Prostitures , pimps and whores . ……………… Sex was the most sought out game. 

Day and night the emperor and the other  members of the royal family was drowned in drink, Orgy of sex and pleasure as their favorite past time…………. This was the royal harem in the medieval times.

The royal harem was a place of filth and stink. Chaos and Confusion  ran around  in the dreadful nights,   shouts and shrieks were all over. Innocent lives vanished into deep blue sky.


Thou most harems governed by strict rules of purdah they lived and behaved exactly like prostitutes except that it belonged to the emperor and his sons. These ladies usually did not have the liberty to move out of the harem as they liked. If at all they went out, their faces were well hidden behind veils. But inside the harem they could move around as they pleased. They were  provided with luxury and materialistic pleasure. 

THE royal ladies and the women who were captured through war spent their entire lives inside a Emperor’s harem. A feeling of awe and mystery  fills one’s mind when one hears of the Emperor’s harem. Many things have been written and many things have been guessed about the life of these royal ladies.

The manner in which the royal women spent their lives, their places of residence, their food and clothes, purdah and religion, pleasures and pastimes, learning and education and even their love and resentments, have always remained matters of interest to many.

The royal harems of the mediaeval times consisted of a large number of different races, provinces and communities. Muslim women, Hindu women including Rajput ladies, and even Christian women lived in the harem of the emperors. The harems had approximately 500 women.

The women who lived inside the harem, were supposed to be the king’s wives, concubines, dancing and singing girls and slave and servant girls , their mothers, stepmothers, foster-mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and other female relatives of the king. Even the male children lived inside the harem till they grew up.

The ladies-in-waiting, slave and servant girls and a number of women officials and guards who were appointed by the emperor for taking care of the various needs of the harem. There were eunuch guards also guarding the surrounding areas of the harem quartes. Female fortune-tellers also lived inside the harem. Some women and eunuchs acted as spies and they kept the emperor informed about the activities of the harem women. Women usually came into the harem through marriage, birth, purchase, appointment or as gifts.

The daily needs of the emperor were fulfilled to a great extent by the imperial harem.

Recreation and pastime mostly was adorning, decorating and beautifying themselves. Various arrangements were made for the emperors recreation inside the harem. There were female superintendents of music and dance and a number of lady singers and dancers.

The ladies played many games as all the harem ladies did not enjoy equal position. Their status and the position of authority and respect in the harem was determined by the place they had in the emperor’s life or in his heart. Their mutual relationship amongst themselves was usually not friendly and cordial.  Jealousies were prevalent and shown directly.

Everyone tried their best to please the emperor however everyone showed her bad qualities like jealousy, quarrelsome nature or short-tempered attitude to one another. To give the king his first male child was a great competition in this regard often resulted in unpleasantness throughout the royal brothel.

The more important position a lady occupied, the more privileges she enjoyed.

The first lady of the realm was usually the emperor’s mother and not his chief queen, except in the case of death of the Queen Mother did the chief consort of the emperor take her place. These ladies lived in grand apartments luxuriously furnished, with lovely gardens, fountains, tanks and water channels attached to them. They wore beautiful and expensive clothes made from the finest material and adorned themselves with jewellery from head to toe. They rarely went out, but when they did, most of the times the ladies of rank travelled in style and comfort in richly decorated howdahs on elephant backs and palanquins. The imperial royal ladies we’re provided with beautiful dresses, jewellery and fancy articles.

Apart from their own mothers and foster-mothers, the other wives of their father , grandmothers, aunts and other elderly relations were also  in a royal brothel. How wretched most rulers were although our  pseudo historians display them as most benevolent, tolerant and disciplined showing equality to all in their kingdom and great respect to their elders. 



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