Invitation for Art Exhibitions in Ajmer ( Rajasthan)

Light of the Sufi's
A 3 day Sufi Art Festival
At the Al Ikhlas Gallery in Ajmer City
Date:* 27, 28 and 29th January 2012

Inaugration on the 27th Jan 2012 at 1130 am at Al Ikhlas Gallery
Chief Guest; Mrs Naseem Akhtar Insaaf
Honourable Minister for Education, Rajasthan

*The details of the Festival are as follows:*

1. Aim and Objective*
To promote cultural exchange in respect for the cultural diversity of
different countries through sufi art and islamic paintings; to promote
dialogue on arts and civilization for the ultimate goal of common
development and prosperity.; To promote local artist bycreating a
platform to exhibit their art to the world culture.

2. Theme
Sufi Art, Islamic Calligraphy & Sacred Art;

3. Artist Information:
Sufi Art and Persian Calligraphy – Akash Suryavanshi
Paintings of Ajmer Dargah Shariff – Jitendra Patniwal
Sacred Art – Gulshaa Begum

4. Venues
Al Ikhlas Gallery, Ajmer ( Raj)

5. Entry

6.Other relevant information and requests: You are cordially invited
and welcomed to actively participate in and contribute to the
Festival. Any support would be appreciated.

Also visit our website
Mobile: +91-7665555758/ 9845047027

7. For further information please refer to the invitation attached here.


Gulshaa Begum
Divine Abode
International Sufi Festival India

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