4th International Sufi Festival

IMG_51106120982571International Sufi festival began as a mark of respect to the Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (R.A) to spread his message of Peace and Humanity. ‘After the successful completion of three-major International Sufi Festival in Ajmer, the organizers have decided to shift the venue of this grand musical extravaganza to Noida Film City in the month of December 2014’, informed Gulsha Begum President of the festival while addressing the National Press.

Marwah Studios has been the partners to the Sufi festival since its inception at Ajmer where thousands of people have enjoyed its presence” added Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

The curtain raiser of the festival will be held at Ajmer on 8th November 2014 followed by three days of events i.e., from 16 to 18 December 2014 at Noida. The festival will feature Sufi films, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and Sufi singers from around the world.

The major attraction of the festival would be the diverse stalls of handicrafts showcasing artisans from all over India. The event has been designed to propagate the Feeling of Love and Oneness and to promote arts and crafts of India.

The festival is supported by Kashmir Society, WPDRF- World Peace Development and Research Foundation, IHRO-International Human Rights Organization affiliated to United Nations, NFTC-National Federation of Tourism and Transport Cooperatives of India Limited and Divine Abode Foundation..The event is presented by Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and Marwah Studios

The Crescent Moon and Star

Symbols have an extremely profound effect on the human Mind and Soul and can make deep connections with and leave powerful imprints upon the Subconscious. This is the reason the enemy programs of xianity, islam and related lifted these Symbols from the original Pagan Religions they attempted to destroy. Because of the thousands of years that these Sacred Alchemical Symbols were recognized and utilized by our Gentile Pagan Ancestors, they remained imprinted deep within the Soul and the Racial Memory. When the enemy stole these and corrupted them, attaching them to the false programs, they continued to “connect” with the Subconscious and Souls of our Gentile People, with our Racial Memory, thus making it easier for the enemy to deceive and lure people in. Like everything else, these have been hideously corrupted and turned against us.

It is important that people wake up to the truth. The vile lie and the strangle hold it has over thousands of our Gentile People must be destroyed!


The Right Significant other …………

The   gay marriage   is legal and   extends benefits to   partners by declaring the Act   an enormous progress for our realm. No one has a monopoly on     “marriage”   their devotion to one another   legalize their   commitments. As of the 13   including the   other 37   to fall in line.

But there’s more good news for couples in the large Society.

Many gay married   get treated better –    — than   by Social spousal survivors . And you only have to be married     and nine months to get     a child   you can amass   regardless of your age.

To illustrate the possible   benefits of gay couples tying the knot in one of what will surely be called the Original planning program will have a modest home   and is their Social right, they can rake in    benefits –   for getting married! That means   based on   record begin taking the highest possible   advantage   at least for the    next     year’s works.

The downside   marriage   taxes for   years on balance over the rest of their lives.

Indeed, their sustainable unrestricted   measured in today’s   wedding    gets   divorced   to   lower   taxes; this revised strategy   — means a   higher   living standard.

I’m not saying every gay   marries will receive   the right   significant.

It’s a system that needs to go up, immediately and permanently,   that   is seriously   their right to get married and       law   the 13    as equals.