Isfi 2012 Ajmer


The second edition of the International Sufi Festival will begin from 4-11th October 2012 at the Holy City of Ajmer. A commemorative tribute to the blessed Hazrath Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty ( R. A ). In its second year, the festival has many new additions covering every aspect of Sufism.

The Introductory series will be on the 4th Oct 2012 at 6 pm at the Al Ikhlas Gallery. The Series of Rang – e – Raqs ( Sufi paintings ) and Ahle Suffe ( Sufi Literature / Books ) will be unveiled. The Introduction of the first International Sufi Film Festival will be officially announced, and the official logo with the poster will be released. Sufi Films and Exhibitions will be screened until the 11th Oct 2012.

The 5th October will be the official inaugural ceremony of the International Sufi Festival at 6 pm at the Jawahar Rang Manch. The cultural event will be followed and the Mehfil – e – Sama continues in Honour of Khwaja Saab until the 11th October, 6 pm onwards. The First ISFI Award will be introduced in the Sufi Tradition of Art and Culture. An Award that will acknowledge and honour the Sufi Singers, Artiste, Dancers, Writers and also Film Makers. The ISFI Platinum Award will be the highest award by the organisation in the field of Art and Culture. ISFI Gold Award will honour the artiste in various fields.

The festival has successfully covered all areas related to the Sufi Culture of Art and Culture. We have introduced Sufi Literature as a beginning with Films, Paintings, Music, Discussion and also Sufi Awards. All entry for all events will be free. The day programmes will be at the Gallery Al Ikhlas from 11 am – 6 pm and the Mehfil – e – Sama will be from 6 pm onwards at the Jawahar Rang Manch said Mr. Bohra, spokesperson Divine Abode.

International Sufi Festival India

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