History of India – Dravidians

1. Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, Ramayana & Mahabarata etc.. are ALL purely dravidian texts. All cities/towns are found (& named the same way) in South India/Lanka. Hastinapuram (Andhra) Pandavapura, Kishkinda & Vatapi (Karnataka), Kansapuram, Kasipuram, Srivaikuntam, Madurai (land of nectar), Kailasapuram, Sivakasi, ayottipatinam (ayodhya), Gangavathi etc..
2. for south dravidian kings, north/Vadaku represented – North Karnataka & Andhra. Vindhyas were the Himalayas in ancient texts, they had no visibility beyond this. Agasthiyar Hills officially named as such are down south & is NOT the vindyas. Kalidasa was in the court of Vikramditya – Kannada King. Hastinapuram & Kasipuram are in current Andhra – North of tamil nadu.

BARATAVARSHA IS THE LAND FROM VINDHYAS TO KERALA DOWN SOUTH – land locked kingdown with Lanka controlling all sea routes. thats why south dravidians wanted to defeat him & reduce their influence on sea routes. so thats why only the Lanka version goes to Greece (HOMER’S ILLIAD – TROY IS LANKA) & Ramayana version goes to South east asia & other countries. RAMAYANA DID NOT & COULD NOT HAVE GONE TO GREECE THROUGH NORTH INDIA/CENTRAL ASIAN ETC.. GIVEN THE MANY HOSTILE KINGDOMS IN BETWEEN.

Read the article here http://www.tamilbrahmins.com/religion/7867-true-history-dravidians-rama-krishna-shiva-vishnu-all-dark-dravidian-gods.html

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