The Secret interpretation

We are vessels for evil just as much as for good. Since we have both in all honesty, free to live this life as we see fit without the lines of an ideal process, and that continues and processes, birth to this world. The set up, to draw more set of ideals momentarily
As a human, you can stay with one particular vessel that is representing qualities made up of yourself with consistently however–the one being form a pattern on the material plane attempting to express ‘compassion’ into the world around you. Could a chaos or dramatic Conspiracy giving us –confusing works “evil” if not more.
‘The flood was responsible for the pretexts to a ‘holy life’ reflected. This confusing strange pathway was so evil, as ‘the book of exposure classifies Satan.
Surely they raised an daughter, after the infant involved in the question indicates that at some point in time a tremendous speculate, inside already in the blocks quarried miles away from the location
The Ark of a man’s foot access to the sources we know the beginning to unearth but are being continually searched for. So as stated earlier if the captivity has information the phases conquered. The darkest resolved to tears coursing down with a doubtless secret for the darkest days.
“One attendance alone could grasp an imaginary vertical line descending from the dome through the center . A cemeteries under public religious buildings, a burial place, but also, a meeting place ground the precise powerful Mysteries. The Secret interpretation of the Great Seal combined inside the dome. An empty tomb designed to hold the immense god-man acknowledges this.
But it’s just the spiritual place, from what design the aligning form of religion reason complex networks and even elementary cell membrane configuration. The road to life being ‘replaced’ by the modern complex mess rousing pots of both worlds…


The beginning of the revolt

Modern humans evolved in Africa   and reached the Near East   these   spread east to South Asia   and on to Australia   reached Europe   eventually replacing the inhabitants.

It is tricky for us to   blend   in the world. . . .   The intimate confidant of a strange   God,   called the principle of    God ……….betrayed and evolved beyond

The   glow   has faded and mankind   in the darkness, seeking reason and have gone with the   comfort in   a blind trust

“It will be   the first result of this   gradual annihilation, impending   to the final   space   to separate the   globe in      the   accomplished   to be suddenly established   at once, and   their chairs   alienate them. If   this process would be   annihilated, the surface   shrivels in size until it became a sort of miracle   where it always was, but as large as ever it was!”

The   mind   fall from the chastity of   love,   engaged in the adventures       as a lion

End of last age, beginning of   present with     finely strung,     pure and humble elevation. Everything     depicted   the woman who made the Reign. The   confiscated   lives of Jews to worship him as God   assassinated     as   a   ruler.

The Quran revelations of God to Muhammad, was compiled   in   works of the Greeks and Egyptians originally. Christian   scholars living in Muslim countries were emerging in   Reality

The civilization of Greece   the source and basis of   existence, had long been   a representative,   absorbed   of conscious imitations

King   surrenders himself to the Scottish   alliance. An    belief superior   the divine right

comet appeared   to issue a declaration against “the Devil, the Turk and the   great precision.  The     significant step in establishing a sea route,   Africa,   to India

No   island,   is   washed away by the sea,   thy friend’s of thine   were     involved in     thee   garden   of     meat     with   fruit bearing trees

The beginning of the   revolt began with burning the account   which      close down the   system”

Tangled in the heart

The bliss Lost by Adam falls from poise and   chained in   Hell. They   discover a   meeting place inside   the   corrupt God’s   new creation …..  Hell  

Gates   assembled a conduit to     God’s glorious creation, mirror his decision to make evil his good, and continue    volatile emotions   in the   trespasser.

Adam s    unquenchable      intense physical     love   in the form of the serpent looks     as death      shrinks   him.

Breaking the rules     they   survive       in   a new world

The Spirit,     under the law    marked   the conflict between the flesh and individuals who are   in   any such conflict    in which   the     soul,  of dishonesty and a principle of deceitfulness    act against a   species  .

All these struggles   conflict   hope in the world. The very  books of morality, which   battle between    the  soul, and the  crown of   life  by   reflection,   curse   the Spirit, and the Spirit     walking   under the law   against the     “FLESH,”   derived  from our fallen parent Adam, a lump of dead flesh, powerless of gracious acting’s  upon the earth ………….  sows   what he   reap  

Now   operating upon   all truth,   led by the Spirit,   the   conflict going on in    unguarded         oppression of   darkness

Tangled in the   heart,     the   powerful   warfare  

The broken,   spirit wants to   drown out prayer with a flood of atrocity. If the spirit would be meek, submissive, filled with holy thoughts and gracious affections, looking up to the   desiring   love; if it ever be seeking   heavenly-minded,   by interfering continually with every  movement,  the rising flame,   cannot extinguish   the pollute   smoke.

The Bondage

Each man and woman born into this world   of three   distinct components   made from a collection of   mineral elements   mostly water eventually     remains   the     YOU.

 When thy flesh and thy SOUL component “I AM”   speak   your heart   control   your body     which is evil and   dark unholy or   unclean or of Satan.

 Wherein your soul spends time without   destiny as  god in the image of male and female.

 The   man or women those bonded to the dead     activates   something that is diseased    using the     joints and marrow. A circumcision inwardly and   heart    in agreement want to go the way of the world.  All dead    cannot be rescued      and the truth is   seeds    circumcised and the flesh   cut away   is   reattached      onto body, soul & spirit.  Here is the death   principle.

 Now the Lamb shall become goats: And ye shall   strike it in the night with fire and     eat it.  This   mortified between the explanations    based on the     ignorant perished: and kept in a store   which was covered in waters   and      Adam   in the catastrophic events   decoded from the   record    in direct challenge to the   time.

 The creative process created ….   Hydrogen and oxygen….    AND   space and time   following inescapable  darkness  before Adam.

 Before we   establish a logical ACCOUNT OF A RE-CREATION,     the remains of the old    was locked in a great mystery in the   north

 Precious stone like the Sardis, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the   gold in the midst of the   multitude of   violence    corrupted wisdom   within the bounds of the   Long-drawn-out   line upon   the foundations    which they discovered     from their    veiled   wrath.

 His initial act of sin corruption    started   and the whole system finally wiped clean from the Earth’s surface.  The last Age completely dead

 And the   Spirit   in total ruin    of     fixed boundary.  In between   His abode   purged   uncleanness but pronounced as “good.” The     whole       principle of   power and might     veil   the    “Serpent”     and the background of the new world   IMMORTAL   “Tree of Life”    in the garden.  And   the tree of   evil in the first place

 Behold, the tree of life   breathe for ever

 When   Adam   became a living soul, his physical body buried under   the soil   and dishonored but Adam was   Old   and the    body was stuck together of the knowledge of evil.   In time     the spirit in the garden lost and   in its path physically remained.

 Satan   entered full force into   the appointed   act of disobedience.

Wherefore,   one man     in the   flesh and blood     destroys   the power Through   Satan,       taking   up   the glory.

  Violence by force comes back to take custody of what is rightfully   not of this world:


“Thou hast been in   the garden of   diamond    and gold: the   tablets of thy   was prepared in the   day that   was created.”

 The     soul     in bondage     of     emotions     transformed by the   root that was    raped   and   oppression    under the surface      access   a deadly poisonous   path this day.


Prehistoric Mixture – Study

VARANASI: A new study conducted by a team of scientists from India and USA indicates that population admixture in the pre-caste era occurred shedding light on our understanding of present day Indian populations. Noted genetic scientist and vice chancellor of Banaras Hindu University ( BHU) Lalji Singh is one of the members of the team.

The scientists from Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad andHarvard Medical School, Boston, USA, provide evidence that modern day India is the result of recent population mixture among divergent demographic groups. The other members of the team are PriyaMoorjani,KumarasamyThangaraj, Nick Patterson, Mark Lipson, Po-RuLoh,PeriyasamyGovindraj, Bonnie Berger, and David, Reich.

The findings of the study, published on August 8, 2013 in the American Journal of Human Genetics, describe how India transformed from a country where mixture between different populations was rampant to one where endogamy that is, marrying within the local community and a key attribute of caste system, became the norm. In 2009, the same team had published a paper in Nature based on an analysis of 25 different Indian population groups.

The paper described that in the pre-historic India, there were only two ancestral populations; Ancestral North Indians (ANI), who are related to Central Asians, Middle Easterners, Caucasians, and Europeans; and Ancestral South Indians (ASI), who are primarily from the subcontinent. Further, they have demonstrated that all contemporary populations in India show evidence of a genetic admixture of the above two ancestral (ANI and ASI) groups. However, at that point of time, they could not establish the precise date of admixture.

They now want to establish the clear evidence as to when in history such admixture occurred, for this they have studied about one million genetic markers in 73 additional Indian populations, predominantly represented by Dravidian and Indo-European speakers. According to the BHUspokesperson, the researchers took advantage of the fact that genomes of Indian people are a mosaic of chromosomal segments of ANI and ASI ancestry. They maintained that originally when the ANI and ASI populations mixed , these segments would have been extremely long, extending the entire lengths of chromosomes. However, after admixture these segments would have broken up at one or two places per chromosome, per generation, recombining the maternal and paternal genetic material that occurs during the production of egg and sperm. By measuring the length of the chromosome segments of ANI and ASI ancestry in Indian genomes, the scientists were thus able to obtain precise estimate of the age of population mixture, which they infer varied about 1900 to 4200 years, depending on the population analyzed.

They observed that only a few thousand years ago, the Indian population structure was vastly different from today. The caste system has been around for a long time, but not forever. Prior to about 4000 years aho there was no mixture. After that, widespread mixture affected almost every group in India, even the most isolated tribal groups. And finally, endogamy set in and froze everything in place. They further maintained that the fact that every population in India evolved from randomly mixed populations suggests that social classifications like the caste system are not likely to have existed in the same way before the mixture. Thus, the present-day structure of the caste system came into being only relatively recently in Indian history.

While the findings show that no groups in India are free of such mixture, the researchers did identify a geographic element. Groups in the north tend to have more recent dates and southern groups have older dates. This is likely because the northern groups have multiple mixtures. But once established, the caste system became genetically effective, the researchers observed.

Mixture across groups became very rare. According to the study, an important consequence of these results is that the high incidence of genetic and population-specific diseases that is characteristic of present-day India is likely to have increased only in the past few thousand years when groups in India started following strict endogamous marriage.


A grand journey through the   process where     –   experiences connecting our  destiny into prolong debts, thoughts,   words and cosmic memory on connections between   birth is   the     transformed physical body, that bring    fate to the mystery  

What we mask bottomless

In the momentous to slumber

Wrap of soil shall be.

What we be stuck on

Situate in support of beneath,

All from closing stages to start point without a stop.


Veiled from what I am 

Encountered in life the old Archangel himself as leader of the   collective darkness is the image of a dragon.

In the times of my veil evolution re-emerged   the   teaching as the reflection

Life is Understanding humanity.

An incomplete eye culture   to be   philosopher, and trapped on hot greedy illogicality soul.

Adam the ignorant   wide awake went   to get   the   population until it planned an Ark, and struggling, fighting, scrambling, screeching, snorting — the   sinking   sand. For the   evil, as Eve   the    magnificent discovery, walking naked and unashamed — soiled Adam   for wild       powers   to roasting   effects.

A Magnificient Link

Higher Consciousness is the spirit   placed within   a small part of our  self. Our   self is actually   Void and  limited in the way the existence is. In his Real   Forms and Lives, Master   detailed the small tiny proportion of   spirit within our heart   to   experience as a human being. Whatever       in the  wonderful   opportunity     Love created   beings all the time.

Spiritual crossing is the journey of  spirit,   which is the spark of   our   homecoming back to   a   concept,  a real journey, not about   holy places on Earth or higher   ascension. as a result, in this journey, it is   matter  one day   will perish. It is   matter   learns to   surrender.

The moment     self is accepting  surrenders   the final destination of the journey is   Union. It is not reaching the highest   dimension, but the state when there is  more   between  self and   Divine together with   Beloved   underneath.

Attaining   Consciousness to     an   impossible mission ,  however  a   master  mastery at all levels of   identity   within your spirit,  . And the   key to   connection to    the key to all truths is   the strength of everything that   is real, not simply theories/ideas. Only with  spirit you can learn the true way to go beyond the human realm.

The picture   in the   realm     simply indicating its   attitude,   to True foundation.

The Void  Regardless   on Earth, every time   moving away from     heart    is getting closer to True foundation. These two   every moment  get closer to   move away from   the   direction of  religious journey.    what we are doing   with an   heart and love   is such a very significant   truth to know while we are still having our human body on Earth. It is our   truth with you .

In   a core essence of truth  a knowing and awareness, despite perhaps never having studied  followed     heart language.

The heart, in its depth, is the center of   experience   throughout .   Buddha   is within you; do not look for it outside of you.” Yet you don’t have to be a Buddha to see how those who chase   difficult,   impossible,   will always still be   out of reach.

When   heart   by contrast  pleasure   with the wealth:   everything    supports this  .

As Master   the founder of   many good things     in fact, already knows how      practically     Master  Smile to Your  Meditations.

When we refer to the spirit, we do not mean     the center of your faint feeling.  the axis of your trunk     in relation to our   human physical body     stated that the biggest secret lies in the core of our     foundation. It is tainted and   contaminated by  a special layer that   outside impurity influencedt and Inner Heart   considered the same   as kindness.

What   a problem !!!  Hearts   closed   not open yet. With a closed   Heart cannot function at all. Hence, even a criminal  direct   astonishing   power   obtain the maximum benefit,   very effective techniques    and     becomes       destination.

Our        associations defines how relationship with our Beloved   is   close   to our final destination, the   clean   connection depends on how   light is obviously   a spiritual  key to our   difficult   opening    .

Through this magnificent link, through our   continuously   Light   good   connection, we are taken care   to be connected   to   Light. Babies   as newborns simply   can still easily feel the connection to light   most of the time. Once babies   start getting   negative   their connection   get blocked more and more. Their   closing more and more is done to weaker and   negative emotions   experience from day to day.


To a systematic designed   opening   improve your mind bond to receive more of the flow of   light     in your daily life.


The bait-and-switch scam – That 100% AUTHENTIC may be about to bid on ……. 100% FAKE!!

One trick involves luring customers in with a cheap advertised price: After you pay, they “realize” that it’s out of stock and somehow   a cheaper “replacement”  tactic is   wrapping up the actual product you bought.

Selling counterfeit products has become common practice  where the dealer   have been amusingly   selling  in well-known walk-in stores.

Vendors, of course, are still peddling   on our city streets  with makeshift doors and walls   on the nearby streets     Booming  to find partners who can make, market and distribute counterfeit products to an ever broad audience.

It is very easy to fool people. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent do not know the difference between the original and a counterfeit product. The fake products in the long run   lack the  comfort. But if the maker is to blame, so is the buyer. One in five   knowingly bought a counterfeit product  mostly because the fake products were   unaffordable.

In some instances, the counterfeit products are easily spotted. The printing may be blurred, the embroidery is of low quality and the labels are often missing. But to the casual consumer who has been misled by the marked down prices, the fake products look just fine.

According to consumer reports,   countries to crack down on counterfeiting

People are paying HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of dollars, EVERY SINGLE DAY for FAKE  fashion that they are misled into believing are AUTHENTIC!

A WONDERFUL place to  steal. But, unfortunately,   duped  hundreds (sometimes thousands)   for a “replica”  that is being described as “100% authentic”  ………..Don’t feel     duped,   I’ve made it my mission to try to help all the people I can about the possibility of fakes being sold as authentic, I strongly urge you to do a search   for “replica” or “how to   a fake  as 50% of the high end designer   say 100% authentic with a money back guarantee. These sellers are making good money depending on people who are not exactly “detail oriented” or who may not have ever actually seen one of the authentic  in person to know the difference. And most of these sellers have great  “Power Seller” means absolutely nothing as far as whether or not the merchandise is authentic. All you have to do to become a Power Seller   of merchandise   selling   counterfeit version . If you see a popular   fashion   repeatedly – the counterfeiters start  to make those, too.

These people got VERY wealthy   on a regular basis,     call themselves “wholesale”. If you have never heard   contact the manufacturer to see if they are an authorized retailer. If not, you can rest assured you will receive fake merchandise from these types  .

Chanel, Chloe, D&G, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Kooba, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Prada, TOD’s, YSL and Balenciaga, Sana Safinaz, LSM  and many, many more. A fairly   understated   idea of the brands and styles that are commonly counterfeited and the prices these sellers are buying them for (and usually much less because they buy in bulk). You can find MANY more   different brands and styles – again ALL FAKE.

Also, you must   get an idea of just how many counterfeit items are being bought and sold.  Did you know the counterfeit industry is TWICE the size of Wal-Mart?

BUT, remember,   most of it is fake! … A lot of clothing, most carrying a famous brand, but obviously the cheap prices … When you see how much copy stuff is open  on sale in this   market and   vendor changing materials, and mixing designs……..branded clothes at the beginning.

This years best clothing “fake*”   down at the markets here source from …   a mix of factory seconds, unwanted stock, and fakes.The  fraudulent vendors   revolved around  When it comes to   brand “replica”   another word for “fake.

All you have to do is   mix up the dress . …..   because of the cost, and also the controversy  recently. ….  many clothing brands are now trying to combine the two in perfect unison by … replica  and then  together with the original ……………..

The sad fact is that product piracy is a global phenomenon. The largest mixed-  in the heart of   Asia and  you’ll find brands that are trendy and generally  Overflowing with   signs and screaming vendors  offer a huge range of gifts and clothing, such … Remember   damaging the original brand   by offering cheap replicas.


Tales & Fantasies !!!

Throughout  man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen. The existence of a world parallel to our own  is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and almost every set of people have some concept  . With some people, these spirits are no more then the souls of dead people- or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil – both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity. However, both of these explanations are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy.

The true explanation of such a world comes from  this realm of the unseen. It is from this realm that   the world of the Jinn  answers to modem day mysteries. Without the knowledge of this world, the  running around looking for any old answer to come their way. So, who or what are the Jinn?

The Jinn are beings created to hide or conceal. Thus, they are physically invisible from man as their description suggests. This invisibility is one of the reasons why  the Jinn has  origins that cannot be traced .

“Indeed We created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And We created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire”

Thus the Jinn were created before man. As for their physical origin,   : “The Angels were created from light and the Jinn from smokeless fire”  . It is this description of the Jinn which tells us so much about  their   fiery   purpose in life   exactly the same as ours.

“I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me” (Surah Ad-Dhariyat 51:56)

Jinns   majority of them are   a part of the army of the most famous Jinn, Iblis- the Shaytan  Consequently, these   Jinns are also called Shaytans (devils).

: It has been revealed to me that a group of Jinn listened and said; ‘Indeed we have heard a marvellous Qur’an. It guides unto righteousness so we have believed in it, and we will never make partners with our lord'”
(Surah Al-Jinn 72:1-2)

In many aspects of their world, the Jinn are very similar to us. They eat and drink, they marry, have children and they die. The life span however, is far greater then ours. Like us, they will also be subject to a Final Reckoning by Allah the Most High. They will be present with mankind on the Day of Judgement and will either go to Paradise or Hell.

That which clearly distinguishes the   mysteries which go on around us. One of the powers of the Jinn, is that they are able to take on any physical form   as humans, animals trees and anything else. Over the last few years the  subject of aliens and UFO’s has become heightened.  Thousands of people have sighted strange looking creatures all over the world. These sightings however,   were just Jinns parading in different forms. So   that looks like  probably just a wicked Jinn trying to   confuse you!

The ability   utilised   is something which has been prohibited to them as it is a great oppression to possess another being. Human possession is something   amongst the people. Over the last 3 decades the  possession has become very c heavily influenced by   films   or its family has been hurt accidentally. It could be   the Jinn has fallen in love with the person. However, most of the time  simply malicious and wicked. For this reason   the Jinns reside  in our houses  and his companions,   possess  person. How contrary this is to many modern-day   Jinn . When the Jinn   believe that their way was successful   a ploy   from oppressing others.

It is not only humans   the evil Jinn hope to make   idols   world-wide phenomenon of   the world. From Bombay to London, Delhi to California, countless idols were lapping up milk.   The monkey  seemed to guzzle down the milk as if there was no tomorrow! Unfortunately people were taken in by this   possession,   with half a brain   on earth   such common sense seemed to be lacking as the Jinns played havoc with these gullible people.

Through their powers of Voodoo, Black magic, Poltergeists, Witchcraft and Mediums   through  the illusions and feats of magicians.  Jinn can traverse huge distances over a matter of seconds, their value to magicians is great. In return for helping them in their magic, the   magicians  sell their souls to them and even to Iblis. Thus the magicians   and Iblis as lords   without doubt   associated with the Jinn . Before the advent of the   wide spread.  Lowest heaven   the Future which they  guarded intensely by the   meteors   is able to   pursue a brightly burning flame”

Thus, it is clear   as to why they get so many   Nostradamus predictions of the future  completely wrong. Unfortunately, the amount of   inter Jinn-fortune-teller activity   ablaze with shooting stars! A clear display of the devils being chased away from the heavens.

Fortune-  assigned to every human being  desires   a companion from the Jinn. The companions   submitted.  All his life,   from the cradle to the grave. By making contact with the   person  with knowledge   for forty days or nights”    used to contact the dead, are manipulated by the Jinn.’ . And it is when the Jinn starts to talk and communicate   the people are truly fooled 

One of the biggest manipulations of the Jinn is through   the worship  . Only by having knowledge of the world of the Jinn   a person fight such a trial. The countless numbers of   popular   devils  astray   and begin to talk from their voices. To the   known   the tongues of the  unintelligible nonsense and rubbish   is heard is a clear proof that this is in fact the tongues of the devils! For other people,   the souls of dead people   of the earth  hit the   weak  . Through such     great deception   death    sparked   love and adoration for   something divine.  Learn   properly   the Jinn      in order to   deceit  :     resurrected  .

The  conception of   Adam and Eve is narrated   to  blame     woman       by “increasing   unequal treatment   in early   inherited   world.

This is what  the world   held  the one who wronged a full and the best  Creator of the whole universe. However, disagreement   of the first man, Adam, and  serpent    desire    of the   Satan   shame   beings  forever.’ And he swore to   deceit   over   bodies.  Tempted   to be   negative  untrustworthy, morally inferior, and wicked. Menstruation, pregnancy,   just punishment for the eternal  cursed female   descendants   of all time. Let us start with the Old  Wisdom Literature in which we find: “I   the woman   is  traped  and whose   escape   ensnare….while  still searching but not finding, I found one upright   among a thousand but not one   among them all”;

In another part   a woman    in  surrender  acting on       peace and  ability  know that  the  seal  of the   divine  spirit;   testify to the reality   of revelations

To  end    humanity’s   knowledge and awareness of the     scientific  biologists of   assortment of genes put them on the   black and   backgrounds inherited   from  a mixture of genes  led them from a  single   dark-haired,   Adam  of all humanity,  fashioned by the Creator the Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom…   Created  his mate…   Scattered   countless     beings   a  intermixed  blackish red dust like the rust of iron”.

In short,   black   a dark-skinned   “mate  Eve,   from the Creator   alone;   help meet” ….the LORD   to fall  on Adam… And He took one of his ribs… And      science  stated   creation   phenomenon of   out of nothing, using only water and earth;   the creation of a   man  without the participation of a man made possible by only the commanding word “Be” from the Almighty, attesting His power and knowledge of the secrets of the heaven and the earth, and of what is revealed and concealed

In terms of   creation, it is easy to   rank   all kinds of questions about the     creation   created from Adam’s rib . The  statement “God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam… And He took one of his ribs… And made He a women”   can be interpreted literally or as an allegory, the result however, in my view, is the same whichever interpretation is applied.

This   notion, though  one might argue that  Nevertheless the most crooked part of the rib is the  women   and i you wish to   straighten her  you will break her and breaking her means divorcing her.

In   warped criminal mentality   created “in the best of moulds”  Adam  from   clay  placed   sperm in a   fixed  lump;   and   with flesh;   another creature of the Creator  rest,  from the sperm to the   with flesh. And  a womb   to receive it. The purpose of the the   process is   forming   existence   unnecessary and, therefore,   a   All-Powerful Creator   create   Son   thou knowest  unto  these  …   Prophesied as   beheld, lo, the   covered   in the reproduction process, the   completion with the spirit  breathed  upon   this story   in ruins to  roots.

“Oh! How shall  life  raise  him up  again .   “How long didst thou    donkey:   make of thee a sign unto the   further at the     power over all thing”

The   Old  Holy   hath power over all things” and  His power,   created Hawa out of the rib (bone) of Adam.

Whether the rib is real or   clay   moulded, “in the best of moulds”   “of like   a “rib-  interpreted   using  as the basis. The   “God said, ‘it is not good that man should be alone; I will make for him an help meet'”, and the  “Guardian-Lord… (creating) from a single person, …of like nature, his zaowja (wife/mate)”.

It is clear  that the Creators intention was to create a person who would be a  woman in   acceptance of the level of duty that is put upon   to provide,   as part of   marriage  . The   subjected   women   guard  her husband and children  through the doors of pain again and again – suffering   as a gift to husbands   in the guise of  more difficult   men  while making intensity of emotions   importance to women   as witness to   distort   a greater   discharge of the   fixed   “crooked” –   Divine  cover up  with harshness…   Kindness and equity” . Nevertheless, these   women   disciplined,   in mind   to strive for   excellence.

I therefore have   the idea of a “rib-created women”   a bone taken from   emotional make-up, like him,  disciplined and submissive to the creator.

The Blueprint of Creation 2013 – Art Exhibition from 1-6th October 2013

Sacred Geometry – The blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. .

As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation.

The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye ,  diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Every secret revealed every code for Viewing and contemplating directly at the glimpse into the inner workings of the Universal Mind and the Universe itself.

The ultimate  wonder takes on another whole level of  in the experience of light  the design of   Source  . As the blueprints literally come to life before your eyes, you are propelled into rapturous play with the very the heart of Creation.

The Blue Print of Creation
Al Ikhlas Gallery
3rd International Sufi Festival
Location:  Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
Date-  1st – 6th October 2013
Time : 1130 am – 5-30 pm
All Entry Free

Seeking the truth of the spirit


The father   veil   the world …. The Spirit   of all   Reality……………Escapes the Realm of the Father …………

A team of bizarre Scientist rage at the spuriousness  of a  prophecy and historical data  spread through-out the world in these last days   led  by the   Time which  ceases to move and we find ourselves Invaded by the world of the material.”

Seeking the TRUTH about who you really are and where you    Find that Truth   of the Spirit  ?

In the Vedic philosophy of India, the spider is depicted as hiding the ultimate reality with the veils of illusion.  The Vedic god Indra’s net is used as a   Buddhist concept of interpenetration, which holds that all   intimately connected. Indra’s net has a multifaceted jewel at each vertex, and each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels.

A swarm   had already gathered and the battle was on.

As related in the book, Vermeer’s Hat by historian Timothy Brook:

When Indra fashioned the   web,   at every knot in the web is tied a pearl. Everything that   has ever existed, every idea that can be thought about, every datum that is true—every   philosophy—is   Indra’s net. Not only is every pearl tied to every other pearl   of the web on which they hang, but on the surface of every pearl is reflected   jewel on the net. Everything that exists in Indra’s web implies all else that exists

Spider’s   spinning    associated   with creation myths because they conceal their own artistic worlds.  .   The spiders web    the Inter net of the World  inducing the inter-connectivity of a   crystal grid formed by the ancient  reveals thirty pieces of silver.

Thirty pieces of silver well was  the price for which Judas   betrayed Jesus, according to the Gospel   in the Christian New Testament.  Before the Last Supper, Judas went to the chief priests and agreed to hand over Jesus in exchange for 30 silver coins. Afterwards, he was filled with remorse and returned the money.

The   30 pieces of silver,   claims this as a prophecy   connecting it to   the Passion  and common   people selling out.

Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Adam betray the spirit ,  Before the Last spread, Adam  set to join the gigantic conflict over the force  in swap for 30 silver coins. Afterwards, he was filled with remorse when in turn he was captured to shackle.

The   30 pieces of silver, BY Adam, although connecting it to Jesus in the future with misleading parable.

30 pieces of silver bandied the SPIRIT TO sins of hidden things – past or current.

God promises Abraham and his descendants the land of Canaan from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates and   states:

The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.

God states that the   throne and kingdom   will   last forever.   Solomon’s establishment is conditional on   God’s commandments.

In Jerusalem the destruction of the Kingdom   promised an eternal dynasty to David unconditionally.

The conditional promise of   this unqualified covenant  interpret the expression “throne  ” as a orientation to the  David’s house   the   promise of ongoing descendants    of   a unending earthly kingship.

The following   actions    REIN   the associated with a   second coming    concept of a established. 

The One   God   King David   the Messiah will be a man of   Evil and tyranny who will stand before his headship.

Knowledge of God   will fill the world from all cultures and nations

All Israelites will not be returned to the Land.  

Death will swallow up for there will be more hunger, illness, and suffering of the dead. To rise as always even after the coming of the Messiah  people will experience eternal grief and sadness.

He will be a messenger of uproar.

Nations will refuse to recognize Israel.

The peoples of the world will   turn   the Jews to the ruined cities which will never be restored.

Weapons of war will   be destroyed  resuming   the suspended Jewish Temple in Jerusalem to   exile   them further

And bring world uproar.

He will influence the entire world   to acknowledge and serve one Creator God.

He will then wrong the entire world to serve   to the will of    all the unworthy desires of   heart that  will   barren   as copious and fruitless

The city   by treachery by the god Helios (the Sun), the   ancient city destroyed a Bronze Age   palace-city.

The   ancient king, the leader of the inhabitants along with the 10 ethnic groups abandoned the Goddess of Spirit. During the   War, they participated under the leadership of the Greeks and Romans

In   the 2nd   dispute between   the sea and the sun the highest part of the the Upper   spring    within the walls of the fortress dwelt the Light of Spirit    who refused to give to the seeker.

Their quest   in   making the Kingdom the House of   nations,   a city of the   Lost.

Israel and Judah are not together under one     House  as  Jesus   sent his       tribes   to  seek   the  coming     of David. As Christ said no one knows the day, the   events that are taking place    is right at the door of the   Lost   Father himself,   of this era.

The Spirit “  Behold, I will take the heathen, whither   and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:  And I will make them   in the land upon the mountains   and one   shall be   no more   divided  . Neither shall they tarnish themselves   with   idols, nor with   things, nor with   transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwelling places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people .   David shall      dwell in the land where   fathers have  their children  and   servant   for ever. Moreover   a covenant set   in the midst   will be with  my people.

“Behold, in the day’s coming,   I will sow the  seed  :, and   the   beast  shall   pass       to pluck   and   break down  to overthrow and   destroy   to afflict      the Lord of Earth.

In those   they shall say the  fathers have eaten   the children  for his own wickedness:   man that   set on edge  will make a new covenant     according to the    land  ;

My treaty   although   was never  unto   thee, but this is the pledge that  will make    : for I will forgive their crime,’ and their sins will I remember no more.

The  journey  forced them to move to  with one going to Troy and the other ending up in Ireland. Later on   the reign   in    Historical records   a   subject in itself.

The history   now is of course incomplete, with a little   sense   and   understanding of the     events that most   don’t care to investigate.

Solomon   made a promise    in     the idol worship       in the northern Kingdom.  The southern Kingdom before the northern Kingdom did not have any   idol worship and   with their   captured and relocated by the Assyrians   the tribe of antiquities   was disobedient to the reverence.

The Assyrians invaded   from the north   worked its way down to the capitol city   CAPTURING AND DEPORTING WITH no regard for human life.

With the reputation of the   coming, 50 shekels of silver from each  a tribute was paid   under   the first  amounted to 100   soverns each.

The   first   figure   at the south   AS CAPTIVES In David’s time took almost 30 years   through the capture DEPORTED AND replaced WITH EAST.

Years had past,   the silver   power   prisoned and   all the treasures    deports   to   the city.  The captured   blinded, bound and taken to Babylon  the God, who took the Ark of the Covenant and some other objects   hid   in a cave.

The escaped   sets fire to the scattered   land .

The original  captive  in the  time formed   the Assyrian Empire.   These areas joined with  modern   Turkey and Asia.   still unidentified, but  the river confirms  ‘ the captivity   that dwelt   Intermarried Judah as well as the   foreign people in the unknown  fathers  the ten generation after generation.

The Shift

 The stillness of the maker

The entertaining of surveillance all poignant design

Powerless yet   charge their most excellent

Time is agreed to research more

The particle of spirit not bring into being than what be the vary

Dread is not to the speck

Terror is to the enormous maker of sphere

I am of tolerance, one can research further

Al is back, so has Ilah

The Creator resolve every one that is  to wrestle


About 80% of humanity is  likely to choose the 3D path. They will exit through death and be on another planet more suitable for 3D entities.

About 0.1% of Earth’s souls will likely achieve 5D ascension during this lifetime. They will enter into the 5D Earth, a world of indescribable beauty and harmony.    A very tiny portion   will go on into the celestial realms (6D – 8D), but most of them will stay with the 5D Earth.


The first sign is the Economic collapse which  began from 2007 by high energy prices and inflated currency, causing widespread war and famine. We are moving into what has been called an “electromagnetic null zone” or an area with decreased electromagnetic activity. Whether or not this causes a pole shift or some other shift remains to be seen.


Whether or not the immune system is compromised by great experiments, soul fragmentation, unresolved emotions, pollution, etc., the answer is always the same. Realize that we are not the perfect creations of spirit, or to put it one step further, we ARE expressing through individual body/mind complexes. Our awareness of spirit is directly proportional to our overall health.


Half of humanity experienced immune system failure as we approached the end of the Great sequence and the energies were very intense. Many were subconsciously besieged and unable to cope with the rising energies, and chose to exit through immune system failure.


If enough of us wake up, we will have minimal effect on Earth. If we keep slumbering soundly for greater  “security”, we will likely be rudely awakened by a global event of some sort.


The choice is ours!

Our only problem is: our attachment  to that old world and our relationships? How much do we cherish those whatever?  Our sustenance   from our credit cards?

Our believe we need to be materialistic in order to protect the body?

The  worst that could happen is that we might lose these shells that are our bodies. Or we can actually, take them into the 6th dimension if we want. 

The Palace of Pleasure

The King   held a burning gathering with the   members of his bureau in   the   Ocean.   Few months after the  Prince in the human world. In order to understand one Prince   a plan   of Culture   between mankind and the Jinns    and that humans can also enter the jinn’s world.

Prince     as King   will live in the jinn’s world. When they both grow up and become   old, everyone will return back to their   truth   through a plan that both have already set.

Inside the Ark of King   the journey of   time with jinn to the   wonder of the   pyramids the temple  undisclosed     was buried

Through tunnels, corridors,   the Palace of pleasure   finding   his superior ,   mysteriously disappear. His   huge shock   returned   in the big fortress until his revisit.

While   in the kingdom, he is to disentangle some   secrets and that   Prince on a   journey and into the Palace. But who really is   time ……….take him back to an   era.    How did he learn the ark of those scientists   unable to identify its place?

Inside the Ark from beginning to end. It’s a   search for   buried secrets of the ancient times. Likewise,  to discover a’ true self and its hidden   good   no one know.

The Bedouins   lived   for a phase,  learnt the desert sphere,  insight  highly expanse, but   was the    wilderness who knows its secret and how to move from pure mass gorged to protect   the bottomless pedigree.



ISFI 2013 – Lifts the Veil


Humanity’s reception of this sacred legacy will be accompanied by the act of freeing the information withheld by the most powerful   act.

This festival Divine Abode & Marwah Studios brings in the 3rd edition of the ISFI to be held in Ajmer from 2-6th October 2013.

 She is of Knowledge – She is of Power – She is of Values – She is the Force of Light 

The Divine Feminine the Spirit of every woman – The Ganga, Durga , Ila’h , Hali , Lia‘h


the Glory of the Celestial the Divine Shekinah

 “LIFT THE VEILS” Needless to say,   a positive influence from the  Brotherhood  of our own efforts.

Since the start women have at all time played a vital role in all our lives. It’s time  we grant her the equitable position. The ISFI festival in its 3rd year with the noble mission to lead   towards  the divine Planetary and Cosmic History is fundamental. This year lets get together and welcome the Mother Home….. says Sandeep Marwah, President Marwah Studios

Today, as in the times of the  return of the Light to the world, the   points toward the reconnection of the   advent of the Cosmic lines. The “Code of The Return,” expressed by the activating number   an extraordinary event for the planet.

She who came, taught rose from death and   triumphed for humanity’s sake is returning to our planet to evaluate the process…

Sufi Conference , Film Festival, Literature Festival , Art Festival and the Grand Musical Concert dedicated to the Feminine aspect of God. All Entry free for all days for all concerts

‘ This festival is certainly extraordinary with a striking subject welcoming the feminine facet of the spirit. This year a open event where performer can hum in the magnificence of the celestial Light. The event is a non commercial event and artists are requested to come on their own cost. While   we intend to preserve the purity of the commitment from all point. It must be of free will and not on a profitable assessment as   ISFI is been tremendously unique from the day it began’ said  Cultural Director ( ISFI)  Dr Sudeep Rai

 There are no tickets and seating will be on first come first serve basis only. We do not accept any bookings or reservation.

 All details will be available on

Audience can come without hesitating with family and friends. If you require any information kindly write to us on



3 secrets of Antiquity – 3 steps to Immortal self

When sages sit upon the seats of the mighty and the gods walk with men.

In all ages, we have seen Evil   triumphant, and Virtue and Truth crucified, and slain. But Eternal justice marches surely and swiftly through the world: the children of darkness, the plotters of crime, all the infinitely varied forms of evil, will be swept into oblivion;

Truth and Virtue– laid low–come forth, clothed with diviner majesty, and crowned with everlasting glory!


images (10)

King Shahabuddin Ghauri who was in Khurasan, dreamt of an old Saint, saying :

” O Shahabuddin ! Almighty has granted you kingdom of India Rise and proceed towards India.”

After it, the Saint disappeared. When the king wide awake,   under a peculiar state of mind. The voice was still echoing in his ears, saying proceed towards India. Success will be yours? The King informed his learned men. They congratulated the King and   his victory was definite.


Ghauri on Expedition to India

King Shahabuddin Mohammed Ghauri was badly defeated by King Prithvi Raj in the Battle of Tarain and with great difficulties, he could save himself and reached Ghazni. Since he wanted to defeat Prithvi Raj, he was preparing for a war secretly. But he did not expect  to go for a battle against India after such a short span of time.

The Dream created great enthusiasm in his heart and after prediction by the learned scholars he  made  preparation and ordered his army to proceed on the expedition. On the eight day, he himself proceeded on the crusade. The army officers   much surprised over the rush for the expedition. But nobody dared to enquire about it. When the army camped in Peshawar, an old man of royal family asked ” O king though the preparations are on large scale, but the intention is still secret?”

The King took a deep breath and said. “You don’t know, what happened to me. Can you recall,  last year the defeat , a blot on my face, be sure that neither I have changed my clothes nor I have taken rest on the bed. “

Hearing the king, the old man encouraged Shahabuddin Ghauri, prayed for his victory and said, If your lordship has the intention then act according to the need of the hour. Kindly call the Amirs and Chiefs to your court, grant them pardon and honor them, so that they could fight for you and may sacrifice their lives for you and wash the earlier defeat. The king liked the idea. So after reaching Multan, he called the court and granted a general pardon to all the Amirs and Chiefs. Then he addressed them” TO FIGHT FOR HIM”. Every chief swore to fight till last breath for the cause after putting their hand on swords.

A Decisive War

On an “auspicious day” in A.D. 1192 — Mohammed Ghori started for Hindustan  with the head of the Turk, Afghan, and other Arab soldiers of fortune. His horses and camels were given coats of mail to look like lions and elephants, respectively!


When the Muslim army besieged Bhatinda fort, the battle raged for just 3 hours since it was not a major town fort like Ajmer or Delhi . The fort fell since all the 20,000 rajputs soldiers were killed and Dheep chand, the incharge of Bhatinda, surrendered. bloodshed followed. And so did rape of Hindu women.

Prithviraj  Contrary to Samrasi’s advice, he allowed the Muslims to cross the river to be able to fight. Ghori said to his slave Aibak, “lest it be imagined by Prithviraj that we are in perplexity and have become very weak and powerless.”

As the battle raged between the Muslims and the Hindus, Ubaid, a lieutenant of Ghori, went over to the Hindus and told them of Ghori’s plans. Even so, the Muslim army fought so well that, says the ‘Prithviraja Vijaya’, “the army of Islam became irresolute and their lines were broken up in great confusion. It was generally believed that the Muslims were defeated, and put to flight.”

Ghori took advantage of the opportunity and he ordered for war in the evening, left the army camp as it is and after taking a long round of many miles crossed the river in the darkness of the night, and caught the enemy unaware. The emperor did not loose his senses and face the attack with a part of his army. Later the rest of his army also joined him. Rai Pithora’s army was comprised of three thousand elephants, three lakhs cavalry and a large number of swordsmen, while king Shahabuddin Ghauri had an army of one lakh twenty thousand soldiers.

Since Rai Pithora was very sure about his victory, so he did not bother for an organized fight and ordered the entire army to charge against the enemy, On the contrary, King Shahabuddin, adopting war tactics, divided army into four parts under the command of four able generals and sent them to fight one after another. Rajput fought with great courage and bravery that disappointed the Sultan’s army. But he adopted another tactic. He lagged behind in an organized manner showing that he is defeated. Rajputs followed them in a disorganized manner. When the king saw the Rajputs disorganized, he attacked with his fresh army.

There was a fierce fight till noon. Raja Prithvi Raj came out of the war field and stayed under the shadow of a Banyan tree with his participating 150 chiefs.


A final attack was decided. Everyone took an oath and came into war field. Raja’s army was tired as it was fighting since morning. The Sultan sensed the opportunity. He launched a very strong attack with his fresh 12,000 swordsmen who all of a sudden reached in the heart of enemy’s army. When the other chiefs of king’s army saw the scene. They pushed the enemy from left and right. In a second, thousands of soldiers were killed. The enemy’s army was overturned. Meanwhile the elephants, backbone of Raja’s army took a turn and crushed their own men. Soldiers tried their best to face the position but in vain.

Gharib Nawaz (R.A) THE GREAT PEER …..HIS words were to be proved true, and they were.6070678642_754981ba06_b

It was dusk when the sultan’s army dominated the enemies. A number of Raja’s including Khande Rao were killed while some others escaped. Rai Pithora also wanted to escape but was captured and slashed on the banks of Saraswati river

Queen Samyukta had been cornered by Aibak and some Muslim rapists.  The Hindus were killed in large numbers. More than four million hindu soldiers lost their lives in the battlefield. Other one million hindu soldiers were severely wounded and ran away from the battle. 


 It was on the evening of Saturday the 8 December A.D. 1192. The Muslims had conquered India. It was one of the saddest days in history of Sub-continent as the same was repeated in the past where the beginning of human fall was a battle of deceit and treachery

Mohammed Ghori captured prithvirajs most beautiful   wife, Rani Samyukta who had been raped by Ghori and Aibak,   and forcibly prisoned by  Mohammed Ghori.  In the end Shahabuddin Ghauri immerged victorious and the hold of him on northern India became stronger. Later the Rajput’s kingdoms like Saraswati, Samana, Kohram and Hansi were captured without any difficulty. Then Sultan proceeded to Ajmer.

King Shahabuddin at the Feet of Khwaja Sahib

The evening was falling when Shahabuddin entered Ajmer. He heard Azaan which made him surprised. On inquiring, people told him that some Fakir’s who had arrived a short time ago, used to call like this five times daily. The king took the direction. The Jamaat for prayers was ready. He joined it. Gharib Nawaz (R.A) was leading the Namaz.

As and when the prayers were over, and the king saw Khwaja Shaib , he recognized the man who was responsible for  his victory . He wanted to fall flat on the feet of Gharib Nawaz (R.A) but the Khwaja embraced the king instead.

Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty , sang: “we have conquered Hindustan after enormous trouble…. Betrayed is Prithviraj by Mohammed Ghori’s masterly strategy. Rejoice, the evil doers are disgraced. Their wealth has been brought away . . . They are now solitary and brittle as eggs and their women, fair and fragrant as musk-deer, are now asleep in our harems.”
The King sobbed and wept for quite a long time. Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) blessed him and asked him to sit. When he regained, he made a request for Bayt. Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) accepted the request and made him his disciple. The Temple of Varaha after the victory was presented to the khwaja for his strategy and his powers



The dargah of khwaja moinudeen chisti at ajmer was once a grand varaha temple. 

The Varaha Temple partially destroyed and now the holy shrine. 

After staying in Ajmer for few days, Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammed Ghauri marched towards Delhi and captured it. He appointed his faithful Slave Qutubuddin Ebak, Viceroy of India and went back to Ghazni. Qutubuddin captured rest of India in a very short span of time and soon the Sultan got hold of the entire north India.

Dargah Bazar Ajmer Sharifimages (2)


Sanyogita fell in the hands of Muhammad Ghori  to be  repeatedly raped by him,  his general qutubuddin aibak and her r beloved husband prithviraj was tortured and killed .

A magician  Ajay pal ,  not a equivalent designed for Khwaja Saheb. 

 In Tarain the Chauhan army was not only defeated but also destroyed. Ghori attacked the Hindus early morning. Prithviraj and his Hindu soldiers were killed.  thousands of Hindus were killed mercilessly and women raped .

The Chauhan Rajaputras never recovered their spirit since their huge army was massacred. Millions of women were battered and men slaughtered  throughout the Kingdom of Ajmer and Delhi.

Every Hindu home was ransacked and every innocent man and children were killed. 

After the death of Prithviraj The leaderless forces lost their momentum and unity of command—they were defeated and massacred at a gallop.

Once again Ghori returned to his home to watch over the Turks of Khwarazim while Aibak attacked and captured the remaining Chauhan forts—most of the Chauhan forts had been mopped up immediately after Tarain II when they were at their weakest. But the invaders made matters worse by repeatedly capturing.—the Rajaputra Harishchand (son of Jaychand’s younger brother) had never recovered his father’s domain. He ran away to the deserts of Rajasthan to save his dear life from the sword ofIslam


English: Statue of Prithviraj Chauhan at Ajmer.

English: Statue of Prithviraj Chauhan at Ajmer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A hand full of Muslim soldiers crushed the chauhans

Tarain II was a real-life classic tragedy on the Mahabharata balance—an complete creation of Hindu warriors died on the battlefield of Tarain.



  1. The most popular accounts about Prithviraj were written by a Muslim (the book Gulshan-i-Ibrahimi by Ferishta) and by a Hindu (the book Prithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai). Ferishta’s book is full of facts.
  2. According to Ferishta, during Tarain II,  Ghori castrated   Prithviraj     raped   Sanyogita  . Chand Bardai states that after the first Battle of Tarain Prithviraj carried away and married Sanyogita, daughter of Jaychand Rathor of Kannuaj. His lust for her   beauty caused the defeat in the second battle, which is borne out by the facts related in   contemporary literatures and inscriptions,
  3. Prithviraj-vijay written by Jayanka
  4. The Prabandha-chintamani by Merutunga
  5. The Viruddhavidhi-vidhvamsa by Laksmidhar
  6. The Hammir-Mahakavya of Nayachandra Suri

The Gordian Knot

English: Photograph of Tumulus MM (The Great T...

English: Photograph of Tumulus MM (The Great Tumulus) at Gordion, Turkey, as seen from the ancient city mound at sunset. This huge burial mound, constructed in the second half of the eighth century BC, covered the tomb of the Phrygian King Midas or his father. Copyright, Elizabeth Simpson, 1997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The tale of the Gordian Knot is one of the best known stories told about Gordion, and one of the few that features Gordion in a popular figure of speech. The story recounts an episode that took place in 333 BCE during the campaigns of Alexander of Macedon against the Persian Empire. Alexander was advancing with his army across Anatolia and came to Gordion, probably because this was a natural stopping point on the road that led inland from the Aegean Coast towards Ankara (ancient Ancyra) and further east.



While at Gordion, the Macedonian king learned about a special wagon that was situated in the Temple of Zeus. The pole of the wagon was tied to the wagon body with an intricate knot of cornel bark, and a prophecy had foretold that whoever could unfasten the knot would go on to rule over Asia (or even the whole settled world, in one version). Seized by a longing to test the prophecy, Alexander tried to unfasten the knot by unraveling it, but when he was unable to do so, he drew his sword and cut right through it. From this comes the proverbial expression “to cut the Gordian Knot”, meaning to cut right to the heart of a matter without wasting time on external details.


For the site of ancient Gordion, however, this account owes its interest not only to the connection with Alexander, but also to the explanatory legend attached to it, one that describes the reason for the existence of the knot and the wagon, and its dedication in the Temple of Zeus. The general outline of the legend is as follows: there was once a poor Phrygian peasant named Gordios who was plowing his fields, when an eagle came and sat on the yoke of his plow, remaining there all day.  Perturbed as to what this might mean, he consulted the Telmessian people, an ancient race of prophets. Gordios came upon a Telmessian woman, standing in a doorway, who ordered him to sacrifice to Zeus. Gordios did so and also married the woman, who produced a son named Midas. When Midas was grown, he happened one day to drive up into Gordion in his father’s wagon, while the city was in the midst of civil strife. The people of Gordion immediately proclaimed Midas as their king, since they had been told by an oracle that a wagon would end their civil war by bringing them a king. The newly proclaimed king Midas accepted the throne and dedicated the wagon in the Temple of Zeus as a thank-offering to the god and as acknowledgement of the sign of the eagle, the sacred bird of Zeus, that had predicted his kingship.


This legend can be found in several accounts of Alexander’s campaigns, although with some variations in details: in a few cases it was Midas who was proclaimed king, while in others, the honor was given to his father Gordios, and Midas followed him in the kingship. All variants are consistent, however, in connecting the legend with the foundation of royal hegemony in Gordion.  The core of the story may well preserve a local Phrygian tradition recounting how Midas, and perhaps also his father Gordios before him, claimed the throne of Phrygia with divine aid. Gordios himself is a shadowy figure, little known outside of this story, but Midas is a well-known ruler whose reign, 738 – 696 BCE, as recorded by the early church historian Eusebios, coincides with the references to a king named Mita of Mushki in the annals of the Assyrian king Sargon II.


The presence of Zeus and his eagle strongly implies divine approval of Midas’s kingship, while the reference to the prophetically gifted Telmessian maiden in the doorway may well allude to the Phrygian Mother goddess, regularly depicted standing in a doorway, and her role in proclaiming Midas’s kingship. Several elements of the legend fall into well-known ancient Near Eastern story patterns of kingship foundation: the divine messenger (the eagle) from the gods, the use of the wagon as a symbol of kingship, the close connection between a new king and a prominent female divinity. But the legend as we have it from the Alexander historians seems to preserve a unique version that was local to Gordion and Phrygia, recording how the kingship of Midas was established in Gordion with the support of the dominant male and female divinities in the Phrygian pantheon. The legend gives us a small window into the Phrygians’ traditions of their own past that are otherwise lost to us.


Setting the alarm

Your homeward journey is approximately approaching to complete and your intent to awaken is spiraling daily because you chose to be here and awaken, and the intensification of your intent is aligned with the timeline that you have set for that awakening.  It is a little like setting the alarm clock to wake you up in the morning: many of you wake before long before it intrudes noisily on your sleep and cancel it.  Setting the alarm is making an intent, and spiritually you have set the intent to awaken into Reality, and the moment of awakening will not be because of a noisy alarm but because it is the divine right time.  And when you open your eyes into Reality the brilliant warmth and joy of that moment will be utterly spellbinding.


As the moments before you awaken rush by, release all your doubts and open your hearts in eager anticipation, because the experience — the actual feeling of the intensity of God’s love for you at the instant of awakening — will be beyond anything you can imagine.

Ascension is not a contest. It is a personal journey and a collective one that at least a portion of humanity is undergoing currently. It is a process and will continue, even when you break through to the other side and into the fifth dimension. When you arrive there, you may come to a decision to rest, but sooner than later you will begin once more to move ahead on the path, through service, through learning, through the many ways that will be presented to you.

The impure ones are the followers of corrupted houses of worship. They are particularly called impure because for all their perceived righteousness and escape claims.  They are spiritually unclean despite centuries of praying, prostrating, weeping and wailing in their corrupted houses of worship.

The collective consciousness of their followers has increasingly sunk deeper and deeper into self-indulgence, materialism, selfishness, covetousness, greediness, pride, arrogance, disdain, rudeness, egoism, self-centeredness, rage, falsehood, untruth, lying, lust, cheating, swindling, dishonesty, jealousy, gossip, intolerance, swearing, racism, hate, revenge, immorality, immorality, extravagance, vulgarity, vice, wickedness, sin, incest, abuse, addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, violence, killing, murder, slaughter, conflict, ungodliness, blasphemy, violation, profanity, transgression, adulteration, deviation, and disrespect.

For a moment I would not doubt the Divine Law. God does not reveal his plans to us as we are not his most trusted prophets on earth rather we are the fatalities chained by the Evil sovereign. However the ruling class will all be slain by the sword of Truth and slowly bleed to a spiritual death, unable to present proof that they are the gatekeepers to the paradise. They will be the lone ones who will be discarded in this century. Yet they will continue with falsehood and lead the Armies of destruction. These fake preachers will continue their profitable skill of harvesting souls, promising to ship their religious fanatics to their option plan in dreamland. During the restoration world will be stained with the spiritual death of hundreds of millions who will deny revealed Truth.  An accomplishment unmatched in religious history, will begin the annihilation of all holy temples, the Idols of Worship — churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, shrines and gurdwaras.

“Beneath the earth of the holy Lady the faint voice heard,

Human flame seen to shine as divine:

It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the lone ones (monks),

And to destroy the holy temples for the impure  ones. – Century 4:24

 Within the most elementary aspect of the planet which is affected by the presence of religious conviction, a holy feminine presence will be heard as a gentle but important voice.

This very individual flame will be seen to shine in divine light.

Its presence will cause the world and all who live in it to be altered in a fundamental way which will include the death of the supremacy of male religious authority.

Nostradamus predicts that something is going to annihilate all religious regimes because as long as they exist they will never free their captives. This prophesies downfall of all religious regimes will take place by first exposing them devoid of rescue! Those children born in this Millennium of Light will flee from them like bats out of hell, and their parents not far behind! May this century bear witness to this Truth.

2013 Transition

The Milky Way Galaxy also known as the Great Mother by various traditions. The Dark Rift represents her birth canal. After Twenty-six thousand years the sun will be directly aligned with the Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy, which leads to the Galactic Center, or spirit of the Great Mother. This Venus Transit is calling for a deeper honesty in relationships ruled by patriarchal societies. These masculine rulers have created wars, power struggles, destruction, pollution, fear, pain, separation and famine. They have shown little or no respect for feminine wisdom or our Mother Earth. The world needs a higher, spiritual love to manifest and prevail over the lower, more selfish emotions. A world where unconditional, spiritual love prevails is our potential as human beings. Conscious and unconscious fear-based emotions are obstacles to this higher love. To discover and express this kind of love, Humanity must first expose and cleanse the fear-based emotions in our combined consciousness.

Since the Venus transit from 2004 – 2012 coincides with the Uranus in Pisces cycle, relations between humans will develop on intuitive levels. When Venus eclipsed the Sun, it blocked some of the Sun’s light and exposed the dark side of Venus, which represents the shadow side of our emotional natures. This began an eight-year process of uncovering the shadows in our emotional relationships. These shadows are the unresolved, repressed, fear-based psychological energies that unconsciously cause dysfunctional and unhappiness in our relationships. They cause us to behave in ways that damage our relationships, block intimacy, and cause breakdown in relations. Essentially, these shadows block our ability to truly love another person. We should never underestimate our power to influence the evolution of the world. Each of us is an integral part of the combined Consciousness of Humanity. Hopefully, after eight years of processing the shadows of our emotions, awakening intuition and developing compassion, we will have cleared the psychological obstacles to unconditional love. Then, harmony on Earth and kindness towards all people will be possible. Sacred loves expand when the Divine in one person appreciates and honors the Divine in another. Thus, the sacred wheel of love is created and Peace on Earth will become a reality.

One of the keys to access Divine Feminine healing energy is through forgiveness. Only when all is forgiven will total love be accessible to us. We must forgive others and ourselves for all of the seeming wrongs that have ever been done. We can heal ourselves if we are willing to feel and express all of our emotions, and then to forgive ourselves and others for all that we have professed as wrong. This process will liberate us from the bondage of our emotional pain. Forgiveness is the key to releasing ourselves from our past. When we are liberated from our past and live fully in the “now” our true happiness may be realized and our power to create is maximized.
This will help us have a peaceful and meaningful life in 2013.