Life prior to the great Bang

 A story logically begins at the beginning. But this story is about the universe, and unfortunately there are no records for the Very Beginning.

We don’t know anything about the universe until it reaches the mature age of a billionth of a trillionth of a second — that is, some very short time after creation in the Big Bang. When you read or hear anything about the birth of the universe, someone is building it up. We are in the kingdom of philosophy.

What happened at the Very Beginning?

IN THE VERY BEGINNING there was a void—a   form of emptiness — a nothingness containing no space, no time, no matter, no light, no sound. The void’s balance was so fine that only a notion was needed to create a change, a change that created the universe.  And it happened. The nothingness created by the great force.

Yet the laws of nature were in place, and this   vacuum looked at the   potential. Like a spiral smolder from the emptiness a gas was fashioned. During the earliest moments before the Big Bang, there was no complex matter as we know it today. There was   one kind of particle and one force — or even a unified particle/force — all within this one single primordial entity which was a Void yet a void that had the power of all that could be created. Thus the void created a smolder of gas leading to multiple gabs in which the universe evolved.

You might find the primordial universe boring, but to an element   those were the days of simplicity, beauty, however mistily visualized in our speculations.

This energy acts like a gas. The wound up boring element radiate light and other forms of energy. This strange   state   is actually the   form of energy in the universe. The multiple or the unified gas contains all in one. The One energy which creates the light and the stars.

Large clouds of gas in freedom are  “reduced” into more intense drop due to magnetism within the gas. As the drop grow more dense, the   heave is stronger. Eventually, the gases are enforced into   tight places that they   exist as a speck, and become ionized   forming a plasma. It doesn’t stop there in a star. All this motion causes friction   causing more plasma to form.

Deep in the core of this plasma the protons and electrons as one single entity start to blend.  When blending takes place, it releases large amounts of force. This force emits variety of  gases  .

When this happens, the   gas becomes like a charged particle broth” now has many properties, and creates a   field    .

 So what can cause a   gas to act this way? It takes energy to ionize the gas and create the charged particle broth which can be termed as plasma .

A  planet —  most ordinary  , orbiting a   star, one iota on the spiral arm of a set galaxy — rising   oceans joining the orbiting galaxy  the oceans  begin.


Plants and animals evolved. Not all that we see today. Most of the plants and animals are new.

In time,   odd subsets of beings were created from the smolder of gas which began roaming the land. They were formless. The   beings fashioned out of the smolder were different primarily because they were the only species intensely curious about their surroundings.

Yet they were superior to all other creations. They were granted the free will of abundance. In this they were restricted to certain area that was prohibited by the Void Creator. They had a chief and out of him 13 additional were formed. They were gifted and had the rule to reflect. They were pure beings shaped from the purity.

They asked their chief “   How was the universe created? How the universe is responsible for the incredible mixture in our world: stars, oceans, pearls? They posed a query to their master for generation. The question also inspired a great number of wrong and awkward answers. Fortunately, they were born without a sense of humiliation.

They were overconfident. They were not satisfied to enjoy the magnificence of the universe. Now as they wandered under this magnificent creation they saw the brightest   wavelength of light. As the   light swept over, the curious 13 and their chief tap the forbidden particle stirring almost like a great beam of light.

For a   reason that   forbidden tap create a misalignment in the design of these being. The strong gravitational force from the neutron light placed away drag the being of the standard light.

The being is funneled onto the neutron light at its magnetic limit. In this process of addition, the being become consequently hot that it generate a strange emission. The pounding  new type of energy   fused by the  spin  of light that  swept within these beings begins to merge  like  a vessel in the ocean and that which turn on and off  signifying that the source of energy is now merged with the  new energy.

This is the beginning of great misalignment that takes place in the midst of inquisitiveness and that which is unclear, a dark force that blurs, hides,   the basic simplicity of the creation.

Now,   we are opening to glimpse the entire story of creation.  We begin to perceive the outlines of the perfect beauty and balance that governed in the first moments of the universe. We can nearly see it.

The neutron now becomes a part of a twofold structure, with its fuel for the outbursts from the beings or when the course brings them closer together, gas from the beings   flows toward the neutron   light, attracted by its strong magnitude. The flow of gas forms a swirling enlargement disk around the neutron represented by the multi-colored swirl around the beings.

Amidst the fury of this blasts on the surface obtained a key revealing   matter inside these enigmatic objects.

The result, AN ultra-dense serious MISALIGNMENT SETTING within the core of a BEING.  The filling OFFERS a critical   deep-seated nature of matter and a new energy.

The   probed   light passing through the   distorted by tremendous   process of    strapping gravity that light becomes red. The extent of the red depends directly on the neutron’s gathering and radius in   the thickness and nature of the internal state.

This provides the first evidence that neutron lights are indeed like a black box

A unique star   with a difference   in which neutrons are squeezed so tightly that they release the particles of minute matter.

Yet it has almost no properties:  or very little, no electric charge, and no radius — and, adding slur to the wound, no strong force acts on it.

Of course a great thrill. But that thrill does not really compare with the incredible excitement that gripped the beings who at the moment   realized experiment was an unsuccessful

The same fusion worked as emotions on these beings which have felt for centuries filled with anxiety, pain, hardship, and tension, attacks of hopelessness, depression, and discouragement.

But these are punctuated by flashes of exhilaration, laughter, joy, and exultation. These piphanies come at unpredictable times. Often they are generated simply by the sudden understanding of something new and important, something beautiful, that someone else has revealed.

However, they now were no more immortal, like most we know, the far dangerous moments come when you yourself discover some new fact about the universe. It’s astonishing how often this happens   when you are alone in the lab and you have learned something profound.

When Iblees the Jinn the now contaminated being was called by the Great divinity Ilah. He presented himself with esteem . The Goddess saw that there was   the being created by her rather within the smolder there was a outline of a Dragon, with serpents far-reaching from the head with a enormous red orb spinning within the smolder.

The Chief with his head downward, the Queen Ila’ah “ My treasured creature, Do  you desire to notify me”?

The Chief  terrified of the blunder done and  thought   the Creator will not identify of what occur unless he address it.


The Queen Ila’ah held “ I am aware  you have misaligned this day. A tap into  the forbidden within the magnificence of the position . A warning    in the start however a error comitted.

The denial to recognize words. “ Alas ,   rupture of thy nature and the  faction this second as   a vital slip takes away your  endless pose.


Shocked with dread. The terror of life form dissolved,  the existence out.  600 Years of continuation and now depart this life. This brings the great horror.

The alarm of  fatality.

He plead and implore for forgiveness and alleged to  live in shadows away from the magnificent ground. A retribution to   live in a planet of dead yet in the wilderness seeking to identify the effect of the mix-up.  A world devoid of the  Divine  and the lost paradise.

The darkness of the netherworld, the scorching heat in the wilds, the rootless will be his castigation for the  oversight. He pray the  maker for  amnesty since the atone with fitting chastisement will be his rescue. And that will be the time of his  homecoming to heaven with many lessons refined. ( Greek Gods Article  )

Thus the vast field is split as the paradise and the underworld. The Demons / Jinns made a world of their own fate in the darkness. They multiplied, they experimented further and in this they lost their reality. They became the serpents, Dogs, Crows, Dragons………..unhappy, restless, hunger, a great chaos followed with many mistakes that followed in search of the Fountain of Immortality.

gluttony, covetousness, fury, excreta, Urine, Sex became a part of subsistence. They grow to be atrocious by the time that followed. Each flash was of thorny. The path was of fire …… This was the world of the Demons , Jinns, Dragons, Serpents , Dogs filled with waste and repulsion.

They conduct experiment more and learnt new-fangled thrilling magic rituals.

The beginning of worshipping the Sun God

The Red speck fused within   was measured as the Sun God. They felt   their ancestors prayed to a RED   radiance called SUN was unrelenting in the chase for generation that came into existence.

They prayed to the Red God to give them appearance and good looks. But the Red Goddess  gave them more brain throbbing heat and schizophrenia which throng them wild with rage and scorpions in a row inside their mortal.

6000 years in the wilderness in hunt of outward appearance and the mysterious

Back in the paradise the Creation of Adam and the 10 attendant.

The Godlike Adam made from the seal of tears. The Moon fashioned the world shaped. The fruits in bounty, they wore the white yarn, the pearls overflowing the the deep cradle, the silver was their couch in the terrain. This was the power of self. Adam was the beloved self of the Goddess Il’ah. The radiance of Ila’h in paradise as deep-sea and the light of the celestial on Earth set inside a rock which was positioned inside a cavern. Adam was the guardian of the glow.



scurry to research…


These moment further add up to our present creation about what the universe is and how it works. The pain and depression are part of the story, too. Often it is the stubbornness, the pure   nature that gets in the way of the moments to make life fulfilling.

Brains, fashioned a device that detected the passage of cosmic ray particles, registered them by small blips in the sweep of the oscilloscope.

Although the beings never got over the thrill. Than with the new particle fused within    these particles start a voyage to a distant galaxy as only part of the excitement.  A seemingly never-ending enthusiasm was now gradually infectious.