It’s about rains and ragas

The first wave of monsoon concerts showers in ajmer it has so far seen sobre international sufi festival organized by the divine abode.The two day long monsoon festival held at Gallery Al Ikhlaas at historic Foysagar in Ajmer was awesome with cloud-busting notes of Miyan ki Malhaar and the somber Megh .This weekend saw a pure classical performance by sitar maestro Dr.Sudeep Rai along with Ustad Amjad Khan on tabla, showcased a perfect jugalbandi between the duo,captivating the audience for nearly two hours .

Indian classical music and dance are highly sensitive to the state of nature,raga reflects the essence of the season “just close your eyes and sense the swaras and you see how does it work”says sitarist Dr.Sudeep Rai who himself hails from seniya gharana of Indian classical music the discendends of Miyan Tansen.The monsoon season have been beautifully depicted in traditional compositions using both literature as well as swaras of raga.

The two day long festival showcased paintings by Michael Templine from Germany, Dr.Sudeep Rai from New Delhi, Begum Gulsha  from Bangalore and Archana Tela From Ajmer. A large painting on monsoon colours was created as a back drop for perfect stage setup by Begum Gulshaa ,chairperson divine abode and the organizer of the festival.

The malhaar theme itself draws audience to classical concerts .They may or may not get the finer nuances of the combinations of swaras and scale but it is impossible not to be moved by the grandeur of india classical music.


Divine Abode set to welcome the Chief Patrons

Divine Abode is happy to welcome

Respected Swami Shantatmananda, General Sec. Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi
Honourable Shri. Shahid Siddiqui- General Secretary Samajwadi Party & Ex Mp Rajya Sabha, New Delhi
• Mr. Vinay Rai, Chairman Rai Foundation, New Delhi
• Mr. Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio, Noida
• Respected Prof (Dr) M M Verma – President, Interfaith Foundation India, New Delhi
• Khwaja Farooq Renzu Shah – Director Information J & K Govt. Srinagar
• Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar – Chief Priest Judah Hyam Synagogue, New Delhi
as the Chief Patron of Divine Abode.

The strong support of these dignitary is been the success of Divine Abodes efforts. It is a privilege to have them on board ‘ said a spokesperson of Divine Abode.

Ms Begum Chairperson Divine Abode says” The organization belongs to the individuals who have been a part of it right from the foundation. As this requires immense confidence and belief I have always maintained that Divine Abode does not belong to me or the other founder trustees rather it belongs to all who are a part of the journey. So as International Sufi Festival too belong to the individuals who are walking the journey of ISFI. To me Divine Abode is the Abode of the Ultimate Truth and ISFI is the journey towards the Abode.

Conference Room & a Sufi Library – Al Ikhlas Gallery

Divine Abode’s Al Ikhlas Gallery will soon have an audio & Video Visual Conference Room and a Sufi Library as part of the Gallery. We plan to have this by October 2012 for the forthcoming festival. We would like to demonstrate various Sufi films and documentary in the hall during the ISFI festival this year.
A Sufi Library too is in the pipeline however that may take some time as we need some contribution of Sufi Books and DVDs ‘ says Ms Begum

For more information :

First Edition Monsoon 2012 in Ajmer

Monsoon 2012 unfolded in series of several layers on the 6th and 7th july at the Al Ikhlas Gallery, Ajmer. The festival organised by Ms Gulshaa Begum chairperson of Divine Abode. The  two day event unfolds the several layers of creativity in different sessions . The  first session Monsoon colours a series of group exhibition in various media by established artists from India and abroad followed by the classical music performance in the second session. paintings by renowned artist michael templin, dr sudeep rai, gulshaa begum, archana tela and jitendra patniwal were showcased.

The event was inaugrated by Dr Brijesh Mathur, chief – jawaharlal nehru hospital.The second series began with the sitar concert by Sitar Maestro Dr Sudeep Rai and Amjad Khan on Tabla.  Jha Saheb founder of  Kala Ankur Academy inaugurated the evening by lighting the lamp. Jha Saheb Congratulated Ms Begum for bringing a change in the Art and Culture presentation to the City. He was highly appreciative of the efforts of Ms Begum and her involvement in art and culture. The audience utterly spellbound with the soulful sitar recital at the  Malhaar Festival “Monsoon Ragas” held at Al Ikhlaas Gallery in Ajmer. Dr.Sudeep Rai noted disciple of the Sitar maestro Pt. Debu Chaudhuri, rendered a soul stirring Raga Megh on his sitar.The accompaniment of the tabla by ustad Amjad Khan of Delhi Gharana added rich colour to his deeply captivating performance.

Chief Patron Divine Abodes Mr Shahid Siddiqui, National General Secretary Samajwadi Party and Ex Mp Rajya Sabha said  Rain and the magical season of Monsoon have always been the throbbing heart of Indian life and culture. Whether we are talking about music – classical, folk or devotional – dance, painting or sculpture.
I must appreciate the initiative Divine Abode has taken in promoting art and culture in Ajmer” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios who himself is an art lover.

Ms Begum further thanked the artist, the audience,  Media Partner Marwah  studios and On line partner  for their support and co operation in the event

SHUBDA – Mind Blowing Art & Craft by Mentally Challenged Children

"SHUBDA" a center for special education and Vocational training for
children suffering from cerebral palsy, Mental Challenges, Autism and
Multiple disabilities. Log on to their website

"This is a privilege to be here today .I have a lot of affection
towards children who come under this class of challenges. We will be
working with SHUBDA in future with regular workshops and exhibitions
towards raising funds for the children. I have no words to
appreciate the team of Shubda and Apporv Sen for his efforts and we
will support the organisation in future. This Friday there will be a
painting workshop at SHUBDA from 11 am to 1 pm with artist from Al
Ikhlas Gallery helping the children on their paintings. Any artists
who wish to be a part of this workshop will be welcome.

Gulshaa Begum
Divine Abode

Al Ikhlas Gallery – Mughal Art Festival

Mughal art, a characteristic Indo-Islamic-Persian style that
flourished on the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal Empire
(1526–1857). This new style combined elements of Islamic art, which
had been introduced to India during the Delhi Sultanate (1192–1398)
The exhibition displays these distinctive forms of art as they
developed under a succession of Mughal emperors.

Indo Islamic Art Festival
Date: 9th to 12th Feb 2012
Venue: Al Ikhlas gallery
Place: Ajmer- India
Time: 11am to 6pm
Entry: Free

The Finale of the Sufi Art Exhibition

The final day of the Sufi Art Festival with the theme Light of the
Sufi's which began from the 27th went on form more so with Shri Rajesh
Meena , SP of Ajmer visiting the gallery . He said that the Art was
very divine and the entire paintings were extraordinary. The crowd
gatheres with the local people thronging the place, khadims from the
Sufi Shrine of Khwaja Saheb. Dignitaries like Shri Ajay Vikram Singh
ex defence secretary, Industrialist and the business community .

Many visitors from Jaipur and Mumbai too became the spectators for the event.

For more information kindly contact Gulshaa Begum, Chairperson Divine Abode
Mobile: +91-7665555758

Sufi Art Festival in Ajmer begins from 27th to 29th Jan 2012

Light of the Sufi's , Sufi Art Festival took off today in the holy
city of Ajmer at the Al Ikhlas gallery with Hon'ble Minister for
Education , Rajasthan Mrs Naseem Akhtar Insaaf lighting the lamp on
the inaugural ceremony.

The opening of the Sufi Art festival began at 11 am with many
dignitaries of the city present at the event. Mrs Naseem Akhtar Insaaf
said that she was indeed delighted with the Sufi Art culture.
Moreover she felt the presence of the students of the Art Faculty of
various schools and college of Ajmer is very encouraging. She
congratulated the organiser Gulshaa Begum for bringing in the new
change through informative art and cultural events. She said the
Gallery will soon be a tourist delight too as the gallery takes you
back to the ancient era. Whenever one visits Ajmer, not to forget to
visit the Al Ikhlas Gallery.

The exhibition features collections related to mystical Sufism
incorporated with sacred art. The theme of light and enlightenment by
German Artist Michael Templin, The Paintings of Akash Suryavanshi , a
sufi artist with the theme of ' whilrling' and Persian calligraphy,
Prateeksha Suryavanshi with her theme of ' burining in passion',
jitendra patniwal with exclusive Paintings of the Ajmer Shariff Dargah
and sacred geometrical art by Gulshaa Begum .

Al Ikhlas is the first Art Gallery in the city of Ajmer. Gulshaa Begum
, Chairperson of Divine Abode says that we will be working towards
promoting the emerging artist as well as international artist with
regular exhibitions at the art gallery. A exhibition of Mughal art
will be held from 9th Feb until the 12th Feb by Artist Vijay Singh
Chouhan too. All entries to the festival is free of cost. We want to
spread the message of peace and oneness thru Sufi Art and Culture. We
would like to thank the chief Guest Mrs Naseem Akhtar Insaaf for her
esteemed presence, our guest , wellwishers, the artist and not the
least our esteemed patron Mr Sanjay Kaushik and our online partner
Buzzintown .com for their continued support and encouragement. Al
Ikhlas Art Gallery is presented in conjunction with Art and ideas, an
unprecedented three day festival in Ajmer city celebrating Islamic

Date: 27th to 29th Jan 2012
Time: 1130 am to 0800 pm
Location: Al Ikhlas Gallery, Foysagar Road (Near Kajipura and Foysagar
city bus stop)
Mobile: +91- 7665555758

Invitation for Art Exhibitions in Ajmer ( Rajasthan)

Light of the Sufi's
A 3 day Sufi Art Festival
At the Al Ikhlas Gallery in Ajmer City
Date:* 27, 28 and 29th January 2012

Inaugration on the 27th Jan 2012 at 1130 am at Al Ikhlas Gallery
Chief Guest; Mrs Naseem Akhtar Insaaf
Honourable Minister for Education, Rajasthan

*The details of the Festival are as follows:*

1. Aim and Objective*
To promote cultural exchange in respect for the cultural diversity of
different countries through sufi art and islamic paintings; to promote
dialogue on arts and civilization for the ultimate goal of common
development and prosperity.; To promote local artist bycreating a
platform to exhibit their art to the world culture.

2. Theme
Sufi Art, Islamic Calligraphy & Sacred Art;

3. Artist Information:
Sufi Art and Persian Calligraphy – Akash Suryavanshi
Paintings of Ajmer Dargah Shariff – Jitendra Patniwal
Sacred Art – Gulshaa Begum

4. Venues
Al Ikhlas Gallery, Ajmer ( Raj)

5. Entry

6.Other relevant information and requests: You are cordially invited
and welcomed to actively participate in and contribute to the
Festival. Any support would be appreciated.

Also visit our website
Mobile: +91-7665555758/ 9845047027

7. For further information please refer to the invitation attached here.


Gulshaa Begum
Divine Abode
International Sufi Festival India

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