Day dedicated to the Army at ISFI 2012 in Ajmer

Ajmer 8th Oct 2012 : The 5th Day of the Festival saw the true spirit of sufism with Chief Guest: Brigadier PK Singh and over 400 army persons were the guest for the evening along with the other guest and audience.
The sunset dedicated to the army as a mark of appreciation for their absolute sacrifice for the country. Music may mean differently to different people…! However, music is all about bringing out the serenity, purity and authenticity of one’s being, with a slight touch of innovation. And while living in the most diversified nation, India, what could be better than bringing out the very tranquility, purity and realism of our motherland. The Roohani Sisters with their thundering recital of Sufi Jugalbandi enthralled the crowd. The spectators highly praised them for their performance.
Traditional Qawwali By Ateeq Hussain Khan Bandanawazi was another variation in the sama presentation. The conventional classical style of Gwalior Gharana was introduced to the audience. Chief Guest Brigadier PK Singh said ‘ Army is always remembered in times of trouble. However, ISFI remembered us to be a part of a festivity. He added the army too was a true sufi’s in a way as they absolutely give their lives for the country’

ISFI 2012 – Divine Abode joins hands with Marwah Studios for Sufi Films & Documentary

ISFI joins hands with Marwah Studios for its forthcoming International Sufi Festival 2012.

The festival will screen a wide range of Sufi films and documentaries at its newly come up audio visual room at Al Ikhlas Gallery during International Sufi Festival 2012.

Mr Sandeep Marwah, President Marwah Studios says “We are very happy to be a part of the ISFI Festival, this is our second year of association with the prestigious International Sufi Festival, together we will bring in Sufi Films and Documentaries too as a part of the festival”.The best documentary film will be awarded with “ISFI 2012 best documentary film award

Ms Gulshaa Begum Chairperson Divine Abode & Director of festival says “The festival has come a long way in its very second year we are indeed delighted with the tie up for films with Marwah Studios”

All the entries for Sufi Films and Documentaries being showcased at forthcoming ISFI 2012 will be addressed to Marwah Studios’  said Spokesperson from Divine Abode.

Article by Dr Sudeep Rai

Divine Abode set to welcome the Chief Patrons

Divine Abode is happy to welcome

Respected Swami Shantatmananda, General Sec. Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi
Honourable Shri. Shahid Siddiqui- General Secretary Samajwadi Party & Ex Mp Rajya Sabha, New Delhi
• Mr. Vinay Rai, Chairman Rai Foundation, New Delhi
• Mr. Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio, Noida
• Respected Prof (Dr) M M Verma – President, Interfaith Foundation India, New Delhi
• Khwaja Farooq Renzu Shah – Director Information J & K Govt. Srinagar
• Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar – Chief Priest Judah Hyam Synagogue, New Delhi
as the Chief Patron of Divine Abode.

The strong support of these dignitary is been the success of Divine Abodes efforts. It is a privilege to have them on board ‘ said a spokesperson of Divine Abode.

Ms Begum Chairperson Divine Abode says” The organization belongs to the individuals who have been a part of it right from the foundation. As this requires immense confidence and belief I have always maintained that Divine Abode does not belong to me or the other founder trustees rather it belongs to all who are a part of the journey. So as International Sufi Festival too belong to the individuals who are walking the journey of ISFI. To me Divine Abode is the Abode of the Ultimate Truth and ISFI is the journey towards the Abode.