with the light , the act made the first Demon Human. Thus AL with the LA was the creator of the Grand Satanic Creation of Humanity. His love for the lover made him feel helpless and in this he was awfully filled with rage .
The descend of ILAH and the successive arrest was the fatal blunder of power set to the alluring AL in which mankind became the demiurge. Thus the foundation transpired as the Satan in his dispute against ILAH contracted the evil ploy to conquer the earth. Adam of the moon supremacy of magnetic control distorted and manipulated . The most beautiful man ever and unique adventures in the days was killed by his lover.
A story that teaches us a philosophical chord in our life .
When the plunderers came the treasure Light escaped . At the very moment the enemies shot an arrow to capture the invincible. The arrow hit the ground but the little miraculously gushed as the white Holy Ganga meandering over the plateau at the elevation of 2700 feet above the sea level respectively. As this miraculously generated incident the escape of the Light was known .
The law states the Divine Light lost due to immoral and failure towards the primary duties.
The cavern was captured and 3 black stone meteorites were placed contaminated by cannibals and demons
Death of the conspirator lurking in the shadow found pleasure in scavenging and scrounging.
For the angels, continue onward, without end.
a chain of worlds from one to the next, the demons and angels alike came upon the earth. Both armies descended upon Earth and it was in this mass entry into Earth that they learned their first lesson about Earth. Because of a unique element a catastrophic explosion
The beings of this world, continued to live on. Those of high magic Ancient Spirits, Dragons Gods, rose up in strength and established their domains. Not only this, they crafted seals and barriers around this Earth because it was so difficult to obtain the scale in their favor .
Moving as entities they discovered means of strengthening their essence throughout the generations, to strong magic-users and magic beings. They sought to support the approach with so much artistry or caution. They whispered, certainly, to influence men and women, They made dying men drink of their blood, lust for for the blood mixed with the demons’ Vampires, who in turn brought about the hollowed-out hosts that are the vampires.
Earth’s Beings could not abide rippling under the surface of their civilizations, trying to take their world
The supernatural influences decreased to a point and drive for knowledge and power brought about better science and technology. It was easy for so many cultures to dismiss the reality of something that had faded into shadows and history books.
But, though the disease remained and would not be removed. In fact, it was only getting stronger. As the year 2000 approached, crack into the sealed-off pools bursts .
In 2012, at last, floodgates were opened and the war for the fate not only of this Earth but so very many others started on December 21, 2012 when the whole world braced for the maya-prophesy. It was only the beginning. The Evil Master creator had woken his spawning army for unknown purposes, while his lover, wreaks havoc around the Serpent organizations . The -protected headquarters quickly became the country’s defense with roots to give some information about the setting of the game and how the game is run

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