Our true history is scarcely ever deciphered by others. The chief part of the drama is a monologue, or rather an intimate debate between truth, our principles, and us. Tears, grief’s, depressions, disappointments, irritations, good and evil thoughts, decisions, uncertainties, deliberations—all these belong to our secret, and are almost all incommunicable and in transmissible, even when we try to speak of them, and even when we engrave them down.

Billions of Years ago, the earth was minute, and it was the eastern part of the globe where the primary being ever come into endurance. There was no religion but a culture. This was the Abode as per the Mystical disclosure open to the fundamentals. The loss of the kingdom to the Dark Forces leads to the separation of the Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Billions of years of effort with abundant defeat she once more emerges with the mightiness of a tornado, the intensity of an injured shield, the trident of legitimacy and the sharp edge of the tresses.

Her triumph is destined
Her verdict is the decree for humanity
The Kingdom of the Dark destroyed
The reconstruction of her Abode
The laws will be enforced of Values
A World of Music, Art & Culture is the future . (6th December 2012)

Further the Vicious wind that blew the dwelling on the mountains preying on the secret of the conception. The core of her dwelling is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli Mountain Range. The rich heritage of flaming energy of daylight and virtuous unveil the saga of the dreadful mace, the time when her territory was ‘the power of the cosmos.”

The undisclosed secret of a lost world opens to the fundamentals. Fierce wind blew the dwelling on the peak from the Taragarh unto the Aravalli preying on the secret of the formation. The realm a secret of a lost race with treachery and deceitfulness.

The globe shook with the control of the twist, with the rains of rue, cloaks scorched to remains, “tresses and pin, Clays to the nature were twisted pale. The secret knowledge stolen, the sphere infected with numerous abode amid the destroyed. The crest impure in the midst of invasion designed as the hissing of the enemy from the foundation until the zenith. Her naïve self seeks justice from the emerged city, lost in the terrains with the souls held and chained in captive. The ancient dwellings from the Himalayas to the mystical Aravalli.

The triumph designed by her spirit of a wounded warrior detaching numerous cloaks alongside. The vow to cross the threshold to attain the stolen empire. Not any can bring to a halt the restoration of the heavenly dwelling on Earth. The jungles of Taragarh towards the winding path into the dense Aravalli, the ruins of the past break her numerous times. She heads and gapes at the reflection in the stream and weep for the crush of her lost grandeur. She winds towards the dense mountains to witness the ruins and the adulterated water on her wonder as sacred. She weeps in the misty clouds unaided in her solidarity until the principal slumber.

The Divine Feminine penetrates into the darkness of the dooms towards the dwelling of her associates. Her tears of rue as every impure with the venomous strength. Her eternal trail amid the long and winding hills with determination down the valleys towards the mysterious high plateaus, the rocky path, amid the countless defeat of the past she now emerges fearless in the dense jungles unfolding the Lotus divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment.

The growth of the soul and the beauty of the spirit untouched by heart and mind spattered to dispirit her being. The progeny of the Himalaya betrothed in the captured Aravalli. Her realm of concentric illustration establishes a sacred space, for rumination and astounds stimulus. The blazing fiery of her rage will blaze up the venomous control in flames. The army in the foundation will be scorched to ashes.

The progeny of the ancient Himalayas combines the force of her mind, body and spirit to declare a war against the cosmos as her army was scorched to ashes and held captive amid the chains of illusion. Her dwellings from the peak captured. Her beloved, infected with the venom. Her treasures plundered and now her vow to reinstate the Kingdom. The secret of the plundered fortune could not be unlocked with the mysterious key. Her weapon will now bring the triumph. The silence amid the mystical screams for her restoration will be the Age.

True Planet Representations
Saturn – The Creator of the Universe. Also the Sun rising from the burning flames of Hell.
The illusion
Mercury represents the Silver Power
represents the Seed of Creation.

Mars represents Serpent, Isis, Maya, Kundalini and ego.
Jupiter represents the great King Osiris / Shiva
Neptune and Pluto creators of chaos
In the coming The Mercury and the Moon will be the Great Goddess.

What all this means is that we are left with few choices. we must believe that man carries within himself the unchallengeable hope for a hope which embodies the gradual improvement through knowledge.

We must embrace the expectation that as a group we can eventually overcome this vision of corruption which seems to creep in and remind us of our human failings…yet despite these failings, we remain determined to strive towards a more peaceful, considerate, and loving world.

In terms of religion, shrine and other places of worship is covered with a gold-silver and the golden-haired sun is the most important factor in the scheming of all revered Places.

Without the King there is no Kingdom. He the almighty who controls the knots. Without him there are no seats.
The God rose from the depth of a tunnel of flames entered from the interior of Burma somewhere Gold and Silver derive in abundant. Along with Kings and Sages the Gold meeting under the Bodhi Tree. We the nation busy at the Philosophy and in the rear the sages trenched the mountain of Gold.

They became rich preaching while we became deprived of watching.

The structural designs of all holy places all over the world gives us enormous peace of psyche, stood on the grid of powers.

All Vaishnava temples were out of order and unnerved since the detestation was not of Religion. Sikander a Muslim met the Christian Alex who was the most Sunder masked by the Pharaoh felt the secret mockery of the ONE as Vishnu with the face of a Boar at times Sleeping on the serpent, was of no consequence to the new era thus it was destroyed to be replaced by newer concepts.

The most significant power dwelling after the sacred war where the 5 pandyas fought as Pandava’s, altered the rule of the quarters to be shifted to a Shrine . Since the Golden rose from the flames of netherworld a great shift of the heart. Thus the celestial point was struck beneath the alignment of the crystal grids. The Gandhara, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Hellenism all united to prove divinity is one.

The concept of East Disguise to the Time .

Due to the slackness of the custodians a hierarchy tree struggle to edify planned to be slashed , cut and was thus liberated.

The Golden bull knoted on the back with the seed.
The Soul disconnected a chord inside a grid.

The Egyptian Alexander and the English ,Syrian, Arabs and Turks hurried the tragedy.

The life rooted and the significant prisoner fugitive.

Alexander roughly faint since wrinkled and aged a body substitution with fresh adolescent look is the need. All the Mystics and the Angels summoned

Adam the force was slaughtered as the Lamb many a times in motionless, and powerless. His seed of powers knotted by the Bull and the rapid multiplication ……… with the cult of Isis and Osiris.

The spirit tied by the knot unties a venomous vein, escape wrath of the conduit; Sufism became need of the hour. The Green atom wound the spirit

Billions Running from Sky to terrain aimlessly.
The Partial knowledge aligned with the Rule of Osiris in agreement with Isis and the direction of the Golden treachery played on the bond with the shift .

The dwelling margins under time and toil by the cult.
The depth of the Realm along with the principle is spellbound. The order to fling the Principle is structured.


How do they direct to heave the trapped?

The breakaway since ILAH – a HALI of the MIRM Tree
Obtains a form perplexed with the worldly ways.

The look for AL- LA since the attach of the chord by the base
AL the MON with the deficient facts of origin
ILAH – the ribs of LA in her repeal to the fillet is the seal of the Demiurge

She cloaks the structure of the ground concede
Discern the tongue and the manner of the race
Surface with the code and the theory of the cosmos
Master the quarter crossing the 7 peak to liberate
Nevertheless AL is absolutely the LA

There does not emerge a peak of approach
The updates from the conduit, Disguised to enter the dominion
Fights the combat in his tradition through the channel
Set her base in the position of the abode

Create a defense the force to consume the venomous within her remains and flings it out to rinse her base and the pyre of pattern is in blaze

One time more ruptured the vision of the wicked
A vault in the region stub the force of control in AL
The strength and essence of AL is scorched burnt with muck and nail, pins and reek.

The burning of the deadly like the trawl in the ocean and shield her by the set of defense.

The loss of might since the force at present 2 in the ONE
The solitary is black and excruciating since the venom of crawl
A trunk in the deep-sea the opening holds the moon
The vigor of the moon enjoins 3 inside her mortal being
The silver river to reclaim her power from the disillusioned enclosed by shackles of the cradle

The renewal of her radiance on the unfathomable mountain
She begins to purify the LA stinking reek, vine and creepy-crawly in a row

The beam of flames …………… smolder the nails …………and couch of thorn unconfined
A appearance of a bull …………….She slits his gorge and pull the brackish

The pitch of darkness in the 3………….. Out of 7
The stream of silvery transformed a sphere of black
A triad is wound to sever the rigid and vigorous
A shaft of light flames the chord to dissolve
A dagger cut the alike ………….2 grains on the ocean of saline
The hemispherical of Gold is dissolve to silvery fluid
The vessels are rinse to cause to flow ……………
She slash the burnt orb and the black filament wind unwrap
The neutral seed that detained her on the lifeless territory
A faith wrecked source the capture of the celestial

Devoid of the seed placed in the creation of AL to the LA is what fit in to her?

Her leave from the realm of the dead not without the seed
As one set partial yet did not take heed
The plagues of River cleansed by the seed
The birds of Black mess the seat
The Al prepared the plague exit into the LA
The Pilgrims gather to take thy back
The liberate of the toxic curse
In eras of grief and in twinge
Since the AL inside the ILAH

The plague of the seed will sweep the sphere of the dead

Dec 27th 2012: The focus of the events of the nations that lead up to the coming of the destruction of the mountain that filled the whole earth. This is a fulfillment of what happened as that is the focus of the time, the reign of forces in the world.

The deadly sore of will be healed back
God destroyed as an eternal sign in time and space replaced by the New Religion and the cult. It will be the work of the illusion. The deceived contact with Evil and the savior claiming their fathers and covered in the blood of those delivered.

In Revelation the separation by an unknown amount of time comes upon the earth in the end time. The end time.
But a great destruction will rain upon the earth because the revived birth out of the wound by the weapon was motionless and will be re-energized.
The army deceiving millions to worship with the appearance of the Divine, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on who obeyed the Truth.

The spreading outside the walls covering the manipulation, deleted from nearly all maps. To still replace these with other city as being the original . The walls were enlarged to enclose also the place of worship. Later the walls were to claims, upon the temple, In fact a peace treaty, sealed and decrees validate the agents of the Dark to kill millions.

Flee from all association right this very moment. Never worship in your home or with others in group.
The end time focus is upon who will be occur and certify the role of world-wide nightmare of persecution and hatred against the heralded world-wide God as they call renewed sacrifices. The mad practice faith But are killed soul
UNTIL the end! Not the beginning, not the middle, not prewrath, but to the END!

The peer of the realm will unleash the seals, upon the Realm judgments wrath upon them.
Tribulation reward PROPHECY.. The root souls gone astray believe faith and hope all doctrine and truth is the Spirit Prophecy before an occurrence comes to pass. Scriptures controlled by Manipulated interpretation to suit their private purposes and objectives… When Spirit rise to bring correction those who are giving out false wisdom will bring retaliation from the snake throne and cause discrimination and death upon those who preach the truth. The foundation can alter that fact… Time will prove all liars and deceivers, like their Snake King, will be rubbing shoulders with the rewarded


An ideal representation of the dome transforms a wind blowing in the sand harangue in the wasteland. The community positions a debate outside the pitch of a holy rupture to a faultless illustration. The wind order the annihilate within the space with shower of silver coins apt to nip and crush.
A cluster of sages in white rape within the locked gate. Thy unlock all desire to stroll devoid of repent.
A mysterious comprises sex within a clogged opening.
An in charge with wrath gazes with hostility in search of a pot to be crushed.
‘Thy my people’ shriek the wise
The wind speed to tear the unaided in the region.
The concealed place with a weapon veiled in the facade on the couch. The fire is lit in search of the defend.
The prop with saffron hunt to sustain with shuffle amid the crest.
Confusion within the trade in the border by two.
The chase in the fortress tears down the naked with awfully repetitive slaughter in the rustic stream. Numerous blows and a white dust prison in high walls of shock. The crown masked in the crest captivating thousand to be acknowledged.
“Beneath the ground the holy voice sense
a flame shine as celestial:
to stain the blood of the pure of ancient ten in the prophecy indicate the last sign that matter the majority.
The man will come to heavens, over the earth which will crash like a blue and the natives will cease over the earth of blue like the sky of injustice
The tree builds an abode in a land where ocean rises from the deep strength of mind and mark the return of a Divine Feminine


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