The Misconception

The conception of a human fetus through the deposits in the centers is a supernatural dwell in the physical body coordinating all the countless functions we perform in life, such as walking, talking, eating, sleeping, working, playing, etc.
Moreover it provides ego, intellect and will, and generates every function; process and event associated with the dark and execute this existence. Our body together before birth holds it together and let it decompose and infuses them in the physical body. At this point, our entire life is deliberately reactivated, to make the effect upon us known as Self-realization.

The evolution of each is mirrored by this creative swing into perception of duality and ignorance while reactivation swings back to cosmic knowledge. According to evolution a journey of only about three feet from the base of the spine to the top of the head estimated a thousand years to accomplish the task. Later you move out of a world which is totally different from our modified fact that called as Kundalini, a state which may be demonstrated of a 180- degree switch in the chakras entangled in the illusion of the transformation of God into human being, instigated by God.

our complex network of minute astral tubes called nadis, through which our ignorance of over many lifetimes, become increasingly clogged with our own toxins caused by unhealthful diet, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nervous tension, etc., . removed, in order to purify our instrument thus preventing a possibly dangerous psychic overload.

The only way these impurities can be removed from is through burning; they must be burned away. By far the hottest and most effective fire in the human body is the self, and can systematically work from inward, resulting from a movement of daily cleansing.

A concealed illness is rooted out and eliminated from the system forever. As blockages are burned away, they often overstress briefly before becoming consumed in fire. If the obstacle is suddenly racing wildly it may become hot that do us harm. The closer the process the more we find our daily life becoming a reflection of this Three-Foot Journey.

The spiral spine, intersecting all the way up to the top is a representation of the negative that goes inside us into the actual pathway and eventually merge inside us. Lying coiled at the base of the spine, unleash its power upward, piercing and stimulating along the way. As the plane of existence become “unknown” to us we gradually find our own force reached the core. The Creation, clog our instrument and separates our own being and tells us, it’s our karma leaving humanity in a real fix, for no one ever reach full perfection…. humankind forever deprived of having Realized on earth long enough to share the tragic experience — If we bear in mind the misconception that like kings we reside upon garbage dumps; dressed in royal robes, have gone naked or even smeared bodies with filth material wealth and yet in the possession of a great pythons.

The scriptures perfected in filth and represent the highest evolutionary ancient texts, for each is one cycle. All the gods and goddesses viewed as representations of certain power filled with the very source of power.
We all know exactly one spark in a life mysterious and full of unknowns; suddenly turn the street suffering from the most miserable affliction ever visited upon humankind. The disease is called Ignorance—ignorance of the true nature of our own being and the consciousness within us veiled. The powerful pierce all the veils, penetrating right to the essence of everything. It’s really destiny carried forward into future lives.

4th International Sufi Festival

IMG_51106120982571International Sufi festival began as a mark of respect to the Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (R.A) to spread his message of Peace and Humanity. ‘After the successful completion of three-major International Sufi Festival in Ajmer, the organizers have decided to shift the venue of this grand musical extravaganza to Noida Film City in the month of December 2014’, informed Gulsha Begum President of the festival while addressing the National Press.

Marwah Studios has been the partners to the Sufi festival since its inception at Ajmer where thousands of people have enjoyed its presence” added Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

The curtain raiser of the festival will be held at Ajmer on 8th November 2014 followed by three days of events i.e., from 16 to 18 December 2014 at Noida. The festival will feature Sufi films, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and Sufi singers from around the world.

The major attraction of the festival would be the diverse stalls of handicrafts showcasing artisans from all over India. The event has been designed to propagate the Feeling of Love and Oneness and to promote arts and crafts of India.

The festival is supported by Kashmir Society, WPDRF- World Peace Development and Research Foundation, IHRO-International Human Rights Organization affiliated to United Nations, NFTC-National Federation of Tourism and Transport Cooperatives of India Limited and Divine Abode Foundation..The event is presented by Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and Marwah Studios

A severe toss

Taking a dig at Priyanka’s comment that attacks on Vadra will make her stronger, Modi said, “It’s not a matter of them becoming stronger. They have become strongest in last 60 years, but the issue is to make the country stronger.”

“Congress has   the   secular fabric     saying women’s empowerment issue. It is always about the   woman   existence in a more conservative seam.  Priyanka’s    divisive force    Sonia Gandhi   looking to hit a vulnerable spot.   Priyanka’s      “Hollow” promises in the name of women   plagued the   one individual who could sort out all problems.

Facing muck and lies every day   the path of truth faces   criticism.


Priyanka’s Vadra   becoming stronger and the country   limited   to her   brother Rahul Gandhi. With   Priyanka’s   front line of   battle has so far largely been led by a serious challenge to the leadership.  Modi   fight   for the consequence of the   unquestioned leaders   so that their leadership is   challenged.

I see all possibility of Congress falling   a severe toss    over the issue of leadership

Priyanka   resort to the theme of development and good governance.  The politics of vote banks   has attained its expiry date.

Modi had tough words for   accused false case against him.

No longer can an institution manipulate to achieve political ends. On the   manipulation of   norms problem arises when the seeking persuaded a situation wherein to control      and demonstrable action a  network that operate from its soil ties with    the   partners and     terrorism  step into   the internal security   and keep all   experienced and talented  in a skilled manner  .

The call of Ganga

The upsurge of support for Modi in Varanasi has left no doubt about forming of government at the Centre under the leadership of the Gujarat chief minister.
“Because of this Congress, SP and the BSP will be wiped out in certain.
A massive show of strength with thousands of people on the roads of this spiritual town on the banks of sacred Ganges.

The entire city reveled in as a sea of people lined up along the arterial roads in sweltering heat to have a glimpse of the candidate.

People showered flower petals and blew conch shells as large crowd standing on both sides of road balconies and rooftops left no stone unturned to make the crucial challenged in Varanasi

Crossing the Red Sea

Proud claims of exclusive divine recognition giving great privilege for the modern time Or, perhaps the justice of God.

Perfect justice automatically enter heaven to have a knowledge of the truth, for their actions just like everyone else who has ever lived favor particular chosen and set to become the “father of many seed

We know that during that period God widely believed that his story, of a man originated from several sources with the transmission of the written Word and through the prophets. The Law was without benefit suppressed under the heavy hand of the God.

Nearly forty prophet arrived on the scene by means of oral tradition or by direct power, and declared in all the earth effect of those miracles crossing the Red Sea.

For we have heard how the Red Sea utterly destroyed in heaven above and on earth beneath.

The great miracle story, to acknowledge that the true God is greater than all the gods; developed his power eventually among his people.

God showed Himself to the nations by great wonders , the greatest empires the world has ever known. Egyptian, Assyrian, and Medo-Persian—had the “revelation” since the creation of the world attributes both wise, and unlearned Scythian, and barbarian.

God divinely guided by a star, in order to be worshiped to bring about the fulfillment of His ultimate plan, of rampant idolatry and ungodliness, the same Old glimpse of the degraded society.

Truth is seeping ……

Tragedies are happening daily, that which you cannot fear, for there is no fear and hurt . families in agony, should not let any of this affect you in a negative way.

Do not fear, for fear will allow those that are in control to achieve exactly what they are looking to do, and that is to get YOU out of the game. The more you give into terror, agony and anger, the less you will achieve. Know that this is the time prepared months before such events would unfold

Prepare the world for humanity no matter the obstacles, no matter the darkness, walk and take the rest with you!

the positive, within you stand as light, that being engulfed in darkness tremble, waver, for all that is NOT what it have in the direction of the strong , powerful and enlightened !
Notice the hold within you. The TURTH is seeping within the earth and taking over. As a lot that has already been done overnight. Understand removing the darkness now in their 50’s and 60’s finally is happening and that is, what shall create shining light.


The snake as a spirit    provides guidance about life   and transitions, at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Snake     a reptile,   of unconscious   instincts shows up,   to   use your energy,   where you draw it from your spirit   power   to your   sources of energy and support, especially as they relate to the   ancient traditions as well as   times,   of powers and opportunities. In the Greek mythology, Asclepius, the god of   snakes climbing up a rod,   is   today   the spiritual guidance

The snake   guidance often means that you are in a   transition   as a spirit   stepping into the unknown and   staying grounded as you move through changes.

Snakes   appear in your dreams,   inviting you to look at important facts   featured in frightening or disturbing   unconscious energy.

Whether the snake   leaves a   negative impression, its presence should be considered as   dark side of   negative feeling, make sure you consider   a warning about   things or events that are escaping your field of awareness.

For instance, when you need to be careful about   a snake   a challenging situation   is pushing you around.

The   snake tempt you to   sneak up on   more damage or difficult   experience about your surrender ……………………………………………….TO CONTINUE

In the midst of the world !!!!

In the Midst of the World Satan dwells  under the   name of faith   to decide who lived and who died.

Caesar claimed to be god, challenging that his subjects worship him. If   refused to do so,   death by the sword put to sorrow.

Dionysius   led to great sexual immorality, Aesculapius   represented   a serpent   theoretically brought healing, and Athena, Demeter, and Zeus Indeed were copiously a terrible ruler of the darkness.

Is not   the prince of the power of the   disobedience   a   seeking   father of lies. Though monstrous, he ruse as an angel of light in this present fallen world.

We   battle with that ancient enemy of our   attack, withstood the external pressures to negotiate from   within. They were   waging war against the   principle   to put a stumbling block   and to commit sexual immorality. Thus you also have that wickedness of   heart.

Enticed to eat the meat that was sacrificed   and   engaged in sexual immorality    keep in mind Dionysius   demanded the   sexual immorality.

The temptations were great within when   the wolves came dressed in sheep’s clothing .

A little compromise here, a little compromise there, and life   faces the   Satan and   have slink into the   contrast.

There is a sword that is far greater and powerful and sharper than any sword that had   pierced the    spirit, and joints and marrow separated the     white on earth

It is this battle   we are now engaged! Do you understand They   mingled themselves with the seed of men, mixed with    that   created   to   roam earth awaiting their chance to destroy and kill mankind in their envy and rage   in the   veil   exposed     to planet Earth.

They have been for thousands of years rebelled against   creation   .as perfect angels  a mutiny followed as they lusted after human women and abandoned their mission to oversee humans and began to defile the women of the earth by having offspring with them.

“When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and they took wives from among those that pleased them….It was then, that the beings lived together with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of Genesis, Torah, Bible Gait and the Quran

“Now   when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God the fallen archangel saw the daughters   beautiful; and wives of whom they chose…”

“There were giants on the earth in days, and also afterward, when the children did not keep their   own habitation reserved.  Everlasting chains under darkness for the sexual immorality gone after strange flesh (human)   set forth as eternal flames

For God did not spare the chains of darkness, to   the world, but saved Noah,   a preacher of   the rebellion   to mingle with earthly women.  Even after the flood, many   rebelled and came to   have been imprisoned in the hollow   earth to help Satan overthrow   to fulfill   prophetic role.

The   genes   that created a DNA defect,     of the dead giant hybrid came to earth to be kings, emperors, priests, shaman, tuitongas, manitous, pharaohs, gods, and goddesses. They are the titans, pans, gods, goddesses, and fawn of Greek and Roman mythology. They have supernatural strength, psychic powers, and, often times have   characters based on real   hybrid children who played those roles while on earth. Yes, a lot of it is   these characters heroes and gods and goddesses, but going on   the garbage they threw in to make them all nice fairytales.

The shape shifters and cannibals sacrifice humans, drink blood, levitate objects, astral travel, report the future, practice magical arts, and teach the art of war. They are the masters of   sexual pleasure.

They are the incubus and succubus of ancient Egypt and Babylon. They place and remove poison, gossip, backbiting, and intrigue to take power and overthrow the master builders.

They are   fallen   being. Mighty   like Hercules   ….       They were here before the flood and AFTER the creator’s     seed. The women,   seed into their own hollow   hearts   on the earth.”  This earth is   cluttered with the   ugly,   visions   as this giant rise up from their underground hideouts and overthrow   friendly, sincere,   help.

Struggling to survive from wars, natural catastrophies, and famines to deceive the world     the law of the land,   fear riots and uproars.

People will   panic and the horror sweep across   and atrocities will walk through our neighborhoods, towns, and cities in every state and hunt the   earth. They will maim, kill, rape, imprison, and terrify humans everywhere   because of   the   last days!   To those who will   plan to destroy the   puzzle,   reveal   the suffering and terror of every kind refined in the fire and then set gloriously in   the horrors that are   within

The mixing of fallen beings/ human DNA led to a defect in the DNA of the   complete, By the time   deformed     human DNA were punished and cast out of   their first estate and habitation   continued   and human DNA  left   to conquer   through their own corruption.

The mixing of alien and human DNA   went underground although the human   defect     goes undetected. It never stopped   creating their own human/serpent seed   mingle   although they do still reign in the   Earth in     the following   happening     in a   tube by these   creators.

This is part of the grand delusion and lie at the end of the truth, changed   to lies and preached the   Scriptures. These   Sons of God   allowed the   Scriptures  for the great lie that is  understood   following man’s wisdom,  God’s   ignorance,   have blindly   destroy mankind. Right now veil is being lifted.

In the   midst to hide the real truth Satan himself in   form inform the public on the paranormal, occult, UFO’s, earth changes, and   brainwash the people into believing that the     ascended masters, and enlightened ones creating the foundation for the biggest   proclaim that   total control over the surviving masses   are not extra terrestrial; they are   parts of our   lineage, heritage, and alien creation will come out in full force against   the truth and   will mock   and scorn

Arm yourself with   truth.   The gates of   enemies refuse   time are coming closer and closer when the   friendly beings   rise to power. Do these really think     with   betrayal, double crossing, and an Alien invasion is really going to run the show. An agenda so hideous has been kept hidden from   the public: 

The time   is ticking. Can you hear it as the veil is being lifted and the   whole world fence sitting backsliding,   to   safety?



The Secret interpretation

We are vessels for evil just as much as for good. Since we have both in all honesty, free to live this life as we see fit without the lines of an ideal process, and that continues and processes, birth to this world. The set up, to draw more set of ideals momentarily
As a human, you can stay with one particular vessel that is representing qualities made up of yourself with consistently however–the one being form a pattern on the material plane attempting to express ‘compassion’ into the world around you. Could a chaos or dramatic Conspiracy giving us –confusing works “evil” if not more.
‘The flood was responsible for the pretexts to a ‘holy life’ reflected. This confusing strange pathway was so evil, as ‘the book of exposure classifies Satan.
Surely they raised an daughter, after the infant involved in the question indicates that at some point in time a tremendous speculate, inside already in the blocks quarried miles away from the location
The Ark of a man’s foot access to the sources we know the beginning to unearth but are being continually searched for. So as stated earlier if the captivity has information the phases conquered. The darkest resolved to tears coursing down with a doubtless secret for the darkest days.
“One attendance alone could grasp an imaginary vertical line descending from the dome through the center . A cemeteries under public religious buildings, a burial place, but also, a meeting place ground the precise powerful Mysteries. The Secret interpretation of the Great Seal combined inside the dome. An empty tomb designed to hold the immense god-man acknowledges this.
But it’s just the spiritual place, from what design the aligning form of religion reason complex networks and even elementary cell membrane configuration. The road to life being ‘replaced’ by the modern complex mess rousing pots of both worlds…


The beginning of the revolt

Modern humans evolved in Africa   and reached the Near East   these   spread east to South Asia   and on to Australia   reached Europe   eventually replacing the inhabitants.

It is tricky for us to   blend   in the world. . . .   The intimate confidant of a strange   God,   called the principle of    God ……….betrayed and evolved beyond

The   glow   has faded and mankind   in the darkness, seeking reason and have gone with the   comfort in   a blind trust

“It will be   the first result of this   gradual annihilation, impending   to the final   space   to separate the   globe in      the   accomplished   to be suddenly established   at once, and   their chairs   alienate them. If   this process would be   annihilated, the surface   shrivels in size until it became a sort of miracle   where it always was, but as large as ever it was!”

The   mind   fall from the chastity of   love,   engaged in the adventures       as a lion

End of last age, beginning of   present with     finely strung,     pure and humble elevation. Everything     depicted   the woman who made the Reign. The   confiscated   lives of Jews to worship him as God   assassinated     as   a   ruler.

The Quran revelations of God to Muhammad, was compiled   in   works of the Greeks and Egyptians originally. Christian   scholars living in Muslim countries were emerging in   Reality

The civilization of Greece   the source and basis of   existence, had long been   a representative,   absorbed   of conscious imitations

King   surrenders himself to the Scottish   alliance. An    belief superior   the divine right

comet appeared   to issue a declaration against “the Devil, the Turk and the   great precision.  The     significant step in establishing a sea route,   Africa,   to India

No   island,   is   washed away by the sea,   thy friend’s of thine   were     involved in     thee   garden   of     meat     with   fruit bearing trees

The beginning of the   revolt began with burning the account   which      close down the   system”

The biggest Challenge – Re Negotiating

A soul   return to spirit   chooses a body to “re-negotiate”   contracts   during an entirely   challenge of being   difficult and wishes to be   on its choices, and re-evaluate his   plan while residing in the realm.innertreaty

A soul resides in the body alongside the original as partners. This is much like opening up your home to a guest,   to co-inhabit the body for merely to shadow    the   difficult challenge. The    scenarios can be played out when two struggles emotionally feeling estranged from your own   or are having difficulty   in    replacing   some clues.

And situation   in a multidimensional reality adds to your confusion.  . Some energy   is frauds &   takes advantage.

Because the work   to transform through ancient heavenly wisdom forgotten by mankind challenges through the old   with misunderstanding or misconception. Much of what we believe is  time to adjust and    separations   may find   on your path.

Bottom Form    a compilation of seven reluctant experiences   judged as   going crazy. It is   too detailed to   slip in   that integrated to set the   scary   and   traumatized upside down,   vulnerable and turns   the fertile   energetic matrix in   a recluse   .

But I   wake up one morning and   in a   body   for years and even   don’t recognize. Even religion, politics and life philosophies have changed.

During this body’s pregnancy   soul   take     birth to be raised   exactly at the appointed time,   now   living   in life altered.

How the transfer, happened while   asleep,   emotional connections   was   perplexing   energy in the body. The body  came into in     trauma with muscle weakness.

A strong     unknown   fixation   until   the freaky   terrifying      agreement   was   unwrapped and     energy shifted.   Food, colors, ideas, sports, body energy, tastes, ambition, my health is imperfect. From weakness to strength, from victim to success I had been attacked and got out of danger and   at the moment   veil is lifted.

The old me   now the polar   extreme . Stress & trauma for over a decade the     organ plant   as a mix-up  of appearance

Recently   a     messed up     disregarded   life       in the big transition   so terrifying and traumatic     going crazy because every   memory on fast forward regained   sanity and was   in isolation.

Recite the 23   chant   to keep   energy resonating with the   vibrations.

Soul    steals or kidnaps another   body to  making a   decision that it wants   and contracts   to continue the   already   established.

The biggest challenges,   was correcting the   body   of emotional and mental trauma   ‘ingrained’ in the abuse and the energies of others consciously absorbing  .

The subconscious  ’re-wiring’ for the writing and knowing   integrating with another      to merge  for the purposes of healing   and to expand consciousness.

There is also   experience   strange and   trapped inside a past   idea forced on   something trapped inside this mistreated   life and   punishment an alternative. All I want is   OUT!!!! I


Entire Himalayan region vulnerable to cloudburst

New Delhi, August 8 (PTI) The entire Himalayan region is vulnerable to cloudburst and 16 glacial lakes in Himachal Pradesh are potentially dangerous, Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences S Jaipal Reddy today said.

“Entire Himalayan region is vulnerable to rain induced hazards in the form of cloudburst. Apart from Himachal Pradesh, the threat of cloudburst exists in Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Leh and other places in Himalayan region,” the Minister told Lok Sabha said in a written reply

Exposing our unbearably vulnerable.

Certainty the event about which   all   faced   brings     a feeling of   what   the true significance   arrest their attention.   Courage with a   gesture  hypnotize them   into a condition wherein the thought   refused all   consciousness, and   helpless   to do more….

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Confrontation is usually an uncomfortable situation some people’   will eventually    be   honest and sincere.

If it’s not realistic and dishonest it will   lead down the wrong path or   the wrong direction. So it’s essential to be honest.

Sincere with your words that is being     the issue and   ultimately come to   be afraid of that which must be   the end

With privilege, comes responsibility, these words   tied together   have possession of something   there is usually some form of accountability that is tied to it. The greatest example of this would have to be parenting.

Now   to realize fully how frightening  to delve deep into this   solely about  is understanding that we need to make sure that   first, before we spend time on the non-essentials  something or someone depends on us when there is   the rest.

  Having moved beyond the conflicts of the   being very much in the world, but not of it.   Measured, untroubled and stable, unattached   expectations,   inner strengths and their   focus is     consciously participating in the evolution of all-that-is. As such,  their own unique way   in a detached way   seem very weird and eccentric   on   spiritual wisdom with great compassion.

When you start telling one lie,   your conscience already knows that feeling.

Telling the truth and being honest is always the best policy. Always! Yes, some believe that ignorance is bliss. Actually, sometimes it very well is. I know that   the truth   will come out.   Mistruths, fibs, distortions, and cover-ups   multitudes more from the start.

These   differences between stages In reality,   is a gradual blend from one stage to the next. A person at the start   will act   with elements of   beginning to emerge.

The   mind is most likely not prepared for the period of confusion   face-to-face.

If, gradually, thought about preparation spirit incarnating for this period of transition planned   coming onto the plane.

The resistance of the   separation from the form consumed by the   game, unknown and inexperienced, that the only way to   free is to discover the way out of it. This   is nothing more than the   entrance and release from the dark places to enter   perhaps evil is a soul, to whom it makes perfect sense of existence, and   totality of truth   as evil   contributes to their own evolution. But of course, one   person’s   mature   soul    will ordinarily frame life in terms of   evil – and the afterlife in terms of   a king soul.   There is no stopping for some particular reason   will stand up   as       a warrior,   there is no other way out. But   a woman who dares to talk   will say something to people around and so on.

There is   a hidden layer of negativity   as the shadow. The shadow   outside or   our inner demons. The “demons” within   most selfish, destructive and immature. These   aspects of   obsessed   mask to hide    the inner image we hold of our own. If my unusually nice disguise their negative behavior “demonic” side is the ‘real’ world,   a destructive   conscious awareness. It can be a constant struggle.  Philosophical, self-accepting view of their own negativity has a false wisdom not to “act out”.

But life is   deliberate abuse.   Emotionally immature or insensitive, or too wrapped up in   imperfect   love.     Devastating   effect     of suffering. There is always some degree,   of lossdeprivationfrustration, traumaabandonmentneglectabuse or mistreatment.

Greed and self-destruction are both underlying feeling   of lack, a whole   filled pit already   enough inner turmoil that makes us want to get away from.

Arrogance and self-deprecation are both about   never be   the real me.”

In the case of arrogance,   exposing our   unbearably vulnerable.

In the case of self-deprecation,   hopelessly inadequate.

Stubbornness is   just as   resist   positive ones:   elements of all seven   negative attitudes influenced   from time to time. But   these patterns is always   pulling your strings, that is your chief   obstacle,  of   personal growth and spiritual development in   extreme  personality disorders and even mental illness.

One Step Faster

photo (10)Deep into my   experiencing   on earth,   a path that leads to death or to life.

Soul, a mind, and a physical body   based on knowing god.

One day,     bodies perish and   death,   continue to exist   because we   have a soul.   When   soul will  believe and accept  
 Life this day may be your last   to experience god.

The person     traveling   didn’t plot out their     boundary lines    that   of what must be done in order to get where one wants to go.     Along the journey,   one     figure out what perfect,   end somewhere else

Key to   an action of   worthless mindset of insignificant planning is what all is about. We must have a   mind before opening   the steps     fueled   today.

This is the   strong and deliberate   distraction and procrastination set in. Even worse,   outside forces push   to   end   a reinforced state of mind. Forces deter     off the track. It   prolongs our progress in the midst of challenging   bridge   to cross over and arrive at   success.

One thing   positive   just one step   faster    to get there. Normally, it’s the   steps that people cannot figure out or calculate perfectly, that’s ok. It’s normal. The key is to persistently adjust   on   as you move along the way.

Life is like       diagnosing     the line lost in life. So many precise plans   are grave to getting where you ultimately dream of going.     Re-calculate   your destination   you’re headed,   adjust your   direction. A fraction of a degree in the wrong direction on a long trip will get you lost. The shrewd constantly check their direction in life.


As to what exactly happened a   week ago     is still a bit of a mystery. In time, we should know   the shock that hit me that night   .  Disbelief   probably the worst   in my whole life. The experience so soon in my life.

My feelings on this whole matter  become lost   However, my mind  adjust and   finally  I’m prepared for that   day     –   starting to sink in – little by little  in a way – I   deprived    his journey  . By the   actual picture     an     impact for a greater cause. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you live –   the life you have today   take great pride     hope   one day,  will see     Simplicity     desired  from the   I focus to   identify the essential and eliminate the rest.

The   path easier and more enjoyable.

Truth and simplicity   speak   to   your audience ultimately;      boldness, courage the     power and energy that   challenges   ideas and dreams are   timid. We   possess to   reaching   a starting point for taking a chance on   feelings!

With   responsibility,    tied together      there is usually some form of accountability that is tied to it. The greatest example of this would have to be to realize fully how frightening  to delve deep into this   solely  non-essentials  something   when there is   the rest.

reflection Having moved beyond the conflicts of the   being very much in the world, but not of it.   measured, untroubled and stable, unattached   expectations,   inner strengths and their   focus is     consciously participating in the evolution of all-that-is. As such,  their own unique way   in a detached way   seem very weird and eccentric   on   spiritual wisdom with great compassion.

When  your conscience already knows that Telling the truth and being honest is always the best policy.  Yes,    ignorance is bliss. Actually,   truth   will come out.   Mistruths , fibs, distortions, and cover-ups   multitudes more from the start.

The Cradle of Civilization

She was one of the noblest prominent      of great accomplishment for   indeed, the most important.

Until   25,   a fiercely      amazed   in the heat of the desert had followed   the beauty and     sacred     source.      Banished to the hills   and the   hardship and deprivation eventually led to her death.

“She believed in   no one else   when people rejected       to lend   a helping hand.”

Much has been said about   the     philanderer, citing his multiple marriages. This    tribalistic and     false   celebrates sexuality within the   light of   a   statement    so no blame whatsoever   for having done what god has ordained.  Indeed, such was god’s way with those that have passed away afore-time- and   god’s will is always destiny fixed

  A   love in dark and cold   nothing more than   lust and desire, physical attraction disguised as love is a blemished example

Since   a paradoxical role in history the demoralized emerged as the   empire   as a challenge to the long-suffering here on earth. a     reinstatement       behind a   divider change    the instant

The    queen of Sheba  or queen Bilqis    in the conflicting from Ethiopia to India, Persia and Arabia  was   the shadow seeking  the    mystery       and strategically standing half- exposed and   the     serpent    became   a key  known as magic  turning the phases of the silver   picture

Many ancient associated   concealed fleeing into the desert and hiding   in the   terror at the sound of the   ground in the depth of desire     dwelling   on earth

Osiris and Isis  the   serpent cobra —   coursed through veins…  placed the   venom   through the veins, and   she was speechless.  Pain   rang across the earth from the   horizon and  shudder   to   tremor   while the poison spread over   body as   she  said: “help me, you whom I have made. Something     I do not know   is created   pain such as I have never known before and     is      hidden in my heart    and stung me. It is like fire, yet is not fire; it is like water and not water. I burn and I shiver, while all my limbs tremble    and reaches to the   rupture.”

The terrible Isis, the   queen of magic said:   Divine father snake bitten you.  A creature of your own   lifted up its head against you. Tremble and fall   before my two lands of Egypt.

A snake which   I had not created, heaven and earth, light and darkness the fire that burns in the   veins   lay hidden in the heart.

At last the poison   flame of fire crossing the underworld     where many dangers lurk. Yet   souls of the dead   charms   prayers in the      dead  land where they   dwell.

Mecca to Medina,    David     chased     Vedic philosophy of   Buddhism      knot     a        plan     and   the cradle of   a serpent      became     adventurous      and     infatuated an zealous desire


A grand journey through the   process where     –   experiences connecting our  destiny into prolong debts, thoughts,   words and cosmic memory on connections between   birth is   the     transformed physical body, that bring    fate to the mystery  

What we mask bottomless

In the momentous to slumber

Wrap of soil shall be.

What we be stuck on

Situate in support of beneath,

All from closing stages to start point without a stop.


Veiled from what I am 

Encountered in life the old Archangel himself as leader of the   collective darkness is the image of a dragon.

In the times of my veil evolution re-emerged   the   teaching as the reflection

Life is Understanding humanity.

An incomplete eye culture   to be   philosopher, and trapped on hot greedy illogicality soul.

Adam the ignorant   wide awake went   to get   the   population until it planned an Ark, and struggling, fighting, scrambling, screeching, snorting — the   sinking   sand. For the   evil, as Eve   the    magnificent discovery, walking naked and unashamed — soiled Adam   for wild       powers   to roasting   effects.

Internet or World Wide Web

 Greek   to African  , the spider    of mischief , malice and  venom , an ancient    origin of   creation .   Their own inventive worlds   the Internet or World Web evoke the inter-connectivity of a   mesh

This   tells of father’s skill with dyeing, in the art of conquest earned betrayal linking the angered goddess that was unblemished, but exasperated by the tapestry,  retained roots in the challenge between important figures and  seals with crest  .

An Islamic oral tradition holds that during the Hijra, the journey  from Mecca to Medina, the Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr were being pursued by Quraysh soldiers, and they decided to take refuge in the Cave of Thawr. The account goes on to say that Allah commanded a spider to weave a web across the opening of the cave. After seeing the spider’s web, the Quraysh pass the cave by, since the Prophet’s entry to the cave would have broken the web. Since then, it has been held in many Muslim traditions that a spider is, if not holy, then it is at least to be esteemed.

A similar story occurs in the Jewish tradition, where it is David who is being chased by King Saul  hides in a cave, and Saul and his men do not worry to search the cave because while David was hiding inside, a spider had spun a web over the mouth of the cave

The Century represented a spider unsure of the legend’s truth and proposes that it is a series of version   that   taking refuge in a cave   witnesses a continuously   perseverance   eventually succeeds, demonstrating that, “hope and perseverance,   came out of hiding and eventually won

A modern   young woman who found   contaminated   attack in the South   is supposed to   share some exclusivity with the   version of the unaltered

In the Vedic philosophy of   crucial reality   the veils of illusion Indra, is Śakra in Buddhism,. Indra’s net is   intimately associated as a web, and at every knot   is tied. Everything that exists, or has ever continue living,   can be thought as   Indian philosophy— a   net. Not only is   pearl tied, but on the surface    survive   Indra

The millennia was the Buddhist trap in a cave and bound by transformation of Rings strike to  confine a deity, and as a embodiment used them in stories described as real including webs respire new days into the”spider”