The revocation of the Article 370

UPA and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah gives Kashmiris the Article 370 of the constitution of India on calculations practically possible to form the basis of taking over the realm.
People of J&K would like to tell BJP that it is possible to withdraw Article 370 . Omar is in the practice of hoisting the act as a bond between J&K and the country.
BJP call for the abrogation of Article to facilitate Kashmir’s further integration into the country. The country eagerly awaits the day when Article 370 would be repealed, and the two constitutions would become one.
United Progressive Alliance (UPA) continues to govern the station off the tunnel from the back.
Today, across the Himalayas a new era in the development of the state, providing welfare and employment echoed commitment to the peace and progress. The people here in Kashmir are fed up with violence. They want peace and development.
However, Omar expected to attack the withdrawal of the dreaded law from the state.
Omar & Farooq Abdullah exploited Kashmir by negotiating with the Central Govt for benefits. They for last 3 generations like Nehru Gandhi family are the real cause of all problems in Kashmir. If they want to die for Kashmir, its a greeting tread but everybody knows that they will conceal and gaze at other people die.
BJP’s pitch for the revocation of the Article 370 of the constitution practically will annul the article

Modi hijacks campaign in Dravidian heartland

CHENNAI: Narendra Modi appears to have hijacked the campaign in the Dravidian heartland over the past few days by shifting the debate to broader issues of governance and forcing his regional rivals to defend their record. His three-day whirlwind tour of the state, starting with a rally in Chennai on Sunday and followed by five public meetings in western and southern Tamil Nadu on Wednesday and Thursday, has turned the spotlight on BJP in the build-up to polling in the state. 

Speaking at rallies and through an interview to a regional TV channel, Modi has repeatedly attributed the power crisis in TN to mismanagement of the state-run utility and a policy paralysis, which he blamed on successive governments. The only solution was to speed up all pending power projects, he said. 

In repeated references to the politics of one-upmanship between DMK and AIADMK, he said they were busy damaging each other rather than concentrating on public welfare and growth. But an alternate was now evolving, thanks to the BJP coalition, he added. 

Modi’s reluctance to target the two regional parties in the initial phase of the campaign has been replaced by a new-found aggression. The tone and tenor are unsparing of both Central and state governments and the underlying message has been the need to elect a strong government at the Centre that would address long-term issues concerning livelihood, security and growth rather than rely on regional parties that are unable to wield enough clout to bring about sweeping changes. 

At a meeting at Nagercoil, where Sonia Gandhi had held a rally a day before, Modi said the TN government had failed to protect the interests of fishermen. “Madam blames Amma, Amma blames Madam,” he said in a reference to Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalithaa. “New Delhi sleeps while TN fishermen are being killed. A strong government is needed at the Centre to protect the life and livelihood of fishermen,” he said. 

In Ramanathapuram and Erode, he spoke at length on job security and emphasized on the need for better use of technology to improve employment potential for sections including fishermen and textile workers. Modi blamed the faulty policies of the UPA for the crisis in the fireworks sector. 

The question of striking alliance with DMK or AIADMK after the polls did not arise as people would give a decisive mandate to the NDA, he said. He said the mood across the country was upbeat and a wave was sweeping through even before polls were announced. The “political tsunami”, as he called it, would catapult BJP to power. People of Tamil Nadu were fed up with alternating between the Dravidian majors and were eagerly “searching for a viable strong alternative”, he said.

Arrest me, make me your guest: Modi to Didi

KOLKATA/BARASAT/KRISHNAGORE: BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, on his last campaign tour in Bengal, slammed West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee over illegal Bangladeshi infiltration, the Saradha controversy and her “failure” to deliver real ‘poriborton’ (change), finally daring her to arrest him.

Sticking to his stand on pushing back Bangladeshi infiltrators, Modi asked the Bengal CM why she was so concerned about intruders but ignoring the citizenship demand of the Matua community. Daring Didi to arrest him, he said: “I am here. Make me your guest.”

Addressing large crowds at Krishnagore, Barasat and Kankurgachi (Kolkata), Modi exposed Mamata’s U-turn on infiltration, pointing out that she had said exactly the same thing and disrupted Parliament on the issue a decade ago.

“Why is she reacting with anger when I am using her very words now? Is it because she is now in power and wants to keep this votebank secure? What has happened to you, Didi, in these nine years?” he asked.

Whatever happened to poribartan, he asked. “The poribartan that was supposed to come about in Bengal has strangely come in you. It’s unfortunate,” Modi said,

Modi referred to statements made in Parliament by then Union Home minister Indrajeet Gupta of the CPI in May 1997 and Union minister of state for Home P M Sayeed in 1995 that had acknowledged large-scale infiltrators.

“Even former CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had warned that madarsas operating along the border were a threat to the country’s security. Where were the questions of secularism when they were voicing their concerns?” he wondered aloud.

“If you like Bangladeshis so much, why have you denied Matuas citizenship rights while allowing infiltrators to take away jobs that rightfully belong to sons of the soil? They come and take away Rs 100-a-day job by working for Rs 40. Bangladeshis don’t have the right to snatch away your future,” he said to thunderous applause.

Matua refugees who came to India during Partition in 1947 or when Bangladesh was formed in 1971 were granted citizenship but those who migrated subsequently have no rights. While Mamata has been quick to secure the former’s support by making the son of the community’s leader a minister and fielding another in the ongoing Lok Sabha election, she is silent on the citizenship issue.

In his speeches that were laced with irony, Modi wondered why Mamata felt so agitated whenever he raised the Saradha topic. “Didi, you have not stolen from the poor. Then why do you fret about sending the thieves to jail and returning the poor their money? When she was voted to power three years ago, I thought there would finally be real change in Bengal. But she squandered the opportunity. I had heard the phrase ‘power corrupts’. You have changed so much in three years in power, Didi!” he said in mock concern that sent the crowds ballistic.

In Krishnagore Modi had said: “Every time I mention Saradha, Didi catches a fever.” And in Barasat’s Kacheri Maidan, he said: “I am worried for Didi’s health. She screams a lot these days.”

It was clear Modi had done his homework, from the Matuas to Bengal’s law and order. Pointing out that the very Maidan he was standing on had seen far too many rapes, he said it was unfortunate that crimes against woman are on the rise when a woman is chief minister.

“You (Mamata) were a tigress who fought against injustice all your life. I was an ardent admirer of yours. But what has happened since you became CM? In crimes against women, Bengal figures among the top three states. Mothers, sisters and daughters are being raped. A sister was raped and killed here,” he said.

Chiding Mamata for spending a large part of her campaign in “hurling abuses at him”, Modi said: “Instead of demanding a stop to price rise and unemployment, every party — including Mamata’s — is talking of stopping Modi. What are they so afraid of?”

Referring to the latest Congress allegation that he was indulging in “neech rajneeti”, he said it was Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who had degraded politics. “Inviting the Pakistan Prime Minister for biryani when Indian soldiers are being beheaded by Pakistani forces was abominable. They (Congress) did not even spare Adarsh Housing that was meant for widows of Kargil martyrs. And who can forget the Commonwealth Games scam?” he remarked.

A severe toss

Taking a dig at Priyanka’s comment that attacks on Vadra will make her stronger, Modi said, “It’s not a matter of them becoming stronger. They have become strongest in last 60 years, but the issue is to make the country stronger.”

“Congress has   the   secular fabric     saying women’s empowerment issue. It is always about the   woman   existence in a more conservative seam.  Priyanka’s    divisive force    Sonia Gandhi   looking to hit a vulnerable spot.   Priyanka’s      “Hollow” promises in the name of women   plagued the   one individual who could sort out all problems.

Facing muck and lies every day   the path of truth faces   criticism.


Priyanka’s Vadra   becoming stronger and the country   limited   to her   brother Rahul Gandhi. With   Priyanka’s   front line of   battle has so far largely been led by a serious challenge to the leadership.  Modi   fight   for the consequence of the   unquestioned leaders   so that their leadership is   challenged.

I see all possibility of Congress falling   a severe toss    over the issue of leadership

Priyanka   resort to the theme of development and good governance.  The politics of vote banks   has attained its expiry date.

Modi had tough words for   accused false case against him.

No longer can an institution manipulate to achieve political ends. On the   manipulation of   norms problem arises when the seeking persuaded a situation wherein to control      and demonstrable action a  network that operate from its soil ties with    the   partners and     terrorism  step into   the internal security   and keep all   experienced and talented  in a skilled manner  .

The call of Ganga

The upsurge of support for Modi in Varanasi has left no doubt about forming of government at the Centre under the leadership of the Gujarat chief minister.
“Because of this Congress, SP and the BSP will be wiped out in certain.
A massive show of strength with thousands of people on the roads of this spiritual town on the banks of sacred Ganges.

The entire city reveled in as a sea of people lined up along the arterial roads in sweltering heat to have a glimpse of the candidate.

People showered flower petals and blew conch shells as large crowd standing on both sides of road balconies and rooftops left no stone unturned to make the crucial challenged in Varanasi

It’s Official – US-Based Ford Foundation Funding Anna’s Movement

New Delhi: The recent hue and cry raised about the “foreign hand” in the Anna Hazare-led ‘mass’ movement seems to have got answers in reply to a query filed by BeyondHeadlines under the Right to Information (RTI) to Manish Sisodia’s brainchild Kabir. Kabir had revealed that it had received funding from various sources, including the controversial Michigan (United States)-based Ford Foundation.

It may be recalled that the Congress party has questioned US unusual and unexpected stand on the ongoing anti-graft movement in India. Also the Ford Foundation allegedly has links with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In reply to an RTI query that questioned the funding and expenditure of Kabir, the organisation has disclosed that they have received funds from the Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nationals Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

Interestingly, a major part of the funding to an organisation that is prominent in the “War against corruption” has come from abroad and mainly from the United States. Apar from the UNDP, Ford Foundation and the India Friends Association are US-based organisations, while PRIA and Association for India’s Development are headquartered in Asia.

The funding of the anti-graft movement has gained prominence after the exhorbitant amounts being spent on campaigning for the movement in the form of bulk SMSs, t-shirts, caps, flags and the other means adopted by the civil society activists, demanding their own version of the Lokpal Bill.


CIA lays the “Foundation” of Indian Policymaking

India had been sucked into the spiral of this Cultural Cold War since a long time. However with the US 
economy already bust and the EU falling like dominos; it is again the East where the West would anchor 
it’s sinking ship of so called Exceptionalism that fuels the Western Civilization. The game on the 
Indian side is very well crafted and carried out through CIA’s Trojan Horse which has entered into the 
heart of Indian Politics – Delhi.


CIA lays the “Foundation” of Indian Policymaking

The Ford Foundation, which completes six decades in India next year, provides a continuing flow of
grants to institutions, think-tanks, civil society, and even farmer groups, to carry out research and
advocacy work. The sums are not inconsequential—about $15 million (about Rs 70 crore) a year. And the
recipients—320 grants, over the past four years—are the who’s who of civil society and advocacy groups
in India.

Its representative, Steven Solnick, said the Foundation’s last installment to Kabir (an NGO run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia) was in 2010. “Our first grant to the NGO was of $1,72,000 in 2005 ; the second was in 2008 of $1,97,000,” he told Business Standard.

Kabir, run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, key figures in AAP(Aam Aadmi Party), has received $400,000 from the Ford Foundation in the last three years.

Link for $197,000 – now removed by Ford. Refer screenshot of the same below.

In reply to an RTI query that questioned the funding and expenditure of Kabir, the organisation has disclosed that they have received funds from the Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nationals Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

Interestingly, a major part of the funding to an organisation that is prominent in the “War against corruption” has come from abroad and mainly from the United States. Apar from the UNDP, Ford Foundation and the India Friends Association are US-based organisations, while PRIA and Association for India’s Development are headquartered in Asia.

The foundation, on its part, makes no bones about its neo-liberal agenda, broadly pro-market, seeking
accountability in governance, and promoting marginalised groups. It funds a small number of
institutions, but chooses effectively. At a post-budget meeting two years back, it was noted that all
the think-tanks represented (NCAER, NIPFP, ICRIER and the Centre for Policy Research) on the dais
received grants from the foundation. Academicians and scholars from these think-tanks are regularly
consulted by the government on various policy issues.

On whether the views of these intellectuals actually get reflected in subsequent policies, Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia declines to comment. “I don’t really have a view on it,” he says. He does, however, concede that India’s association with the foundation “is something that has been on for a long time”.

Moreover, three of core members ( Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Manish Sisodia) are also Magsaysay award winners which are endowed by the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller.

As far as the Magsaysay Award winners are concerned, this award is an American award for Asians established and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation ostensibly in memory of Ramon Magsaysay, the former President of Philippines.

According to well-placed sources in  the U. S.  Intelligence community opposed to the State Department’s policy toward the Philippines, $30 million in covert funds was supplied to the Philippine opposition to  help finance  its presidential campaign.  This  $30 million was  laundered through Hong Kong,  where the money was converted into  the Philippine peso at the black market rate of 20 pesos to the dollar.

Philippine  sources reported that  the money  had, been  in part funneled  into the CIA-controlled citizens elec­tion watch group,  called Namfrel ,  the National Movement for a Free Election, which was originally created  in  1953 in order  to  bring Ramon Magsaysay into power.  Namfrel  was central  in the State Department’s policy of intervening  into the Philippines election.

In 1957, the Rockefeller Foundation established the Ramon Magsaysay Prize for community leaders in Asia. It was named after Ramon Magsaysay, president of the Philippines, a crucial ally in the US campaign against Communism in Southeast Asia. In 2000, the Ford Foundation established the Ramon Magsaysay Emergent Leadership Award. The Magsaysay Award is considered a prestigious award among artists, activists and community workers in India. M.S. Subbulakshmi and Satyajit Ray won it, so did Jayaprakash Narayan and journalists, P. Sainath. In general, it has become a gentle arbiter of what kind of activism is “acceptable” and what is not. In reality the award is the living memory of the dictatorial president of Philippines known for the murder of thousands of communist guerrillas during the Huk Rebellion under US-planned anti-communist counter-insurgency operations. It explains the silence of the anti-corruption group against corporations and the private sector.

For more details read : CIA manipulation of 1953 elections

This perfectly fits in with a recent shift in the US policy of association with India, which is now focusing on building state-to-state partnerships by “engaging Indian state and local leaders” throughout the country on “topics of mutual interest”. Civil society groups and think-tanks are expected to play an important role in this. As Prof Anil Gupta of IIM-Ahmedabad observes, “Their influence is far beyond what is recognized, and not always benign.”

Should NGOs receiving grants from international agencies like the Ford Foundation and others be barred from participating in the shaping of public policy?

And are these civil society groups working as stooges of the West to execute an “American agenda” ?

These are the question the Aam Aadmi has to answer.

Not the copyrighted ones; but the real Aam Aadmi.

Report by

Shelley Kasli


Shashi Tharoors alleged adultery with a Pakistani journalist exposed

[ Delhi-Sohail Sididdiqui]
download (2)
Why is the Indian media TV Channels and Print protecting a Congress law maker in a clear cut case murder ? Even his adulterous partner a Pakistani Journalist women is also been protected,when it is a clear case of adultery which deserves death in Pakistan.[ ]

Shameful is for the whole of India that with in hours of the declaration by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi of announcing respect for women and their representation in party/governments his parties and governments Minister/Lawmaker is freely roaming after clear evidences of disrespect for his wife finally eliminating her for exposing his adultery with a Pakistani journalist. Rahul Gandhi’s love for women rights as human being get exposed again similar to his past behavior on Human Rights violations during the UPA rule in past one decade.

Had it been some non-congressman instead of Shashi Tharoor all sorts of dharna’s and protests would have started all over India for arrest,but why Shashi Tharoor is being spared by the “civil” society ? Had it been some Muslim celebrity like Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan the entire media would have pounded on them given a color to the entire even.We have seen this happening with Sharukh Khan in the sex test case of the pre-born , in the Salman Khan case of road accident and in the Tiger Pataudi cases of Shikar hunting far smaller legal violation compared to the Shashi Tharoor case of multiple violations of murder and misuse of his position ,abuse of his marital partner,mentally forcing Sunanda resulting in her death.

Sunanda supported last month openly the statement of Narendra Modi on article 370 in Kashmir.This loyalty to BJP even then,BJP is silently supporting these Brahmani acts of killing a kashmiri women in cold.Remember Sushil Sharma how he cut Naina to pieces burning them openly in a New Delhi hotels tandoor. Even that animal Sushil Sharma was a youth Congressman a close associate of Rajiv Gandhi.Sushil Sharma still is happily alive in VIP Brahmani Jails.

Surprisingly Arnab Goswami was visibly upset with the live reception of the news of death of Sunanda? offers some hope that his media would not be part of the cover-up.The murmer of sympathy by friends of Sunanda from the celebrity world are too weak to get Justice from the Brahman hold on women of their society,which treats them only a sex commodity.Is it a co-incidence that from Anupam Kher to Sonu Nigam to Nailini Sen to …. all belong to saffron party.

The delay in the postmortem report by 48 hours from the AIIMS doctors adds more to how powerful people manipulate ? Sources from the medical world have expressed shock at the initial postmortem report pointing towards cover-up proving the death to be an Unnatural sudden death not a murder ?

Two laws in India are in operation one for the privileged and other for the unprivileged including only non-Brahmins of India.

Mr.Been’s of the Congress party was demanding 12 cylinders of cooking gas for Indian women typical of the khups of Haryana where they want women only to run their homes and fulfill animal instincts.Such is the situation in Haryana that male – female ratio has been disturbed to infinity.

I hope Rahul Gandhi searches “his books” Mahabharata and Geeta for solutions to respect for women and respecting the rights of Human beings in India.Till then we Muslims are privileged to more than one wife respectfully instead to have them murdered or kill babies in wombs for no fault of theirs.

A Mayawati is again again booked by CBI for a DPA case to not her let be the natural leader of India by Brahmani system in operation in India,despite limitations proving by her rule n UP to a far better ruler providing total law and order during her rule in UP the largest state of India.

Wake up Brahman political parties,Brahman Media and Brahman governments, your days are numbered .

Article Source:

Gandhi, who gave his best speech till date at the All India Congress Committee (AICC)

download (4)Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s populist announcement that in 15 Lok Sabha constituencies, the party will select candidates based on the feedback from workers is being seen in political circles as both an attempt to change the style of functioning of his organisation as also a move inspired by the inclusive and consultative style of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). So far, Parliament nominees are cleared first by a screening committee and ultimately by the Central Election Committee comprising senior leaders. It is also a signal to the veterans that in future, a lot of changes were going to be made in the party.

Gandhi, who gave his best speech till date at the All India Congress Committee (AICC) session on Friday, seems to have realised that the Congress has been faring badly in electoral contests largely because the workers were being ignored and new entrants into the organisation fold were being preferred during ticket distribution, leading to a strong adverse reaction amongst the cadres. The demoralised and dejected workers were neither effectively campaigning for the candidates nor were they taking the achievements of the government to the common people. He thus assured the AICC members that he would ensure that their voice reached the government and is acted upon.

Going a step further, Gandhi also made it abundantly clear that the party’s manifesto till now drafted in closed rooms by a few people would in future be finalised only after consultations with the rank and file. The aim was to increase the participation of the workers in party affairs. In the Congress of the 21st century, the senior leaders of the party and the government should be accessible to the Congress activists and bow to their wishes.

Till Gandhi delivered his speech in an uncharacteristic and aggressive style punctuated with humour and pauses to include audience response, delegates were asking each other why the session had been called in the first place as most other speakers including the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had nothing new to say. The enthusiasm was lacking and the general feeling was that it is one thing to say something inside an auditorium and other to say it to the people outside.

But Gandhi’s speech did lift the mood and the delegates looked upbeat subsequently. A few clear messages emanated from the session following Rahul Gandhi’s combative and populist speech. The first was that though Sonia Gandhi continues to be the party chief, it is Rahul Gandhi who will henceforth call all the shots and was thus the de-facto president already. It was not a merely a coincidence that he thanked both the Prime Minister and his mother along with many other seniors for the “wonderful” work they have done. By making the audience applaud them repeatedly, he was in fact saying the final thank-yous on behalf of the workers.

The second message was that he chose publicly to appreciate the work of two of his father’s closest aides, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Sam Pitroda, thus conveying to the rank and file that he would take off from where Rajiv Gandhi had left. In other words, the innovations and democratisation process started by his father was going to be back on the agenda. Though he did not say it, there was realisation that during the 16 years of his mother’s presidentship, the party had deviated from at least two norms set by Rajiv Gandhi. The first was one man one post and the second that the defeated candidates of Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly polls shall not be given Rajya Sabha tickets. This may get rectified.

A significant signal emanating from his speech was that by stating that the next Prime Minister will be elected by Members of Parliament he took a dig at the BJP for naming its nominee much before the elections. The objective was that instead of making the 2014 polls into a personality clash between him and Narendra Modi, he seems determined to make it a contest between the two ideologies. Though the AAP influence in some of his announcements was evident, he attacked them and the BJP for using marketing strategies and trying to either sell combs to bald people or trying to give a haircut to them.

However, the question remains, will the speech, which came a little too late, be able to galvanise the party workers to overcome the strong anti incumbency which exists against the Congress. Or was it Rahul Gandhi’s way of capturing the party ahead of the polls where many expect the Congress to come up with its lowest tally ever?



Mirwaiz says BJP government better for Kashmir

Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has a clear stand on Kashmir and has the “capacity” and the political will to solve the problem. Mirwaiz said that 10 years of Congress rule at the Centre reversed the work done by the Atal Behari Vajpayee-led National Democratic Alliance government to settle the Kashmir issue by discussing it with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and with Pakistan.

“There was a forward movement on Kashmir during the tenure of Atal Behari Vajpayee as the Prime Minister of India. He declared Kashmir a humane issue which should be addressed within the ambit of humanity,” Mirwaiz told reporters.

He expressed his dismay over the peace building measures initiated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with Pakistan. “BJP has a clear stand on Kashmir and it has the capacity to solve the Kashmir problem if it forms government at the Centre”, Mirwaiz said. Mirwaiz, who heads the moderate faction of Hurriyat, has been supporting all initiatives taken by New Delhi with Islamabad for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

A leader from Mirwaiz’s faction said on the condition of anonymity, “We are looking forward to a government headed by the BJP at the Centre because we think that will lead to some breakthrough on Kashmir.”

Mirwaiz’s comment has come at a time when his moderate faction has been coming under attack from the hardliners for being pro-dialogue with New Delhi.

Interestingly, ever since the announcement of Narendra Modi’s name as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, most political parties and several separatists in the state have been saying that they are looking forward to a BJP government at the Centre. The principal Opposition, People’s Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti said that if Modi became Prime Minister, he would look for a solution to the Kashmir problem. She said that even the minorities in the country would like him to be Prime Minister as he had the ability to take decisions and had a clear vision for the country.

The separatist leaders hold Vajpayee in particular in great esteem. A senior separatist leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said, “It was only Atal Behari Vajpayee who sincerely looked for a Kashmir settlement with Pakistan. The people of Jammu & Kashmir have great respect for his statesmanship and for the initiatives he took for the settlement of the Kashmir issue.”

The separatists believe that the Congress dispensation at the Centre “let the Kashmiris stew in their own juice” in the past decade by letting its Kashmir policy to drift. “On Kashmir, despite Congress’ claims of looking for a possible solution, nothing was done even on the recommendations of the Prime Minister’s working groups and the recommendations made by the interlocutors,” another separatist leader told this newspaper.

Narendra Modi ignited a debate in the political circles of Kashmir when he said that there should be serious discussions on the continuation of Article 370, which gives special status to Kashmir. Many separatist leaders and other political groups have welcomed this on the premise that this would be the first step to start a serious dialogue for a final settlement of the Kashmir problem.


Time magazine sees Narendra Modi as ‘America’s other India problem’

IANS | Jan 18, 2014, 11.05 AM IST

WASHINGTON: After the “nasty spat” between India and US over an Indian diplomat, the emergence of Narendra Modi, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, may cause even more tension between them, according to Time magazine.images

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, whom US authorities charged with visa fraud involving her maid, has returned to India after being granted diplomatic immunity, the influential magazine noted in its upcoming Jan 27 issue.

“But don’t expect the relationship to rebound quickly,” Michael Crowley wrote suggesting “In fact, the atmosphere could soon become even more tense – over a far more prominent Indian also embroiled in a visa controversy.”

Suggesting that BJP “holds the edge” in the upcoming general election by May, he said that “If the BJP prevails, Modi will be India’s next Prime Minister.

“Yet he is persona non grata in the US,” he noted “because of his alleged role in a horrific episode of sectarian violence in February 2002.”

“Modi’s critics say he condoned or even encouraged the violence – accusations he stoutly denies and for which no Indian court has found him responsible,” Time noted.

In 2005, the State Department revoked Modi’s visa under an American law that bars a foreign official who “was responsible for or directly carried out … particularly severe violations of religious freedom,” Crowley recalled

“When Modi had no national profile, the restriction was inconsequential. But can Washington blacklist the leader of India?” he asked.

US policymakers are divided, he noted. “A resolution introduced in November in the US Congress calls on the State Department to continue denying Modi entry. It has attracted 43 congressional co-sponsors, including two Muslims.”

“Realists, and US business leaders wishing to capitalise on Modi’s openness to foreign investment, say his character should only be a footnote to Washington’s wider relations with New Delhi,” Crowley wrote.

“Should Modi win, the Obama administration will be pressured by many at home and abroad to condemn his past and prevent him from visiting the US. But (President Barack) Obama has tended to subordinate principle to the national interest,” he suggested.

Noting that “Over the years, the US has done business with plenty of unsavoury leaders, in countries far less friendly than India,” Time said, “By revoking Modi’s visa, the US government has made clear its view of him and the Gujarat rampage.”

“But Washington’s ties with New Delhi are too important to be confined through that prism if Modi becomes PM,” it said, suggesting “Both countries need to step forward and not allow Modi’s past to push them back.”


Mani Shankar Aiyar’s office attacked after ‘tea vendor’ remark against Modi

PTI | Jan 18, 2014, 07.23 PM IST

CHENNAI: A day after senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar made controversial ‘tea vendor’ remarks against BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narenda Modi, the former Union minister’s office in his hometown in Tamil Nadu was attacked by miscreants while the BJP staged protests against him.
download (3)
Unidentified miscreants pelted stones at Aiyar’s office in Mayiladuthurai, damaging some window panes, police said, adding security had been stepped up at the office.

Aiyar, presently a Rajya Sabha member, had earlier been elected to the Lok Sabha from Mayiladuthurai constituency.

At the AICC meet in New Delhi on Friday, Aiyar had said, “I promise you in 21st century Narendra Modi will never become the Prime Minister of the country … But if he wants to distribute tea here, we will find a place for him,” an apparent reference to his childhood days when he sold tea.

Aiyar’s jibe instantly drew flak from various quarters including Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah.

Around 50 BJP workers staged a ‘tea-selling’ demonstration outside TNCC headquarters Sathyamurthy Bhavan here, protesting against Aiyar’s remarks. They were later detained by police.

At Kumbakonam, BJP members held a demonstration near the head post office and condemned the remarks made by the Rajya Sabha MP.


Sunanda Pushkar, wife on Indian government minister, found dead

Friday 17 January 2014

Indian police are investigating the death of the wife of government minister, whose body was discovered in a hotel room the day after she had made a series of dramatic claims that her husband was having an affair with a Pakistani (2)

Police said the body of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of minister Shashi Tharoor, was found at the Leela Palace hotel in Delhi. Officer Rakesh Kumar told the Associated Press they were investigating the cause of Sunanda Pushkar’s death.

A day earlier Mr Tharoor and Ms Pushkar had issued a joint statement saying they were distressed by the controversy that had played out and were in fact happily married.

The statement followed a bizarre series of events in which Ms Pushkar made allegations that her husband was having an affair with a Pakistan journalist and posted on her husband’s social media page a number of messages he had apparently sent to the woman.

The Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, dismissed the claims and said she was surprised that the minister’s wife had been making such accusations. Later still, Ms Pushkar, sounding sedated, was interviewed live by a local television channel. On that occasion she said was sticking by her husband.

The death of Ms Pushkar sent shockwaves around the Indian capital as well as through the world of social media where the drama – which with hindsight appears tragic – had originally played out. Ms Tarar, the Pakistani journalist, expressed her shock and dismay at the news of Ms Pushkar’s death.

In another twist to the story, Indian media reported on Friday night that Ms Pushkar had claimed that she was suffering from Lupus, an auto-immune disease that can attack any part of the body.

In the joint statement issued by the minister and Ms Pushkar, the pair had claimed that their social media accounts had been used to sent out unauthorised (1)

“We are distressed by the unseemly controversy that has arisen about some unauthorised tweets from our Twitter accounts. Various distorted accounts of comments allegedly made by Sunanda have appeared in the press,” it said.

“It appears that some personal and private comments responding to these unauthorised tweets – comments that were not intended for publication –  have been misrepresented and led to some erroneous conclusions.”

Mr Tharoor had to resign from his first ministerial post after revelations that then-girlfriend, Ms Pushkar, had been given a free stake in a new Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team.

According to the AFP news agency, opposition parties said the stake, reportedly worth up to $15 million, was for Mr Tharoor’s behind-the-scenes services in putting together a consortium that bought a franchise in his home state of Kerala.

Mr Tharoor, a father of two adult sons, resigned in 2010 saying that his conscience was clear over the IPL scandal, telling parliament he had done “nothing improper or unethical let alone illegal”.

Mr Tharoor, who was once in the running to be secretary general of the United Nations, is the most active user of Twitter in the government and he has been instrumental in encouraging colleagues.

But it has damaged him on at least three occasions since he quit his three-decade career in the UN and entered Indian politics in 2008.

The allegations about corruption in the IPL were first exposed on the platform by the competition’s top administrator Lalit Modi and in 2009 Mr Tharoor had to apologise after making a joke about “holy cows” in the cabinet.


Death of Sunanda Pushkar


NEW DELHI Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:08am IST

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(Reuters) – The death of junior human resource development minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife was described as “sudden” and “unnatural” following an autopsy on Saturday, a day after she was found dead in a New Delhi hotel room having earlier accused her husband of adultery.

Police have launched an inquest into the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

Earlier in the week Pushkar had gone public on Twitter saying she wanted to expose a “rip-roaring affair” between her husband and a Pakistan-based journalist.

“It was sudden, unnatural death. There were certain injuries on the body,” Sudhir Gupta, the head of the forensic sciences department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, said after an autopsy was conducted on the body.

He told reporters it would take a couple of days to determine the precise cause of death.

The scandal could hardly come at a worse time for India’s ruling Congress party, as it prepares for an election due by May. On Friday, the party announced 41-year-old Rahul Gandhi would lead the Congress election campaign, in the hope that charisma of a family that has supplied three prime ministers would keep voters loyal.

Gandhi will struggle to restore his party’s reputation, damaged by allegations of corruption, while the main opposition Hindu nationalist party appears resurgent after its own change of leadership.

Television images showed Sunanda’s young son from a previous marriage hugging close relatives outside the morgue where her body lay.

Tharoor himself complained of chest pains early on Saturday hours after he found his wife dead in her bed. He was taken to hospital where doctors said his condition was stable. He later left the hospital, his face drawn.

Sunanda, his wife of four years, had been embroiled this week in a spat with the Pakistan-based journalist, Mehr Tarar, whom she accused, in a series of Twitter posts, of pursuing her husband.

Sunanda, 52, said she had gone into her husband’s Twitter account and put out private messages that she said Tarar had sent to her husband over Blackberry Messenger to expose their affair.

Tarar denied any involvement with the Indian minister. The scandal was splashed on the front pages of newspapers and went viral on social media.

Tharoor is a a former U.N. diplomat and a prolific author whose Twitter handle showed more than 2 million followers. One of the most active users of the microblogging site in government, he made no comment at the time his wife went public with the allegations.

On Thursday, the couple issued a statement saying they were distressed by the controversy caused by unauthorised use of their Twitter accounts.


Tharoor, 57, married Sunanda in 2010, in a third marriage for both.

Earlier that year he had been forced to resign from his first ministerial job after accusations linking him to a company bidding for a cricket team in the lucrative Indian Premier League from his home state of Kerala.

Sunanda had a stake in the company at the time.

Tharoor’s aides said the couple had checked into the luxury hotel this week because of renovation work at his Delhi bungalow.

On Friday, he left the hotel room to attend a session of the Congress party in the capital but returned late in the day to find the door locked. His wife’s body was found after the door was forced open.

The Pakistani journalist Tarar said she was shocked by the death. “Oh my God…,” she wrote in a Twitter post. “This is too awful for words. So tragic I don’t know what to say. Rest in peace.”

Tharoor has stirred controversy in the past by posting a message that he would travel “cattle class” following reports about his lavish lifestyle.

(Additional reporting by Vipin Das M; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)


Salman Khan advises ‘Mr Kejriwal’ to deliver on his poll promises

Mumbai: After courting controversy for participating in the Samajwadi Party’s Saifai festival and stopping short of endorsing BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi at a kite flying festival in Ahmedabad, actor Salman Khan has offered some advice to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He has said that Kejriwal must not disappoint his voters and ensure he sees through all his promises.
While promoting his soon to be released film ‘Jai Ho’ based on the aam aadmi, Salman said if people think politics is bad, they should enter it and improve it. “The problem is everyone thinks politics is a dirty game, and because of this, people don’t want to get into it. I say if its so dirty then, you’re a good man, you enter it,” Salman said.


On Arvind Kejriwal, Salman said, “If Mr Kejriwal is saying something, then he should implement that, he should deliver that because he has won so many votes on the promises that he has made. So now that he’s made those promises, I hope those promises are not frivolous promises that they make before an election campaign. If he’s said all these things, he should deliver these things. One person should just write it down, tell him I’ve written it down, I’m a lawyer, sign it here.”
He said it has become the story of every election that politicians promise and then don’t deliver. “First they say it, then they don’t deliver. What rubbish is this? Otherwise don’t say it,” Salman said.

Salman Khan  remained ambiguous in his public comments on India’s next prime ministerial candidate and said that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will get what is in his destiny.
Salman, who was in Gujarat for the kite festival, neither openly endorsed Modi, nor said anything, self-admittedly, that can land him in a controversy.

He said God, in fact, should decide the next prime minister of India. He, however did play a wildly cheering crowd and asked them if they wanted to see Modi as their next PM.
“I think the best man for the country, for all of us, God should decide. And the best man for the country should be the PM of the country,” Salman, who had a lunch date with Modi in Ahmedabad, told the crowd. “There’s a good man standing here with us,” he said pointing at Modi.


Color of Terror: Saffron, Green or Black?

Ram Puniyani

Can terrorism be labeled or given the prefix of a holy color associated with religious sentiments? This debate came to the surface with P. Chidmbaram stating, “There has been a recent uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism that has been implicated in many bomb blasts in the past. My advice to you is that we must remain ever vigilant and continue to build, at both Central and state level, our capacities in counter-terrorism,” to the top policemen (August 25, 2010). There was a strong reaction to this from the Hindutva parties, parties working for the goal of Hindu Nation, BJP and Shiv Sena. The Congress spokespersons were also in a quandary, one of them supported the statement and the other one disowned it, saying that terrorism has just one color black. BJP spokesperson demanded apology. Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray demanded resignation of Mr. Chidambaram, while his father, the supreme dictator of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray, demanded to know the color of bloodshed in Kashmir and Delhi anti Sikh violence.

Chidambaram’s statement has a background of multiple acts of terror coming to light since the Malegaon blast of Sept 2008, when role of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Swami Dayanand Pandey, and Swami Aseemanand came to surface. It was Hemant Karkre, Chief of Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad, who successfully unearthed the whole conspiracy by these saffron clad people. They had other associates in Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, Retired Major Upadhayay and many others, who are working for the goal of Hindu Rashtra. This blast was preceded by many similar one’s in which associates of Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Prabhat and Bajrang Dal were suspected. Just to recall, when this conspiracy by all those inspired by the ideology of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ came to surface, there was a great discomfort in BJP-Shiv Sena RSS quarters. Shiv Sena mouth piece Samana stated ‘we spit on Karkare who is investigating this case’. On the other hand a major BJP leader stated that Karkare is anti National (Deshdrohi). Same Karkare was killed when the terror attack took place in Mumbai on 26/11, 2008. The real undercurrent of this complex story is yet to be unraveled and recognized fully, still the situation leading to the death of Karkare led the then minority affairs Minister A R Antulay to say that there might have been terrorism plus something, which led to the killing of Karkare the man investigating these terror blasts.

It is after this event that the word Saffron Terror, Hindu terror came to be coined and got wide currency. This prefixing of religion and a holy color of a religion came in the backdrop of wide usage of another word Islamic terrorism, Jihadi terrorism, the words coined by American media and picked up world over. Surely these terminologies Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism are misnomers. The word Jihadi Terrorism and Saffron terrorism have been used to describe a pattern in these acts of terror. Jihadi word was a deliberate concoction as Jihad does not mean killing, it stands for striving for betterment etc.

What about Saffron Terrorism, the term used by Chidambaram and many other scholars-activists-journalists? It can be explained in the context of this word, saffron, being high jacked by the believers of ‘Hindu Nation’, the believers of Hindutva, a political ideology using the identity of Hindu religion. One knows that to use the word Hindutva is fraught with dangers. It is a politics but gives the impression of being a religion. This word was coined by Savarkar, the ideologue of Hindu Mahasabha. As per him it means whole of Hinduness, race (Aryan) geographical area between Sindhu to Seas and Culture (Vedic). This was a word parallel to political Islam, which was made the base of politics of Muslim League. Muslim League used a green flag, Hindu Mahsabha used saffron flag. Later RSS from 1925 picked up the ideology of Hindutva to attain Hindu Rashtra.

In contrast to Indian tricolor, RSS insisted on using Saffron flag. Saffron color which stands for renunciation and devotion in Hindu tradition was usurped for political goals, the goals which were opposed to the goals of Indian National Movement. Indian National Movement was struggling for plural, secular democratic India, while the bearers of green flag, Muslim league wanted and Islamic Nation and those waving saffron flag wanted Hindu Nation, both these political currents were a throw back to times when the concept of democracy, human rights was absent and the status of dalits and women was subordinate to men of high social status.

During the decade of 1980, RSS, VHP and associates launched their campaign for Ram Temple and there was a blatant use of religious imagery and symbols for political goals. As such the political goals of RSS progeny, the agenda of Hindu nation harps to the values of Manu Smiriti in modern form. Surely this politics asserts the supremacy of social system prevalent in ancient times. No wonder, Ambedkar burnt the Manusmirit and later drafted the Indian Constitution to project the values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

RSS and company used the symbols of saffron flag in its mobilization campaigns all through 1980s and 1990s. There was extensive use of saffron stickers for political propaganda for Ram Temple and Hindu Rashtra. RSS has a whole wing of assorted saffron clad sadhus, asserting that Hindu holy books have a primacy over Indian legal system; Indian Constitution. VHP, to which these sadhus belong is the other major RSS associate. VHP stated that decision of the Holy, saffron clad, Sadhus is more important than that of Indian courts. In nutshell saffron color, the color associated with religious sentiments came to be abused by this political outfit for its political goals. No wonder its politics came to be associated with saffron color. During NDA regime when BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi was communalizing the school text books and education system, it came to be labeled as Saffronization of education. It is pity that a holy color of renunciation has been associated with a political ideology.

The present statement by Chidambaram is just a continuation of the popular association of the word saffron with Hindutva-RSS politics in the political arena. In the present era of monopolar World, dictated by the ambitions of US greed for oil and plunder of the global resources, politics has been given the veneer of religion. That’s why they use the word ‘Clash of Civilizations’ for their political goals. That’s why so far Islam and Muslims have been demonized. U.S. and large section of globe, India in particular are in the grip of Islamophobia. It is time we see the sanctity of religions and oppose the use of religious symbols, colors and terminologies for political goals.

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Indian Congress – the beginning

Antonia Maino (full name Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, fake name Sonia Gandhi) is a Italy born agent of soviet intelligence agency KJB, who is currently the president of the most corrupt party of the world, Congress. Widow of Rajiv Gandhi, who is responsible of bringing corruption to India, and mother of Raul Baba, who is known to be the funniest comedian the world has even seen, Antonia has always dream of being the de jure prime minister of India. She is currently the de facto prime minister of India, as she has the real remote control of Agent Mannu.
She said that her birth name is Sonia, but later it was proven that it is Antonia. This was revealed by the Italian Ambassador in New Delhi in a letter dated April 27, 1983 to the Union Home Ministry which letter has not been made public. Antonia is her real name as stated in her birth certificate. Sonia is the name given to her subsequently by her father, Stefano Maino. He had been a prisoner of war in Russia during World War II. Stefano had joined the Nazi army as a volunteer, as many Italian fascists had done. Sonia is a Russian not Italian name. While spending two years in a Russian jail, Sonia’s father had become quite pro-Soviet, especially after the liberating US army in Italy had confiscated all fascists’ properties including his.

As claimed by her in her bio data submitted to Parliament on becoming MP, she was not born in Orbassano; but in Luciana as stated in her birth certificate. She perhaps would like to hide the place of her birth because of her father’s connection with the Nazis and Mussolini’s Fascists, and her family’s continuing connections with the Nazi-Fascists underground that is still surviving in Italy since the end of the War. Luciana is where Nazi-Fascist network is headquartered, and is on the Italian-Swiss border. There can be no other explanation for this otherwise meaningless lie.

She has not studied beyond High School. But she has falsely claimed in her sworn affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma in English from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK.

Earlier, in 1999 in her biographical data given under her signature to the Lok Sabha Secretariat and which was published in Parliament’s Who’s Who, she had made the same false claim.

But later she wrote to the Lok Sabha Speaker, after corruption figter Subramanian Swamy pointed it out to him in a written complaint of a Breach of Ethics of the Lok Sabha, that it was a “typing mistake”. This qualifies her for inclusion thus in the the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest typing mistake in history.

The truth is that Mshe has never studied in any college anywhere. She did go to a Catholic nun–run seminary school called Maria Ausiliatrice in Giaveno. Poverty those days had forced young Italian girls to go to such missionaries and then in their teens go to UK to get jobs as cleaning maids, waitresses and au pair. The Mainos were poor those days. Antonia’s father was a mason and mother a share cropper, however the family is now worth at least $ 2 billion.

Antonia thus went to the town of Cambridge UK and first learnt some English in a teaching shop called Lennox School. That is her “education” – enough English language to get domestic help jobs.

But since in Indian society, education is socially highly valued, thus to fool the Indian public, she wilfully lied about her qualifications in Parliamentary records and in a sworn affidavit, which is criminal offence under IPC, severe enough to disqualify her from being MP. This also violated the spirit of the Supreme Court judgment requiring candidates to reveal their educational qualification on an affidavit.

Upon learning enough English, she became a waitress in Varsity Restaurant in Cambridge town. She first met Rajiv when he came to the restaurant in 1965. Rajiv was a student in the University, but could not cope with the academic rigour for long. So he had to depart in 1966 for London where he was briefly in Imperial College of Engineering as a student. Antonia too moved to London, and according my information, got a job with an outfit run by Salman Thassir, a debonair Pakistani based in Lahore, and who has a export-import company headquartered in Dubai but who spends most of his time in London. This fits the profile of a ISI functionary.

Obviously, she made enough money in this job to loan Rajiv funds in London, who was living beyond his allowances.

Rajiv’s letters to Sanjay filed in Delhi High Court by P.N. Lekhi clearly indicate that he was in financial debt to Antonia because he requested Sanjay also in UK then, and who obviously had more access to money, to pay off the debt.

However, Rajiv was not the only friend Antonia was seeing those days. Madhavrao Scindia and a German by name Stiegler are worth mentioning as other good friends of her. Madhavrao’s friendship continued even after she marriage to Rajiv. Scindia in 1982 was involved in a traffic accident near IIT, Delhi main gate while driving a car at 2 AM. Antonia was the only other passenger. Both were badly injured. A student of IIT who was burning midnight oil was out for a cup of coffee. He picked them up from the car, hailed an auto rickshaw and sent an injured Antonia to Gandhi’s house since she insisted in not going to a hospital. Madhavrao had broken a leg and in too much pain to make any demand. He was taken to hospital by the Delhi Police who had arrived a little after Antonia had left the scene.

In later years, Madhavrao had become privately critical of Antonia, and told some close friends about his apprehensions about her. It is a pity that he died in mysterious circumstances in an as yet uninvestigated aircrash of his private plane in the year 2001. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shiela Dikshit were to be on that flight too, but were asked to stay behind at the last moment.

The circumstance under which Rajiv hastily married Antonia in a Church in Orbassano is controversial, but that was his personal matter which has no public significance. What however is of public significance is that Indira Gandhi who was initially dead set against the marriage for reasons known to her, relented to hold a registry marriage with Hindu ceremonial trappings in New Delhi only after the pro-Soviet T.N. Kaul prevailed upon her to accept the marriage in “the larger interest of cementing Indo-Soviet Friendship”. Kaul would not have intervened unless the Soviet Union had not asked him to.

Such has been the patronage from the beginning extended to Antonia and her Italian family from the Soviets. When a Prime Minister of India’s son dates a girl in London, the KGB which valued Indo-Soviet relations, would naturally investigate her. They had, and found out that she was the daughter of Stefano, their old reliable Italian contact. Thus, Antonia married to Rajiv, meant deep access for the Soviets, into the household of the Indian Prime Minister. Hence cementing the Rajiv-Antonia relations was in the Soviet national interest and they went to work on it. And they did, through their moles in the Indira Gandhi camp. After her marriage to Rajiv, the Soviet connection with the Mainos was fortified and nurtured by generous financial help through commissions and kick-backs on every Indo—Soviet trade deal and defence purchases. According to the respected Swiss magazine, Schweitzer Illustrate Rajiv Gandhi had about $2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts—which Antonia inherited upon his assassination.

Dr. Yevgenia Albats, Ph.D[Harvard], is a noted Russian scholar and journalist, and was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in August 1991. She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her book—“The State Within a State: The KGB in the Soviet Union”, she even gives the reference numbers of such intelligence files which can now be accessed by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.

The Russian Government in 1992 was confronted with the Albats’ disclosure by the media. The official spokesperson of the government confirmed the veracity of the disclosure. The spokesperson defended such financial payments as necessary in “Soviet ideological interest”. Part of the funds were used by the Maino family to fund loyal Congress party candidates in the General Elections.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, things changed for Antonia. Her patron nation had been disbanded into 16 countries. The rump that became Russia was in a financial mess and disorder. So, Antonia switched and became a supporter of another communist country much to the annoyance of the Russians.

The national security ramification of this ‘annoyance’ is now significant: The President of Russia today is Putin, a former dyed-in-the-wool KGB officer. Upon Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government taking office, Russia called back it’s career diplomat Ambassador in New Delhi and immediately posted in his place, as the new Ambassador, a person who was the KGB station chief in New Delhi during the 1970s.

In view of Dr. Albats revelation, it stands to reason that the new Ambassador would have known first hand about Antonia’s connections with the KGB. He may have in fact been her “controller” and local contact. The new Indian government today which is defacto Antonia’s, cannot afford to annoy him or even disregard Russian demands that come from him. The Antonia coterie will obviously seek to placate him so as not to risk exposure. Is this not a major national security risk for India and a delicate matter for the nation’s sovereignty?

Of course, all Indians would like good normal and healthy relations with Russia. Who can forget their assistance to us in times of need? Today’s Russia is the residual legatee of that Soviet Union which helped India. But just because of that, should we tolerate those in our government set up having clandestine links with a foreign spy agency? In the United States, the government did not tolerate an American spying for Israel even though the two countries are as close as any two countries can be. National security and friendship are as different as chalk and cheese.

In December 2001, Subramanian Swamy filed a Writ Petition in the Delhi High Court with the photocopies of the KGB documents, and sought a CBI investigation which the Vajpayee Government was stoutly refusing. Earlier, Minister of State for CBI, Vasundara Raje, on my letter dated March 3, 2001, had ordered the CBI to investigate. But after Antonia and her party stalled the proceedings of Parliament on this issue, the then Prime Minister Vajpayee overruled and cancelled Vasundara’s direction to the CBI.

The Delhi High Court in May 2002 issued a direction to the CBI to ascertain from Russia the truth of my charges. The CBI procrastinated for two years, and finally told the Court that without an FIR registered, the Russians will not entertain any such query. But who stopped the CBI from registering an FIR? The Vajpayee government! And why? Thereby hangs another tale.

The next hearing of the case is imminent. But now Antonia is in the driver’s seat, and the CBI has been reduced in independence even further.

After Antonia married Rajiv, she and her Italian family aided by friend and Snam Progetti’s New Delhi resident Ottavio Quattrocchi, went about minting money with scant regard for Indian laws and treasures. Within a few years the Mainos rose from utter poverty to become billionaires.

There was no area that was left out for the rip-off. On November 19, 1974, as fresh entrant to Parliament, Subramanian Swamy asked the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the floor of the House if her daughter-in-law, Antonia Maino, was acting as an insurance agent of a public sector insurance company, giving the Prime Minister’s official residence as her business address, and using undue influence to get insured the officers of the PMO, while remaining as an Italian citizen. There was an uproar in Parliament, but Indira Gandhi had no alternative but to cut her losses. She made a rare admission in a written reply a few days later that it indeed was so, and that it was by mistake, but that Antonia had resigned from her insurance agency. But Antonia was incorrigible. Her contempt for Indian law continued to manifest.

The Supreme Court Justice A.C. Gupta Commission set up by the Janata Party government in 1977 came out with a voluminous report on the Maruti Company then owned by the Gandhi family, and has listed eight violations of FERA, Companies Act, and Foreigners Registration Act by Antonia. She was never prosecuted, but can still be prosecuted because under Indian law, economic crimes are not subject to the statute of limitation.

In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Antonia did was to enroll herself as a voter. This was a gross violation of the law, enough to cause cancellation of her visa, since she was admittedly an Italian citizen then. There was some hullabaloo in the press about it, so the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer got her name deleted in 1982. But in January 1983, she again enrolled herself as a voter even while as a foreigner.

More recently, A.G. Noorani is his book: Citizen’s Rights, Judges, and State Accountability records said that Antonia had made available to a foreign national the secret papers of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru obviously illegally in her possession, and comments as follows: “Sonia Gandhi [Antonia Maino] has no right to hold them in her possession at all, let alone decide whom to accord permission for access to them”

Such is her revealed disdain for Indian laws and that is her mindset even today. She suffers from a neo-imperialist mentality.

The bottom line observed in Antonia’s mindset is that she can disregard Indian laws with impunity. If cornered or if she becomes vulnerable to prosecution, she can always run back to Italy. In Peru, President Fujimori who all along claimed to be “born Peruvian”, when faced with a corruption charge fled to Japan with his loot and reclaimed his Japanese citizenship. That is Antonia’s bottom line fall-back option too.

In 1977, when the Janata Party defeated the Congress at the polls, and formed the government, it widely known and published that Antonia with her two children abandoned Indira Gandhi, and ran to the Italian Embassy in New Delhi and hid there. Rajiv Gandhi was a government servant then, but he too tagged along and hid in that foreign embassy! Such was her baneful influence on him. Rajiv did snap out Antonia’s influence after 1989, but alas he was assassinated before he could rectify the situation.

Those close to Rajiv knew that he was planning set things right about Antonia after the 1991 elections. He held her to blame for all the financial scandals that led to his defeat at the 1989 polls. She knew of it too because he had told her on his trip to Soviet Union in February 1991. Ever wonder why Antonia’s closest advisers are those whom Rajiv literally hated? Ambika Soni is one such name. Ever wonder why she has asked the President of India to set aside on a mercy petition the Supreme Court judgment directing that Rajiv Gandhi’s LTTE killers be hanged, when she was not similiarly moved for Satwant Singh who killed Indira Gandhi or even recently for Dhanajoy Chattopadhyaya? The explanation for this special consideration for the LTTE perhaps lies in what Rajiv had told her about their future. May be therefore Sonia feels obliged to the LTTE for the assassination.

Those who have no love for India will not hesitate to plunder her treasures. Mohammed Ghori, Nadir Shah, and the British scum in the East India Company such as Robert Clive, made no secret of it. But Antonia has been more discreet, but as greedy, in her looting of Indian treasures. When Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were Prime Ministers, not a day passed when the PM’s security did not go to the New Delhi, or Chennai international airport to send crates and crates of Indian antiques and other treasures, unchecked by customs, to Rome. Air India and Alitalia were the chosen carriers. For organizing all this, Arjun Singh first as CM, later as Union Minister in charge of Culture, was her hatchet man.

Indian temple sculpture of gods and goddesses, antiques, pichwai paintings, shatoosh shawls, coins, and you name it, were transported to Italy to be first displayed in two shops owned by her sister, Anuskha alias Alessandra Maino Vinci. These shops located in blue-collar areas of Rivolta and Orbassano did little business because which blue collar Italian wants to buy Indian antiques? The shops were there to make false bills, and thereafter these treasures were taken to London for auction by Sotheby’s and Christies.

Some of this ill-gotten money from auction went into the bank accounts of Raul Baba in the National Westminister Bank and Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, London branches, but most of it found it’s way into the Gandhi family account in the Bank of America in Cayman Islands. Rahul’s expenses and tuition fees for the one year he was at Harvard, was paid from that Cayman Island account.

What kind of people are these Gandhi-Mainos that bite the very hand of Bharat Mata that fed them and gave them a good life? How can the nation trust or tolerate such greedy thieves of national treasures?

Since Subramanian Swamy failed to persuade the Vajpayee government to defend India’s treasures from plunder by the Mainos, he approached the Delhi High Court in a PIL. The first Bench of the court issued notice to the Government, but since the Indian government dragged it’s feet, the Court directed the CBI to seek Interpol’s and Italian government’s help. The Italian government justifiably asked for a Letter Rogatory for which a FIR is a pre-requisite. But the Interpol did oblige and submitted two voluminous reports on the shops which the Court directed the CBI to hand over to me. But CBI has so far refused, and has claimed privilege!

The CBI has also been caught lying in court by telling the judges that Alessandra Maino is a name of a man, and Via Bellini 14, Orbassano is a name of a village. Although the CBI counsel had to apologise later to the court stating he had made a mistake, he has been promoted to Additional Solicitor General by the new government! Why was he appointed as the CBI’s counsel by the Vajpayee government in the first place? The Vajpayee-Antonia mutual assistance pact is thus in full view in this episode.

But the most sinister aspect of Antonia’s links is her connection with terrorists. She has had long connection with the Habash group of Palestinians (PFLP), and has funded Palestinian families that lost their kith and kin in a suicide bombing or hijacking episode. This fact, Rajiv Gandhi himself told me and was confirmed by Yassir Arafat.

Besides the Palestinian extremists, the Maino family have had extensive business dealings with Saddam Hussein, and surprisingly since 1984 with the LTTE. Antonia’s mother Paola Predebon Maino, and businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi are the main contacts with the Tigers. The mother used the LTTE for money laundering and Quattrocchi for selling weapons to earn commissions. Sonia’s conduit to the LTTE has been and is through Arjun Singh who uses Bangalore as the nodal point for contact.

There is a string of circumstantial evidence pointing to the prima facie possibility that the Maino family may have contracted with the LTTE to kill Rajiv Gandhi. The family may have assured the LTTE that nothing would happen to them because they would ensure it is blamed on the Sikhs or the evidence so much fudged that no court would convict them[. But D.R. Karthikeyan of the CBI who led the SIT investigation got the support of Narasimha Rao, cracked the case, and succeeded in getting the LTTE convicted in the trial court, which conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1999.

Although on the involvement of some members of the Congress Party in the assassination, DRK soft peddled it ignoring a number of leads perhaps because he did not want political controversy to put road blocks on his investigation as a whole.

The Justice J. S. Verma Commission, which was set up as the last official act of the Chandrashekhar government before demitting office on June 21, 1991, did find that the Congress leaders had disrupted the security arrangements for the Sriperumbudur meeting. The Commission wanted further probe into it but the Rao government rejected that demand. In the meantime under Antonia’s pressure, the Jain Commission was set up by the Rao government, which tried to muddy the waters and thus exonerate the LTTE. But the trial court judgment convicting the LTTE came earlier than the Commission could conclude, and that sinister effort therefore too failed.

Nowadays, Antonia is quite unabashed in having political alliance with those who like MDMK, PMK, and DMK praise Rajiv Gandhi’s killers. No Indian widow would ever do that. Such circumstances are many, and raise a doubt. In a best seller titled Assassination Of Rajiv Gandhi—Unasked Questions and Unanswered Queries, Swamy has given some indications of this possible conspiracy.

Is it not significant that the political career graph of Antonia advances concomitantly with a series of assassinations and apparently accidental deaths?

How did Sanjay’s plane on June 23, 1980 nosedive to a crash and yet the plane fuselage failed to explode upon impact? There was no fuel! How was that possible since flight register shows full tank before take-off? Why was there no inquiry conducted?

Is it not a fact that Indira Gandhi died because of loss of blood from the wounds and not directly due to a bullet impacting her head or heart ? Then is it not strange that Antonia had insisted that the bleeding Indira be driven to Lohia Hospital – in the opposite direction to AIIMS which had a contingency protocol set up for precisely such an event? And after reaching Lohia Hospital, did not Antonia change her mind and demand that they all drive to AIIMS thus losing 24 valuable minutes?

The same kind of mystery surrounds the sudden deaths of Antonia’s other political roadblocks such as Rajesh Pilot, Jitendra Prasad, and Madhavrao Scindia. Such untimely deaths happened in the dark ages in Italy. Should we allow it to happen in India like dumb cattle going to slaughter?

We have to ensure that the Maino clan does not stay in power. Dr. Manmohan Singh may be PM, which is a small relief, but he is not a fighter. The real power in government today is wielded by the Maino mafia gang. Can they be dethroned? They must be, for India’s integrity and democracy.

In Indian democracy, other than by losing majority, only a shocking scandal can unseat a government. Today’s priority is however not for toppling the Congress government as such, since Manmohan Singh is a decent and scholarly person, but in driving the Maino clan out of India. If the only way that can be done is by toppling the Singh government, then so be it. But the successor government should be such that it will not protect Antonia and her clan as Vajpayee’s did.

It will although not be long before Antonia will give Manmohan Singh marching orders, and he will march out meekly. We should not expect him to resist. Thus time with patriotic Indians is limited.

With Antonia’s defacto government in place, it is also unrealistic to expect that I can get an early victory in the courts on the KGB and antique smuggling cases. The most potent scandal at hand, therefore, that can dislodge the Maino clan, including Raul Baba and Priyanka Gandhi lies in exposing their existing Italian citizenship. That will galvanise the people.

In 1992, Antonia had revived her citizenship of Italy under Article 17 of the Italian Citizenship Law. Raul and Priyanka were born Italian citizens because Sonia was Italian when she gave birth to them. Hence, they continue be Italians since they have never renounced their citizenship upon becoming 21 years old. Both, Raul and Priyanaka have been traveling abroad on Italian passports. They may now acquire Venezuela passports too, since Rahul Gandhi’s wife, Veronica, is a Venezuelan. That means one more foreign bahu for us tolerant Indians. The Maino-Gandhis are certainly getting Indian society globalised in their own selfish way.

To end Bharat Mata’s shame and pain, what can patriotic Indians do in a democracy?

As a first step there is an urgent need to document the facts about their citizenship on notarized paper, for which we need to set up a network in London, Milan, Hongkong, and in Venezuela. Those persuaded by my above stated facts and arguments may join in and help set up this network. Other steps can come later once this is accomplished.

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The war of words between unusual episodes in the run up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections shows that all what is written and said where Everyone’s talking, discussing, debating on TV, but the violent trend is continuing.

The year 2013 began with the CONGRESS electing Rahul Gandhi as its vice president in Jaipur with great hopes, and it ended with the unpleasant statement. Corruption hitting the Congress While the UPA is facing a series of scams, the party is unable to change the insight while Most measures introduced by Mr Rahul Gandhi, including bringing in a corporate culture, have not helped. The party is run by crooked old people.

BJP is same old party with a long list of corrupt people. Yeddyurappa is the foremost example. Even in modi’s Gujarat, 30-40% MLA has criminal charges. Modi will bring no good to India by giving impressive speech of anti-congress. Of course the most preferred choice for the country today may seem Modi since Congress is in such a worse shape and AAP is most inexperience without having any outlook to improve Indian economy and also looking to fulfill their own individual political ambition.

After much detestation speech of corruption charges against the congress yet Aap needed congress support just to form government in Delhi. Now they aim to become a national party in just 3 months without taking any time to build up their political presence.
However India will be disaster-prone if Aap makes an impact in the centre as it will create instability. Going by the way Aap manages things with immaturity it’s clear that they should first become stable and then scheme ahead. Only congress will benefit of the aap’s venture into lok sabha elections and definitely not the country.

People are sick and tired of the Congress-BJP complicity. Modi’s only aim is to be PM of India. Modi in his rally mainly criticize Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, and Manmohan Singh with same words in the loudest voice to collect huge amount of applause from innocent people.

First and the foremost someone should seriously do away with all politicians practicing vote bank politics, and splitting Mother India. India is already a divided nation on the basis of skin color, caste, religion, language, state, food habits, education or the lack of it , culture, tradition, customs, thought patterns—you name it, and India seems only a gasping formation on the record, but not a reality on our fiery street.

There are acts of terror which is far more deceitful… We have the problem of Naxals and Kashmir terrorists and separatists and isi-sponsored terrorists and other terrorists in the form of goondas, rowdies, their political masters, corrupt cops, bureaucrats, ministers, judges, underworld, extortionists and many more. The courts are unvoiced, the administration is noiseless, and the ruling government is soundless and the wannabe still going violent.
Congress has ruined our nation in almost all fronts. Now, with BJP soon Center Cabinet will be full of the saffron goons.

A party and a government which claims to serve the people is trying to do a balancing act but have lost the support of the people by its Dubious Arguments. The result India is ailing and can’t respond to broad-spectrum antibiotics any longer—what we now need is a radical laser surgery with or without anesthesia.

Only the Indian armed forces have a nationalist identity and are disciplined . They give their lives for India and in turn are being attacked by they who hemorrhage India!
To save the Mother- India away of the disease India’s military dictatorship must take over. And they should. It’s high time. Only unison among us can uplift our nation forward. Divisive politics is not in the interest of the nation

Devyani Khobragade Arrest to Be Reviewed

Doctoral Researchers who are granted an F-1 Visa by the U.S. Govt. are NEVER paid the minimum wage of $9 per hour for their valuable scientific research in the United States? Doctoral Researchers work for 12 to 14 hours every day, 7 days a week but are paid even less than a house-maid or truck driver. Despite protest from scientists engineers and other researchers, Tenured University Professors in the United States have been exploiting poor scientists and Engineers from India for the last several decades using this F-1 Visa loophole. Also, the spouses of Doctoral Researchers who are on F-2 Visa are NEVER allowed to apply for a work permit. Devyani’s maid, on the contrary, did not pay for her house rent (in NYC it’s roughly $3,000 for a 2BD apartment), food, clothing, electricity and miscellaneous utility expenses. So if you do the math, you will immediately realize that the maid living in a posh New York apartment without paying for rent, groceries and utilities should actually end up paying a large sum of money to her Dr. Devyani instead.

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The fracas began on Dec. 12 when Devyani Khobragade, India’s deputy consul general in New York City, was arrested while she dropped her daughter off at school. According to Khobragade’s attorney, she was publicly handcuffed, strip-searched, kept in a cell with drug addicts and finally released on $250,000 bail. Khobragade is accused of submitting false documents on an application for her housekeeper to live and work in the U.S. and not paying the housekeeper a minimum wage.

Khobragade’s treatment while in custody, particularly the report that she was strip-searched, has caused an uproar in India.

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Devyani Khobragade case: It’s all a maid-in-US conspiracy, India says

NEW DELHI: India has escalated its confrontation with the US over the humiliation heaped on its diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, by virtually accusing Washington of conspiring to facilitate the illegal immigration of Khobragade’s maid Sangeeta Richards and her family, comprising her husband and two children, to America.

New Delhi divulged on Wednesday that the maid’s family flew out on an Air India flight on December 10, two days before Khobragade was arrested in New York. This was despite India informing the US state department about the disappearance of the maid in June, her attempts to blackmail Khobragade, the revocation of Richards’ passport, and an arrest warrant being issued against the maid by the Delhi high court.Read More