Signs if you are possessed by jinn

  1. You see shadows at home, you feel that someone is staring at you and happens when you are alone at home. You feel fear symptoms when alone, you have to look back, you have to check doors and windows if they are locked. You feel a disaster is coming.
  2. Feeling heaviness on the shoulders and/ or head or head ache. Feeling a movement (actual movement or like a pulse) or a pain (can be moving pain) or burning (part of the body becoming hot) or pins and needles, numbness, shaking, fear, anxiety.
  3. Highly Religious and recitation of Quran.
  4. Anxiety or fear or feeling uncomfortable   or getting headaches.
  5. Insomnia (either can’t sleep to very late and just before fajr feeling very tired or broken sleep), anxiety and fear upon waking
  6. Talking loudly in one’s sleep, or moaning or groaning, Sleep walking.
  7. Involuntary body movements while sleeping such as moving the arms and legs.
  8. Noticeable fear and scariness. Laughing and crying during sleep.
  9. Seeing people during sleep and that they taking the patient to faraway places such as the desert or prairie.
  10. Sexual assault, in rare cases, especially in the case of the loving jinn.
  11. Feeling something kneeling on one’s chest during sleep.
  12. Nightmares- Frightening nightmares, which includes seeing varies kinds of creatures such as ghosts or apparitions, seeing oneself falling from a high place, seeing people in strange forms and snakes. A man may see a women who wants him to have intercourse with her (and vice versa ) constantly in his dreams and may see someone threatening him .
  13. Repeated nightmares, seeing black and white cats and dogs as well as continuous assaults from some men and women. Some jinn’s are black dogs, owls, wolfs, snakes and lions, rats, carnivorous animals and give birth to the same type of jinn’s.
  14. Others are flying jinn’s so u see men flying in the dream, others are earth bound ones but are very ugly and extremely tall so they chase you.
  15. Some take pleasure by causing a person to have a wet dream.
  16. These nightmares will be quite frequent i.e. always seeing one being chased by a black dog, or a lion, snake or an ugly man. Seeing a lion caged up.
  17. Seeing a tall bold headed man.
  18. Seeing snakes around you or trying enter the house etc.
  19. Every case is different.
  20. Hearing voices in the head, sometimes a clear distinct voice.
  21. Preferring to keep oneself away from family and like to alone.
  22. Prefer not to have showers or keep one clean.
  23. Uncontrollable or irrational anger.
  24. Obscene thoughts – pornographic.
  25. Lack of energy, prolonged malaise, erratic behavior, changing emotions, confusion and memory problems

You will know as soon as you read these signs if they apply to you or not. No need to give attention to and force yourself to believe these things apply to you.

If you feel any of the feelings like head ache or pain etc its best to get in touch with a exorcist to double check your situation.

To be 100% its best to arrange a session with an exorcist who is known and only uses methods that are the accurate technique.

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